An internal memo from the Obama administration (Office of Management and Budget ) may put a lid on “cap & trade” legislation for a while. “Cap and Trade” is a regulation method which forces additional costs onto businesses and power generation facilities for their emissions beyond a set point. Those additional costs (taxes) would then be shuffled by the Federal Government into other areas, specifically, the research of so-called “renewable” energy sources.

Never mind that many of these “renewable” energy sources are already being explored by the private sector and many of the power and fuel companies that would be targeted are deeply involved in the research. Never mind that “cap and Trade” costs would be passed onto the consumer, raising energy and fuel costs at the retail end placing an even higher burden on a struggling economy. Never mind that the entire process is being driven by a government that has swallowed steroids for regulatory growth and expanded government dependency.

Now, an internal memo about CO2, the EPA and the questionable science behind it has surfaced. This memo mentions politically driven motives above science, questions the premise of hazardous CO2 and lifts the hood on the entire debate of CO2, human-caused climate change and political power grabs. Face it. If there is a viable question about the validity of CO2 hazards put forth by a government with an agenda, then it only follows that many of the “facts” we’re being subjected to by the “green” government and a media sympathetic to those goals is also suspect.

A great read on this memo, video from the government committee meeting which references it and more “caught in the headlights” fun is online here: wattsupwiththat