The heavy storm “Patricia” from the Pacific moved over Texas on Saturday with wind and rain so harsh the United States Grand Prix (Formula 1) was put out of later practice and qualifying. The race is still scheduled for today (Sunday) and qualifying went off this morning although the 3rd session was cancelled. Nico Rosberg has the pole with team mate Lewis Hamilton beside him. The rain, however, lingers over the Circuit of the Americas with some drivers concerned about conditions and safety.

Talladega and NASCAR is in the path of this storm but so far the rain is hanging well to the west of the racing. Jeff Gordon has the pole while other popular drivers such as Earnhardt and Kenseth are in a “must win” position to move to the next round and still be in the CHASE next weekend at Martinsville.

Rain is putting a big question over Texas and Formula 1 with the potential to create havoc if conditions remain torrential with Hamilton’s possible points clinch on the line.

The CHASE and the potential for the “big one” crash at Talladega is playing with nerves as the Contender Round closes with this checkered flag and only eight of the twelve move on for the championship. Joey Logano has the two Contender wins at Charlotte and Kansas putting increased pressure on the CHASE drivers to either place well or win to advance.

Rain and tension is on the grid with races running in the same time frame. There will be a lot of channel flipping today. Let us all hope the channels are the only thing…


The unmistakeable pitch of a Formula 1 race hasn’t been heard from tarmac in the United States since 2007. Now, it is back.

The opening run at the Circuit Of The Americas and the United States Grand Prix has been run with full grandstands and fanfare. The course proved to be a challenge not only because of the unfamiliar racing characteristics but also with brand new… everything.

Sebastion Vettel seemed to take to it just a little quicker than the others with fast practice times and the pole from qualifying. Lewis Hamilton also took to the new course with good laps and a 2nd position from the start. (more…)


Yes… The schedules have been out for a while which is exactly the point.

The last NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race is Sunday, Nov. 18th at 2:00pm. (Eastern)

The first Formula 1 race in America since 2007 and the first ever on a track in the United States purposefully built to host F1 is also on Sunday, Nov. 18th at 2:00pm. (Eastern)


Usually it is not a problem as Formula 1 mostly runs in Europe and other countries with unpronounceable cities. Such as it is they air around 7:00am or so with no conflict for other racing here in the U.S. However, you would think someone would have thought to stagger the schedule here just a bit… Even just a little bit…

OK… A Plan. (more…)

Formula 1 in America.

It is still several weeks away, November 16-18. Four races separate then from now. This weekend the speed is in Japan. Fernando Alonso carries a 29 point lead on the way to the Land of the Rising Sun, thanks to three season wins combined with other good finishes…

The American race is one before the finale in Brazil. If points are tight it could be a game changer. The track is not just new to the F1 schedule it is new to everything. Everything from the race surface to the bathrooms is shiny, brand new. It was just last week the facility was “race certified” by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which is the sanctioning body that oversees international motorsport.

Racing on a brand new circuit, with unfamiliar characteristics, is bound to be interesting. Combine that with the possibility of a tight points situation with one more race to follow and the break-in period could break someone’s chances. (more…)