It’s no secret that late season news from Pulaski County Motorsports Park has a future cast in a gray area. That will need a further look as information is available.

The season is winding down for 2023 with more racing to come and track champions still to be crowned. For this race day it was an odd Sunday afternoon start with racing rolling on under the lights. Saturday is the usual standard but other schedules for the feature forced racing to Sunday. The SMART Modified Tour was on, and in Radford for the “Radford 99”. The town name is what it is but the race is in honor of historic winning driver Paul Radford.

There was a bit of confusion over a scheduled “pit party” autograph and meet session that pushed the racing schedule back but they eventually got things moving. The feature SMART race “Radford 99” was flipped to the first race with the scheduled Sportsman opener moved to run just after.

Burt Myers seemed to start with control of the race but it was Samuel Rameau who took over and stayed strong for the finish. There were some yellow flags and a bit of concern with Bobby Labonte coming out of turn two and hitting the wall. The #18 seemed to loose a tire and hit the wall hard enough to shatter the right front suspension. He walked away and was seen later surveying the damage.

The local divisions took the track with the Sportsman running two 35 lap features. These were split by Super Street and visiting Mini Stocks. The Sportsman put hard fought laps on the track as Kyle Dudley qualified on top but it was front row challenger Jason Merriman who took the checkers twice. The Super Street had front row starter Matthew Gusler hit some bad luck and Tristen Barnes driving up for the win. The visiting Virginia Mini Cups also had the top spot qualifier (Noah Matthews) fall back as Zach Sprouse kept the front row hot for the win.

Radford 99 SMART Modified Top Three: Sammy Rameau, Matt Hirschman, Andrew Krause
Sportsman 1: Jason Merriman, Kyle Dudley, Charles Smith
Super Street: Tristen Barnes, Ray Sowers, Brent Bell
Mini Cup: Zach Sprouse, Nathan Thomas Jr, John Hager
Sportsman 2: Jason Merriman, Kyle Dudley, Anthony Barnes

Full Photo Gallery – Radford 99 SMART Modified Night – Pulaski County Motorsports Park

Weather… Well… What can you do…?

Race tracks are going green. North Carolina has been on a little longer. South Boston was on a week earlier. Motor Mile Speedway had their eyes on March 25th for their “Ice Out Opener”. The folks at Motor Mile have also taken a hand in with Lonesome Pine in Coeburn, VA which already had their opening SMART Tour postponed for the possibility of snow and exceptionally cold temperatures. It wasn’t snow putting a kink in the “Ice Out” but a good chance of rain…

Decisions were made, based on what the forecast had in store a few days earlier. The scheduled green flag was pushed from 2pm to 4pm and then, a little closer to the weekend, to 6pm. Best plans and all that, go with the side of caution as it may be, give fans and teams the best information you can and you still wind up looking back that the original time would have been fine.

But we all know that if the original time had been kept then it would have rained until 4:30… Or later…

The sun was out but the wind blew plenty of clouds by and also took some of the new sponsor panels out along turn two. By the time the front stretch was open for fans to visit with drivers the wind had calmed a bit. As the ceremonies were done and the track ready it was just a few minutes after 6 when the green dropped on the first of six scheduled races. Twins for Limited Sportsman, Twins for Late Model, a Pure-4 and Super Street were on the show that was now set to finish under the lights.

The Sportsman started the evening with the first of their 35 lap events. It might have been Daryn Cockram who qualified on the pole but it was the double zero of Kyle Barnes who survived the cautions to take the first win. It was Charles Smith and Zach Peregoy in the top three. Barnes started back in the 8th spot later in the second race and, again, survived some multi car cautions but it was only good enough to finish second. The later Sportsman race was won by James Sweeney who had started in the 4th position. Richard Caldwell finished the 2nd race in third.

The Late Models ran after the first Sportsman race. Notably missing from the lineup was the #17 and Bryan Reedy. Earlier in the week, the Reedy family were mourning the passing but celebrating the life of Bryan’s grandfather, Orvil. Orvil Reedy was a much loved personality and racer that inspired Tink Reedy and, of course, on with Bryan. Reedy has said he is focusing on time with family and running the #17 at some events at Ace Speedway but we hope to see him at Motor Mile as well.

