Why do we watch? It’s an open question with as many answers as there are colors on the cars…

Is it as simple as watching for the contact, the spins and the crashes that will get most out of their seats to see the action play out?

Is it the basic grasp of the challenge of the drive and the lap by lap progress of favorite drivers?

Is it just a love of speed and being memorized by the blur as the race goes by?

It really could be any, all or more. Whatever the reason or reasons that we have for being a fan of racing the possibility is always there that the attraction of the sport can also cost dearly.

In recent weeks, that cost has been paid too often. Jason Leffler, a multi-series driver including NASCAR series, was killed in a sprint car crash. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Allan Simonsen was killed following a spin and hard contact with the barrier. (more…)