Could the season get worse for Jimmie Johnson following a 2nd lap crash and out? Well… Yes it can.

NASCAR announced a penalty for the #48 Crew Chief Chad Knaus and Johnson because of something called a “C-Post”.

I had to look it up, too…

The penalties originated from Daytona inspections on February 17 and involve illegal sections of sheet metal between the roof and the side windows on the back sloping sections. The area in question is known as the “C-posts”.

NASCAR inspectors actually cut away the sections in question forcing the #48 team to get new pieces from their shop to have in place for testing and qualifying. The pieces were taken for further investigation and apparently were far enough out of tolerance to be noticeable at the site inspection.

Two Chevys, The #48 and #29. Is there a difference?

Knaus was fined $100,00.00 and barred from the following six races. Car Chief Ron Malec was also barred from the next six races. Jimmie Johnson was hit with a 25 point dock which added to the DNF at Daytona puts him way back to last place in points on the way to Phoenix.

Hendrick Motorsports has already said they would appeal these decisions. The appeal process would allow Knaus and Malec to attend but likely not be directly involved in the garage and race day process.

Johnson will start at Phoenix 70 points down from Daytona winner Matt Kenseth and 58 points down from the Chase Top 10. The current points system will make it incredibly difficult to gain ground to be competitive by the 2nd visit to Richmond.

At least we now know what, and where, a “C-Post” is. This will make Race Day much more exciting. Just don’t touch it without permission.