For the field on the “Ice Out”, it was defending track Late Model Champion, Kyle Dudley with a qualifying pole but the opening draw had him in the 6th position. It didn’t take long for Dudley to be challenging Mike Looney, who started 4th, for the lead. Looney and Dudley battled late race cautions and restarts but Dudley could not quite get around Looney’s #87 and came in with a 2nd position for the first 50 lap race. The second and final 50 laps finished the top two in the same order with Mike Looney sweeping the LMSC wins and Kyle Dudley finishing just behind even as they started way back in the field. Both drivers fought back to the front from the 7th and 9th positions. Derrick Lancaster and Cory Dunn grabbed third and fourth in both races.

The Pure-4 also had some caution but the 20 lapper was initially won by Kirby Shipman. However, post race inspection found the #7 Shipman car did not pass for weight. The race was then passed to first time Pure-5 starter, Caleb Sewell in the #93. With that move, Javon Parker and Keyshaun Clator filled the top three.

The Super Streets had hard charging Jimmy Mullins in the #12 driver quickly from the fifth position at the starting green to the front. Mullins kept that lead and protected himself from any mishaps further back and later. Tristen Barnes and Joe White finished the top three,

The next oval race at Motor Mile is on April 8 with the Spring Break Youth Sports Night. Keep an eye on July, too, as the SRX Super Star Racing Experience comes to town with world class drivers from NASCAR, IndyCar and more.

Full Photo Gallery – Ice Out Opener at Motor Mile Speedway – March 25, 2023

Summer weather is a bit unpredictable… For the most part, Saturday night at Motor Mile Speedway had a slight chance of a passing shower. That “slight” chance opened the sky for good 30 minute downpour which, of course, pushed racing back by a little more than 30 minutes. Qualifying was interrupted but track trying was under way by the time the original green flag was to fly. The schedule was juggled just a bit and the scheduled 75 laps of twin Late Model races was cut to 50 laps.

Other than that, the stories at Motor Mile were wide open. The visiting Super Cup Late Models presented a good field of cars. The Late Model “regulars” even had some visitors boosting those numbers on the track. The season has a rivalry challenge brewing as Mike Looney and Kyle Dudley are dominating this season and it seems some of those visitors were taking their shot at making a dent.

Among the visitors were two ladies challenging the Late Models… 15 year old Katie Hettinger (Michigan), who has notched some race wins and has runs in the Carolina Pro and CARS Tours, and Samantha Rohrbaugh (West Virginia), who also runs some Super Cup but was challenging the Late Models at Motor Mile for this one. It was also notable that Katie and Samantha started the first Late Model race side by side on the front row.

Another Late Model interest was Motor Mile regular Bryan Reedy as he was there running a borrowed and blue #77 with a little tape to mark it up as #17 for the evening. His regular car still had lingering damage from the week before.

One more regular season race is on the schedule for Championship points across the board. That comes up in September. The CARS Tour is on tap for the 28th of August. Racing this past Saturday, August 20, did move the standings a bit.

Mike Looney pushed just 5 points beyond Kyle Dudley with his double shot Late Model wins. Dudley drove in the second slot in both and visiting Katie Hettinger drove in third in both. (*We were pleasantly surprised to see Katie there. It was unexpected. We met her last season at Franklin County and look forward to seeing more good results and a hot future.)

Karl Budzevski added to his dominant Sportsman season with double shot wins. The Super Street division has several contenders and Joe White made the win and a move up. Kevin Cantor grabbed a Mod-4 win and also moved within top spot striking distance. Jamie Lafon extended his UCar lead and William Hale did the same in Mod-4.

Larry Berg and Jason Kitzmiller split the Super Cup Late Model wins. Berg took the first and Kitzmiller took the second.

Full Photo Gallery from A-1 Heating and Cooling Night at Motor Mile Speedway

Local track racing at Motor Mile Speedway seems to turning some heads as the crowd was noticeably larger than our last visit there. The track is not slowing down at all for August. In fact, they are turning up on several levels. The track is hot 3 of 4 weekends in August with some profile events.

