Injuries. It is probably not the best topic on the eve of the start of NASCAR and the Daytona 500. Reality, however, may take the reigns.

As tough as it may be for some, perhaps even many, in the grandstands, the famed #3 is returning to “Cup” racing. The number may technically belong to Richard Childress but to all those who keep a fading and slanted “3” on their automobile windows it will always belong to Dale Earnhardt. The seven time Champion was killed while in the sport and in the car. It was a fatal injury that changed the way NASCAR races from that day forward.

It is not a matter of whether Austin Dillon, grandson of Richard Childress, can or even should drive the number. It is a matter of injury. The drivers, whatever the number, take a risk for their ride and for the show that the fans pay the money for. (more…)

Fernando Alonso and Ferrari became the first repeat winner in Formula 1 for the 2012 season. Up to the Grand Prix of Europe on Sunday, June 24th, there had been seven races and seven different drivers on top of the podium. Alonso made the run, caught the top spot for a second time in the season and took the points lead overall.

He is also Spanish so winning in Valencia made him a home turf hero.

Not too bad in a car that was criticized in many circles as an ugly duckling before the season was under way. The team tinkered it and Alonso has managed to pull every ounce of speed from it to get where they are. The car may have started the season as an unattractive prom date but they have dressed her up nice for two top runs. (more…)

Renault and Mercedes are trading jabs so far in F1. Bahrain was all Renault in the top 4 slots. Mercedes in the 5th and 6th slots. The previous week in China it was Mercedes in the top 3 followed by Renault in the next five slots. The season opener in Australia traded spots among the two, with Mercedes in first and third and Renault in second and fourth.

Those upstarts with Ferrari took the top two slots in Malaysia. However, third through seventh were Mercedes and Renault. (more…)