It seems the “greendiot” agenda trumps reality yet again. I can only imagine Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) dancing on a bark covered pole…
What I’m referring to is the direction by President Obama to the EPA to “review” the ruling during the Bush Administration to not allow California and other states to put their own vehicle emission standards in place. The “standards” are so strict it would force auto makers to essentially create two different vehicles to sell in these states and elsewhere. Of course, the “greendiots” are dancing in the streets.

“On Monday, Obama ordered the EPA to review the rejection of the waiver — a move expected to eventually clear the way for states to set their own emissions standards.

“The federal government must work with, not against, the states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Obama said, less than a week after taking office. “The days of Washington dragging its heels are over. My administration will not deny facts; we will be guided by them.”

Obama also directed his administration to accelerate development of new fuel-efficiency guidelines so 2011 model-year cars will be covered. In 2007, Congress required that new cars and trucks achieve a 35-mile-to-the gallon standard by 2020, a 40 percent increase over fuel-economy standards. The Bush administration had not developed regulations and estimated the new standards could cost the auto industry more than $100 billion to implement.” full article here: McClatchy

They want to increase fuel and emission standards which then must be swallowed by the public and the manufacturers. On the surface one may think “what a great idea”. If one is a “greendiot”, it is a great idea. “Greendiots” are uninterested in anything that does not fit within their myopic view of what the world, humanity and the environment should be. Any information that is counter to their “green at all costs” viewpoint is immediately attacked, not on point or fact, but on emotional ploy and deception. It is “junk science” or “faulty methodology” or “right wing propoganda” if the information does not fit the “green” agenda.

Back to the EPA standards… This government can’t issue a toothbrush to a U.S. Army Private without red tape. It is full of people who are beholden to, and profiting from, the “green agenda”. These EPA standards are, at best, arbitrary. They are based on desire and “green” wishes and have little to do with reality of just what may be involved in meeting these “standards”. Take a look at Detroit today. The U.S. auto industry is in tatters. Why? There aren’t enough fingers to point them all out. However, one of them is an industry trying to meet consumer demand with mandated fleets of vehicles with government restrictions adding costs to every vehicle off the line.

Now look at what our government just did… They gave these companies millions of dollars to get out of the hole they are in. Now, the government wants to make it even more difficult to climb out of the hole they just gave them money to get out of. Part of that bailout money better go to stock up on aspirin…

You might as well go bail out a farmer with aid because the dam you built is making his cattle die of thirst. Then, after giving him the money, build another dam further upstream so the water is even further away.

We can’t make progress and keep cowering to the “greendiots”. Should we be aware of the environment? Yes. Should we protect it? Of course. Should we throw our entire civilization out to pasture? No. The “greendiots” would love us all to melt the cars and make garden tools and grow our own food in our own little patch and be content with the 10 square miles around our place of birth. It is frightening to think there are actually people so engrossed in the philosophy that they have removed themselves from rational discussion on the issue. It is even more frightening that there are people making lots of money because of it. The latter group now has their claws in our government and are in it for their pocketbook and the “green” agenda is simply their meal ticket. Don’t believe it? Just look at how they live and listen to how they want you to live. That should be all you need.