Jimmie Johnson won the Sprint All Star race. The five time Cup Champion took home the one million dollar prize with the #48 LOWE’S Chevy Crew and goes in the books as a four time winner of the event.

That about sums it up.

Except for the math of adding a million dollars to the ledger…

And the rain delay…  And two “rookies” on the grid…  And two brothers sharing the lead only to fall back…

There wasn’t much on the track for fans looking for chash-n-dash action. There was much hype coming in over rivalries and who might, or might not, bump another into a spin to make that final run for the checkered flag and the bank. For the most part, it was your typical “rubbin’ is racin” brand of driving. A few scraped or bounced or bumped but there wasn’t too much that will set the 2013 race into a “yeah, I was there!” memory.

Jimmie Johnson will, of course, remember the 4th win for the LOWE’S crew. A cool million and showing a win while also holding the points lead is something to hold on to. He started 18th and worked up to the million dollar payday.

The rain held the main event for a while. They managed the Sprint Showdown after a wet day and started the 90 lap feature race but rain came in around lap 14 and red-flagged the deal for about an hour or so.

Both drivers competing for the “Rookie Of The Year” made it in. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. drove in with a 2nd place behind Jamie McMurray in the Sprint Showdown. Danica Patrick was put in by the fans with a pre-race vote.

By the way, did you know the two rookies are also dating…? How does that even work?

“Loser does the dishes!”…?

Two drivers shared the numbers for most laps out in front. Both held the lead for 29 laps each and they both share the same name. Brothers Kyle and Kurt Busch gave it a good run but weren’t there for the money. They were close with Kyle finishing 3rd and brother Kurt two back in 5th.

There weren’t any “paybacks” or real mash-ups. It was almost routine. The All Star race was almost a simple drive through light traffic for the winner, Jimmie Johnson.

“Honey! I’m off to the bank! There might be some traffic so it may take an extra minute or two…”