There was a lot of action on tracks close by. There were oval Championships on the line at Pulaski County Motorsports Park to the South and the second day of a big, dirty Fall Classic weekend to the North at Natural Bridge Speedway.

Sometimes the choice is made for you… Pressure from family situations prevented a trip to either of these facilities with full schedules on for racing. For clarity, let’s just say that families going through a loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia is an ordeal on many fronts…

However… It was determined that a quick excursion a little further North could be squeezed in and back to home ground in a rather expedient fashion. The remnants of a plan already in place fell into new order with a visit to White’s Travel Center in Raphine.

A long time friend from what could be a world away was there with what could also be determined as almost improbable. He and I performed together, traveled together and did any number of stand-up comedy shows in what memory serves as “the best of times… the worst of times…”.

Left – Pat Miller in “Maximum Overdrive” movie still. Right – Pat and myself (Steve) at White’s Travel Center with “The Goblin”

Mostly the “best”… As it were… But he also dabbled in a film career which is what brought me to Raphine. He was in a Stephen King movie which has fallen into a bit of a cult following status. The film is “Maximum Overdrive”. He is Pat Miller, “Joey” from “Maximum Overdrive”. I met up with him at the Large Car Magazine Truck Show as he was there in support of the replica of that “famous” Green Goblin Western Star hauling the “Happy Toys” trailer. The stories are his to tell but the truck is cool and as close to the original as is possible. (The original was destroyed in the movie…)

A photo gallery of some of the trucks on display and shared by their working drivers is below!