Formula 1 in America.

It is still several weeks away, November 16-18. Four races separate then from now. This weekend the speed is in Japan. Fernando Alonso carries a 29 point lead on the way to the Land of the Rising Sun, thanks to three season wins combined with other good finishes…

The American race is one before the finale in Brazil. If points are tight it could be a game changer. The track is not just new to the F1 schedule it is new to everything. Everything from the race surface to the bathrooms is shiny, brand new. It was just last week the facility was “race certified” by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which is the sanctioning body that oversees international motorsport.

Racing on a brand new circuit, with unfamiliar characteristics, is bound to be interesting. Combine that with the possibility of a tight points situation with one more race to follow and the break-in period could break someone’s chances. (more…)