Can you put a phone into the wall? Is it possible to bump a smartphone and send it spinning around?

We may find out. The phones of Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin traded a few scuffs following some contact at Bristol.

Joey attempted to confront Denny, still in the FedEx #11, but some team folks were there to push him aside. It seems Logano was none too happy about on track bumps that sent his Pennzoil #22 around and tailing the wall.

It is Bristol… There are going to be some bumps…

Logano, However, didn’t see it as “just another bump” and attempted to clarify the contact. That plan did not play out well…

Later, it turned to the phone and another round of the “Twitter 500” was on. More and more drivers are airing some track anger through the very public avenue of Twitter. The latest is Logano vs. Hamlin…

“Hey @dennyhamlin great job protecting that genius brain of yours by keeping your helmet on.”.

Hamlin replied @joeylogano,”Why’s that … what would u do?”.

Logano shot back, “Show you some love and appreciation.”.

Hamlin responded, “Need my address?” And added: “Last time I checked he had my cell and direct message button to choose from if he’s got a problem … Otherwise hush little child”

Ouch. It’s hard to control a phone with knocks and bumps like that.

Hamlin seems to think the two will talk at some point and it will be back on to racing as usual, with wheels and fenders.

Too optimistic? Who knows? The season started in Daytona and so did this smiting of the smartphones. Hamlin posted towards Brad Keselowski about being blocked up by his “genius” team mate (reference to Logano). Joey, apparently, has marked that as the first salvo and has been openly critical of Hamlin and his driving.

It’s entertaining for the fans. We’ll give it that. Tweets and chatter help drive the discussion between the weekends. Out of Bristol and on to California.

We hope they have a good nationwide data plan.