Fernando Alonso and Ferrari became the first repeat winner in Formula 1 for the 2012 season. Up to the Grand Prix of Europe on Sunday, June 24th, there had been seven races and seven different drivers on top of the podium. Alonso made the run, caught the top spot for a second time in the season and took the points lead overall.

He is also Spanish so winning in Valencia made him a home turf hero.

Not too bad in a car that was criticized in many circles as an ugly duckling before the season was under way. The team tinkered it and Alonso has managed to pull every ounce of speed from it to get where they are. The car may have started the season as an unattractive prom date but they have dressed her up nice for two top runs. (more…)

Lewis Hamilton should be on TV selling tires. Because of Formula 1 licensing and sponsorships, they would likely have to be Pirelli tires. All they need for a 60 second spot are some video clips of the Canadian Grand Prix and a female voice-over.

Yes, a female. Practically any of the Pirelli girls from the starting grid will do. Men will watch a pretty girl talk about anything. Women will listen because they are tired of their husbands telling them anything.

Hamilton won in Canada after a pit on lap 50, coming out in 3rd and passing the leaders within the remaining 20 laps for the win. This was the seventh race of the season and makes Hamilton the seventh race winner. He also takes over the driver points lead… Just barely. Two points separate him from 2nd place overall held by Fernando Alonso.

All of that is detail and not necessary for the commercial. (more…)