Yes! They all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle of a weather map. Copenhagen is the location of a big world summit on Climate Change. “Climategate” refers to thousands of e-mails and documents from the University of East Anglia which have been made public bringing up many questions about the reliability of the research which has been deeply involved in setting the agenda for the Copenhagen meetings as well as setting in motion legislation in many individual countries. Chicago is where Al Gore had his status as the Green Spokesman recently questioned during a book signing for his new climate book “Our Choice“.



As the out in front spokesman for the man-made global warming scare, his statements and his Oscar winning movie are touted as banners and talking points for everyone who has been frightened into action on the behalf of polar bears and sinking land masses. However, the “Climategate” explosion has caused a wave in his rising water. He has recently cancelled an appearance in Copenhagen of which thousands of tickets at up $1200 a pop were sold. In Chicago, he was confronted with pointed questions about details of man-made global warming and, rather than answer with facts which he should have easily been able to do if there was an ounce of integrity in him, had the people removed. (See Youtube Vid – click here) He left in a Mercedes-Benz GL Class SUV.


The GL Class, pictured above, comes in several trim packages including the GL320 diesel powered version. Now, we could give Gore the benefit of the doubt and suggest he and his security team were in the GL320 which is a new technology diesel powered and rather efficient luxury SUV sporting a 3.0 liter, 210hp V6 rated for the new G2 Bio Diesel fuels with an estimated 17/23 mileage rating. However, the imaging in the video does not match the GL320 trim package. 

courtesy BenzBlogger

Note the twin spoke wheels on the Merc. They were standard on the GL450 which is a 4.7 liter, 335hp V8 burning gasoline (premium rated). The GL450 has an estimated 13/18 mpg rating.  Hmmmmmmm.

Either way, the vehicle is definitely not one of the many full size hybrid SUVs available with 35+ mpg ratings…  Hmmmmmmmmm.


 These actions raise several questions:

Why did he not simply counter these questions with answers of fact that could be easily verified and substantiated? Why was his movie the subject of a British court fight resulting in the action of having the inconsistencies in the movie pointed out before it could be shown in British classrooms?  Why does the Man of Green get around in a Mercedes GL SUV? He has not said, but why cancel his appearancein Copenhagen just as the “Climategate” news began to get notice? Why does the cover of his book “Our Choice” contain factual image errors? Does he have a financial stake in the passing of “green” legislation which could be proven to be the same as “racketeering” with false claims to push the legislation forward?


These are just questions that open the discussion for motives beyond “save the world” scare tactics. The statements of a “consensus” on man-made global warming are obviously false. The released e-mails from East Anglia point to references of exclusion of non-conforming papers in peer-reviewed journals, modification and destruction of data, and many references to the top names in the global warming scientific community. On top of all that, the obvious hypocrisy of these people setting in motion legislated demands of how we live and what we drive while they arrive in Copenhagen in private jets and imported limousines.


We, the public, are not stupid. Well, most of us…  Many are clinging to this scam simply because they have invested so much time and effort into it. However, the basic assumption that we, as human beings, can and should make moves to be better stewards of the air, sea and land are correct. We can develop better energy and cleaner lives. That said, the actions of these people to frighten the general public into accepting their view as how we do that and set in motion laws that also make us pay them for the privilege are criminal and should be investigated completely before ANY law or treaty is designated.