Racing comes in a lot of varieties and cost levels. The shoestring teams that struggle along with a dream and a whim are on the same platform as the deep pockets and the long history. It is that mix of history, ambition and hope that blend like asphalt and concrete at the iconic Martinsville Speedway.

Kaulig Racing started with a conversation, an invitation and a checking account. Deep pockets with a desire to race mixed with some experience and some spare parts to put cars on the track and begin to mix it up.

Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell shared a discussion of memory and anecdotes with Kaulig’s President Chris Rice with driver Josh Williams in the center offering a fresh look from behind the wheel. Students in the motorsports program at Patrick & Henry Community College were on hand for a Q&A on the core of the work that makes it all happen week in and week out.

Campbell spoke on working at the track, for the track and with his family from his grandfather H. Clay Earles, founder of the Martinsville Speedway. Clay has been there behind the bleachers, in the trenches and on the front lines. He’s raced, he’s won and he has put all of this experience together to keep Martinsville as a highlight for racing fans on the NASCAR schedule. He continues to be inspired and grateful for the fans that fill the stands on race day.

Chris Rice of Kaulig Racing spoke on the importance of detail and the work of those details. Work smart and stay focused. He had a love of the sport from early on but he was clear on his distractions of the sport that delayed his progress. Stories of racing included a post race tear down, improper cylinder heads and being completely unaware of what the issue was, or why it was an issue in the first place. That particular post race inspection was at Martinsville and it was Clay Campbell backing up the inspection with the rule book.

Driver Josh Williams expressed his appreciation for having the opportunity to drive with Kaulig Racing and a bit about his racing history from Florida on up through the ranks. Him and Rice traded some quips about discipline and training and, for the students there, offered up further advice on being focused. There was a definite hint that luck follows dedication.

Kaulig Racing is a young team taking bits and pieces from retired shops, backup cars and advice or help when offered. They have seen some success and they have had it dashed so their expectations are tempered by the reality of the moment. They remain optimistic each and every day to chase the wins and the success as they roll further into the season.

Racing at Richmond Raceway and Martinsville Speedway is on their radar as those dates come closer. Check them out on race day and you might just have another favorite to pull for.