Really…? Gordon… What was that?

Throughout the race it was evident that tapping on the left rear of a leading car at speed caused an undesirable result. You didn’t simply take the wind off the back causing a wobble and a move… You caused a massive loss of traction and control which put the lead car in a situation of pushing into others and you put yourself in a position to lose your own control and get into someone else.

Yes, Gordon… We know you wanted it but you did exactly what caused some big cautions earlier in the evening at Daytona. You got into Kyle Busch’s left rear. Busch went low and threw up a massive shower of sparks. Your front end washed and went high into two others, including teammate Johnson… You went into the wall, on your side, rolled a few times to be upside down.

We’re glad you are OK. We look forward to good things from you and the #24 this season. We’ll also concede that when you made the move, your outside was clear but by the time you went up that Daytona pavement it was crowded with sheet metal at speed. All in all it was a bad call and a move you’ve spoken out about in the past when it was the #24 in the garage after being crunched by a rookie move. You had a shot and blew it.

On Kyle Busch… Time and again he showed skill, determination and strategy in pulling the 18 out of trouble and back into position. Love him or hate him there is no doubt this guy can drive. At introductions he was jeered and booed… Gordon’s move with just a few laps left seemed to take all that negativity from the grandstands and pack it out the door.

Defending Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart was in the prime spot at the restart. Stewart was run down by a train on the outside. From what seemed like nowhere, Kyle Busch put the dented nose of the 18 into the draft of the 14 and the two pushed around to find the front yet again. Stewart looked ready to climb the podium but Busch slid from behind Stewart at just the right time and spot to roll by Stewart with that dented nose just in front for the win.

Busch took a car that was beat up and about as aerodynamic as the hauler that brought it and pushed it into victory lane at the Bud Shootout. Stewart took the flag on the inside and practically side by side with all the 14 could give but it just wasn’t enough against Kyle Busch.

Hats off to Kyle Busch and the #18 team for a drive, an effort, and a move that kept the 18 competitive to the win.

Stewart has nothing to hide and should be proud of a great Stewart-Haas race and result with the #14 team.

Gordon gave us footage for the 2012 highlight real and put a teammate into the garage.

The Bud Shootout. A preview of the Daytona 500 or a one-off to drive passion in NASCAR fans? We’ll find out next Sunday. Let’s go racing!