You have a penny in your pocket? How much is it worth?

If you are Joe Gibbs Racing, Matt Kenseth or the Crew Chief, Jason Ratcliff, it could be worth $200,000.00.

If you haven’t heard, NASCAR did a routine inspection on the engine from Kenseth’s Kansas winning #20 Toyota and found a piston connecting rod was illegally light. In total, all eight rods together were well within the requirements. However, separately, they all varied in weight with one of them falling about 2.7 grams light.

2.7 grams is, give or take a notch. what a United States penny weighs… (more…)

Could the season get worse for Jimmie Johnson following a 2nd lap crash and out? Well… Yes it can.

NASCAR announced a penalty for the #48 Crew Chief Chad Knaus and Johnson because of something called a “C-Post”.

I had to look it up, too…

The penalties originated from Daytona inspections on February 17 and involve illegal sections of sheet metal between the roof and the side windows on the back sloping sections. The area in question is known as the “C-posts”. (more…)