It’s always a bit of a blast to go to a car show. The variety in personality of the owners and the cars they bring highlights the styles and individuals in the automotive arena. It’s all about the love of the car… The one you have, the one you drive, or the one you want…

There is no doubt the automotive world is in a state of major change. It’s been there before. Whatever comes of it will be the new basis of alterations and customs. For now, we still have pistons, fat tires, chrome, color, speed and sound. Such was the case on Saturday, October 23rd, at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, VA

Richmond based Spend Trend Society organized the show with RevMatch Clothing and CVA Performance. Funds were raised on site for The Children’s Heart Foundation through entries and a 50/50 raffle.

Interesting vehicles were pulling in for the show as early as 10AM. There were way too many to showcase all of them, however, we did note a few that caught our attention in one way or another.

First – A hot rod Mercedes. Granted, a late 60’s Mercedes is a classic on its own. However, when you drop a Corvette V8 in place of the original diesel power you get a classic that will surely surprise the drag race challenger at the line.

1960’s Mercedes-Benz 200 Diesel with a boost from Corvette V8 power

Second – In a row of turbo-mod imports there was a throwback classic. A big, open engine V8, no fenders, practically square fat rear tires and the rolling shell of a Ford Model T. Yep… a vintage style “T-Bucket”. When asked how many people under the age of 40 asked what it was, owner and builder Phil Harwick simply replied “lots…”.

Technically, it was a gift for his wife but the “T” is always a fun drive to local shows. It’s one of many examples that populates his country garage and his job with MAC Tools lets him network with other “car” people in the area. Phil has some racing history, a builder’s knowledge and an owner’s passion.

Third – A mix of classic hot rod and modern design. The body is based on a 1939 Ford Coupe with modern touches from the interior to the chassis. It’s a candy red head turner. The owner, Troy Cook, is no stranger to style. His Roanoke based business specializes in lighting, furnishings and specialty fabrications with a national reputation.

1939 Ford Coupe – Owner: Troy Cook (Renaissance Contract Lighting)

Check out a larger sample of the Speed Trend Society show below and keep an eye open for more area car shows down the road.