Motor Mile Speedway – Back For 2021

Racing is difficult. It takes time and money to put a race car on a track.

With that out there, consider the race track. The preparation, maintenance and safety concerns for the facility take a lot of effort and cash flow. Economics underline the whole of it. There are so many factors to weigh in that some tracks are falling out.

Motor Mile Speedway was in that situation. The track opened in the 1950s and operated as Pulaski County Speedway, New River Valley Speedway and currently, Motor Mile Speedway. There was a downturn that caused some hard decisions which included an off year in 2018.

The decision to drop the NASCAR licensing and restructure for 2018 left a pool of local racers in a bind facing the prospect of more travel to tracks further away. However, the track came back in 2019 with sanctioning in place and began to look forward.

Then there was 2020. We all know about 2020…

For 2021, facing economy and the distraction of fans, there was some uncertainty. However, the latter part of 2020 brought some new life to the planning and execution of events at Motor Mile. Rusty Wallace…

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience is handling much of the operations for at least two years. This also brings more fan involvement directly to the track as RWRE will be offering track time to fans by putting them in a race car and on the track. The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience have four dates currently scheduled for fan driving. The cost is quite attractive and starts at just $69.00 to try your hand at the wheel.

With RWRE in the mix, Motor Mile Speedway has some new tires and fuel to push forward to future laps for drivers and fans. However, much of this may depend on the fans. It’s going to take the support of the community and the drivers to generate the interest and excitement at the track.

There are many things to do. People have so many “entertainment” options. The economy of the “car” is changing. Hybrids and electrics and the interests of people are certainly changing the dynamics of keeping people interested in racing. The challenge is there and it’s being played out at race tracks across the country.

Racing is going to change. It is inevitable. However, that change can also be a part of the fan experience. To be there and witness the speed and the sound is part of the attraction of racing. As the dynamics of the automobile and its influence evolve it will become a challenge at race tracks to embrace those changes.

Race fans shouldn’t be looking backward to what was but looking forward to what can be. Get into these tracks and experience some of it and have some memories and conversations as the changes come into play. Racing is changing. Be a part of it. Keep it going. We’re going to keep racing things with wheels.

Motor Mile Speedway has their season opener this weekend. Saturday afternoon has a full schedule of racing with Late Models and several support series. These drivers are ready to race.

*Yes… The Big Dogs are at Martinsville. NASCAR Cup, Xfinity and Whelen Modifieds are scheduled for Thursday through Saturday nights. Everybody can’t go. Even with a relaxed Covid attendance requirement, everybody can’t go. Motor Mile could be a great alternative…

**Just sayin’… Go racing!

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Photos From Motor Mile Speedway: Track Testing Wednesday April 7, 2021