Yes, Virginia, The Drag Strip, Too

The “Motor Mile” name change is coming around to all aspects of the Radford, VA race facility. As with any change like this, it takes a little time for all the pieces to fall into place. The oval track had taken the name “Pulaski County Motorsports Park” early on this year (2023). With that was also the kart track and the “Rusty Wallace Racing Experience” availability for fans to get a taste of driving a stock car.

The drag strip took a little more time to show the new colors. The oval and strip are still separated with website domains but the “Pulaski County” moniker is now on both web and social media sites.

Schedules are full for both sides and all that is needed is a little more local support.

With that, we took a day to visit the strip during an “IHRA Sportsman Spectacular” event. The International Hot Rod Association has gone through some changes itself but the sponsors and participants are pushing forward with a charge.

There were plenty of entrants and variety of division and body style. Performance was tested up front with paired racing later in the day balanced with some handicap applied to starts. The “Sportsman Spectacular” did deliver over the day. It is all too easy for this format of racing to fall behind but the event flowed easy enough.

Well… The rain delay did hold things a bit… A bit over an hour… But they ran it well up to the next rain… Sunday may have a little more on the schedule…

The point is that racing is on at the drag strip side of Pulaski County Motorsports Park. The variety on the schedule and the level of competition is often on the edge. There is plenty of time left this season to make your way there.

On that… The last Thursday in July is a national showcase of the facility and the region as the Superstar Racing Experience comes to the oval. This will be the 3rd SRX race of the 2023 season and sure to be a “must see” for race fans.

The trick will be to push that attention into the remainder of the Pulaski County Motorsports Park season. Come on out and enjoy some “home town” racing.

Photos: IHRA Sportsman Spectacular – Saturday, July 15, 2023 – Pulaski County Motorsports Park