Advertising drives racing. The cars have sponsors. The race has sponsors. The TV and radio broadcasts have sponsors. We expect it and accept it. Watching F1 and the Monaco Grand Prix we’re in awe at the beauty and diversity of the city and the view. The Marina is filled with blue sea and watercraft of every design. The cityscape rises set against the view of the hills. The sponsor banners line the streets with every color.

At best, they present a subliminal impact as they eye is drawn to the speed and road clinging action of open wheel power amidst the tight turns and narrow straights that make up the course in this showcase city with French and Italian influence.
There is a flash of Johnnie Walker, UBS, Pirelli, Shell V-Power, DHL and Zepter. We don’t know what Zepter is but from the tunnel we get flashes of “Home Art” and “Cosmetics”. (more…)

“What speed through yonder bumper brings?”

“To draft, or not to draft, that is the question”

“To push, perchance to pass —ay, there’s the rub:
For in that draft of speed what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled with this slipstream toil,
Must give us the pass—there’s the respect.”

Yes. I’m playing with, what some would say are sacred, words in order to illustrate how NASCAR plays with rules changes. It also makes a point that your average NASCAR fan knows as much about the “rules” as they do the works of William Shakespeare. (more…)

The Mayans say this year, 2012, is the last year. Or that there will be some kind of great shift in civilization. Or the world will flip like a tossed omelet.
It all sounds very exciting. However, if you are a racing fan, you might have to ask yourself what it all means. We are just a few days into the new year and 2011 is still fresh in our minds. There is so much for the fans to reflect on, pour over and chew on, before the first checkered flag flies this year. We also need to prepare and pack as much as possible into every race in 2012 in case the Mayans are right. (more…)