Chump Car at VIR (3-30-2013)

Photos from Virginia International Raceway – Chump Car – 3-30/12-2013 (Click small image for larger view, use arrows below large view to navigate through images on each page. Close large view by clicking image. Select pages at bottom.) To request images, make note of desired image name(s) of each photo (below image). *Cars are grouped but not necessarily in numerical order. Once you have a list of images desired, Click HERE for the Request Form. | PRICING: 1 image $8.00, 2 images $14.00, 3 images $18.00, 4 or more images $5.00/each. Purchased images are delivered as link to files in your email and are suitable for prints up to 11″X17″. Thank You!

**If you placed in the Top Three, select one image for FREE! Congratulations! All Award Winners can download free images of the awards presentations. Those images can be seen on the last page. Click HERE for a download page.

One thing – Apologies if your car has fewer images than others or if your car is not shown. It is likely I have them but was not pleased with the image. They could be slightly blurry or otherwise not suitable for large prints. Use the form to request and I will see what I have and will work a price for you.


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