  • Friday August 6 – Family Fun Night – Super Cup Stock Car Series. $25.00 per car with Bike Races for the kids, FREE Rusty Wallace Ride-Alongs for Winners during intermission plus UCAR, Sportsman and Big Rig Trucks on display in advance of August 7 FASS racing. Access to Friday Night Fury at the drag strip, too!
  • Saturday August 7 – FASS Big Rig Series with Mod-4 and Super Street
  • Saturday August 14 – Shelor Motor Mile Presents – Kenny Wallace Night – NAAPWS-CT LMSC Twin 60’s Watch The Motor Mile Stars Race Against Kenny Wallace In Two Big 60 Lap Features! Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Championship, Sportsman, Super Street, Mod-4, UCAR
  • Saturday August 28 – Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour makes their run at Motor Mile Speedway!

For CMC Supply Night on July 31st, the show brought some racing history out with the The Southern Ground Pounders and began the night with tiny but fast Mini Cup laps. NAAPWS Late Models, Limited Sportsman, Super Street, Mod-4 and U-Car filled the night for a full schedule.

Top Results for CMC Supply Night – July 31, 2021:

  • Mini Cup Winner – Tyler Warriner
  • Sportsman Race #1 Winner – Cory Dunn
  • Super Street Winner – Hank Turman
  • Late Model Race #1 Winner – Ryan Wilson
  • Mod 4 Winner – Tanner Young
  • Ground Pounder Winners – Greg Butchser / Sportman and Cowboy Dewite / Modified
  • Sportsman Race #2 Winner – Kyle Barnes
  • Late Model Race #2 Winner- Kres Vandyke
  • UCAR Winner – Peyton Howell


The crowds are picking up at Motor Mile Speedway. Small track racing faces so many challenges it is hard to focus on generating interest with all the variables to consider. However, the Pulaski County Play Outside 250 on June 19th gave it a good push for family friendly fan attendance. Kids were in for free and the large play area is a great incentive for families at the track. The open “Pit Party” had all cars and drivers on the front stretch with fans on track to meet and greet. Several kids were also named to be honorary pit crew members for the evening events.

Seven races with five classes offered plenty of lap by lap racing with some good wheel battles on the track. The Advance Auto Parts Late Model races had good challenges from Ryan Wilson in the #2 with Kres Vandyke in the #15 in the first and Jacob Heafner in the #95 in the second. Ryan held for the second spot in both events. Kyle Dudley in the #4 grabbed the third slot in race 1 and Vandyke hit the third slot in race 2.

The Limited Sportsman presented the largest group on the track and had some restart drama in the closing laps. A tight restart put the #99 of Dale Cline in the rear of the #17 with Tray Fitzgerald. The loose #17 was pushed out of line as the #99 hit on the start. As the field came back around under caution, the #17 had driven back down the front stretch and made an attempt of running at the #99. Fitzgerald was not in the second race. Damage or penalty…? We don’t know… But it was an interesting encounter to watch. Kyle Barnes (#00) swept both LS events with Cory Dunn and Scott Lancaster finish 2nd and 3rd in race 1. Chase Ratliff and Cory Dunn finished in 2nd and 3rd for the second race.

The Mod-4 put out a good field for racing but it was Doodle Lang who dominated with a front row start in the #22. The race for second was on between Scott Foley (#97), Dennis Holdren (#2) and Kevin Canter (#3). They finished in that order but the challenge was there for most of the race.

Ray Sowers (#71) and Wayne Corprew (#21) started up front but it was Hank Turman in the #0 that gained an advantage later in the race to grab the win from a second row start in the Super Street race. Sowers and Corprew finished 2nd and 3rd.

The UCar was dominated by Peyton Howell in the #11. He has been the one to chase in UCar at Motor Mile with 4 wins. Cary Thomason (#8) and Jamie Lafon (#93) came across 2nd and 3rd.

Next up at Motor Mile is a big weekend of big fun with Monster Trucks putting out big action. Tickets are on sale now and this should be a big crowd show!

Visit Motor Mile Speedway online for more info!

Full Gallery from the Pulaski County Play Outside 250 below!