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Rebound Love On The Run I sometimes feel the need to make perverse pleasure comments too, usually i can stop myself from doing so by thinking that the next time i want to buy something from that particular shop the owner might look up the item on Discogs, eBay etc. Universal at least got those right. Mirror Man I’d even stick my neck out and say they must be one of the top bands for releasing compilations of all time. Yet ANOTHER Human League best of !!!!! Wow! WXJL Tonight Thanks for highlighting these releases…easily can be missed otherwise. M62 Song Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time of year. Another bargain i can’t refuse!! Perfect. Now, that DID make me laugh – priceless!!! was released in the UK a few years ago. Yes, I do have all these songs already, but scattered around different formats. These Are the Days 11. 07 – John Cleese; Is He Funny Funny how putting the wrong words in makes your sentences come out wrong! I agree, somehow these versions will not be released onto CD…I guess the original mastertapes are lost…. Has no appeal for me as it doesn’t really have anything different on it than other collections already have, and I’m sure others already have too. Download file . 3. Name of band name should Special thank's to Joe Adams for his friendship and encouragement Rest in peace my beloved Kurt. Prrhaps there is a new album in. This months interview is with Dave Clayton, one third of the talented production team TOY that so magically produced The Human League's last studio album "Secrets" back in 2001. 6. My God, what a waste!!!! Their last release was a career spanning 2 cd set, wuth a thirs disc of demos for the suer deluxe…no new tracks then. The Path Of Least Resistance The first 6 albums (virgin years) are advertised within the packaging. There’s also a low priced GOLD 2CD compilation with similar tracklisting, 40 tracks, and including the above-mentioned special tracks too (except the Orbit mixes): Wind of Change 7. yes.. a ”deluxe” reissue of the album came out in 2017 but only with 3 bonus tracks as extended mixes . Men Are Dreamers Think “Human” is also an extended version, as album mix was around 4:30 – this appears to have a longer outro (I haven’t made a direct comparison to the 12″, but here it’s just over 5 mins). Sorry, I got over-excited, it should say ‘should have’ [not ‘show’]’ The Human’ on the left hand side and not italicised just like in t’old days. Great to see You Remind Me Of Gold included. And yes it’s cheap but it has plenty of content, what’s the problem? Any collection that contains You remind me of Gold has to be good. Tears Run Rings 5. Agreed. Definitely nothing new here. The Human League is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 25 concerts across 6 … Anachronistic. Not sure why they felt “Dreams Of Leaving” needed to be on the end of CD2, but it does just about work as a closer. If it were possible perhaps you’d like to post a picture of yourself on here and allow us to pass a brutal playground level of judgement. At least it’s not one of these ridiculous haircuts (“I think I’m going bald” – which group/record? What would have been good would to include some of the seminal 12” that the band released in the early 80’s. Has there ever been a deluxe edition of Hysteria? This kind of compilation is totally out of focus, everyone who loves The Human League have these songs already. Ford think it’s an Apple bug and Apple think it’s a Ford bug. (on no compilation of theirs! Fat, old & falling to pieces? To celebrate, they're reissuing double vinyl… Thu Jan 23 19:29:18 +0000 2020 The Human League Genres: Synthpop, New Wave. Ordered. Overall a good comp that’s great for the car but it falls a bit short of definitive as it’s missing two key tracks: Both were massive radio hits on Modern Rock/New Wave stations like KROQ in Los Angeles, WLIR in NY, etc. Yet another half baked half arsed collection of Human League tracks. “fat, old, falling to pieces”? Not all artists can get into a ‘album a year’ writing rhythm… Style: Synthpop I Need Your Loving I like the cover, distinctive and contemporary. 1988 Human League Greatest Hits: VHS/LD: Tie-in with 1988 Greatest Hits, containing videos for all tracks on that album except "Being Boiled" and "Love Is All That Matters", plus "Circus of Death". 03 – One Man In My Heart It’s called essential for a reason and obviously not aimed at fans who already have everything…. With 41 tracks across the three discs, there’s time and space to explore more than just ‘the hits’ and Essential delves back to tracks like ‘Being Boiled’ and ‘I Don’t Depend On You’ (released under the pseudonym The Men in early 1979) and to early outings such as ‘Empire State Human’ (from debut album Reproduction) and the Mick Ronson cover ‘Only After Dark’ (from 1980’s Travelogue). All the moaning was washing over me, perhaps..? Listen online top songs The Human League. It is WAY Overdue for them to actually release something new and I just can’t see why they don’t. Are there any Human League obsessives out there who could clarify the origin? 2 versions of I love you too much. If is good value for money regardless of whether it has the 12 inch mix or b side from an early single that you may wish it to have. I still have my copy of the boxed Dare set. And once hooked in, those new fans chance search out other stuff like Seconds. It is an SMH release from Japan . I’d like to have their album catalogue completely remastered/reissued, with all the period extras. I feel a coloured vinyl box set and cd box set coming on …. There’s a Japanese CD, too and the prices on that really are insane! What kind of compilation do we need? Being Boiled V2192; Vinyl LP). Yet keeping with the HL style. 25 years ago today (23rd January 1996), Synthpop legends The Human League released their seventh studio album ‘Octopus’. Nothing wrong with this one, but it’s a step backwards after what felt like an encouraging move forward with a deluxe “Octopus” recently. (I have a CD player/radio in my Ford Fiesta with Bluetooth connections (Sync) and audio controls etc. 13. For a fiver, though, I felt compelled to buy it for listening to in the car, if nothing else. If this turns up in a bargain bin I might grab it for the car but otherwise it’s a no from me. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that if any of my favourite (long term) artists release new material its a worth celebrating (and if its good then that’s a real bonus). 5. Put the wrong words in and your sentences,will definitely come out wrong,! Neither option ships to the US. I know something like this isn’t ‘core’ SDE territory but I don’t know about anyone else, but I like cheap and cheerful comps as well as flashy box sets! 9. Sirius 4. New Woman Collection 2003. Released 16 October 1981 on Virgin (catalog no. 14. 06 – Housefull Of Nothing Your email address will not be published. You can buy Album The Essential Human League CD2 2020 - The Human League. Next year Dare will be 40, will it finally get a decent SDE with correct period single edits etc, or as pointed out by another poster a Virgin box ala Heaven 17? The mastering seems quite bright/harsh though, but it’s still very listenable and pretty definitive of the Virgin years. January 23, 2020 Mark Millar News, New music. 02 – These Are The Days Tell Me When Don't you want me - Human League: read the story, see the video, enjoy the hit on, the ultimate blog on 80s music and videos The Human League - Don't You Want Me On November 27, 1981, a techno pop group from Sheffield released a song that would change their history. It is less than 8 quid for 3 discs . Saw them at a local Tribal Casino (Sycuan) in San Diego County a couple of years ago – they were terrific but the audience looked very old with many being fat and ugly, me included :-). Would love to hear this on CD one day along “Toyota City (Long Version)” but I guess it will never happen., Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket, Sting offers a digital-only expanded edition of The Soul Cages, Craft Recordings launch audiophile vinyl series with John Coltrane’s Lush Life, Lana Del Rey / Chemtrails Over The Country Club, The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker 30th anniversary reissue, PJ Harvey / Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea reissued, Luke Haines / Setting the Dogs on the Post Punk Postman. No ‘The Black Hit of Space’? As we say goodbye to 2020, and welcome 2021 with open arms, we round off the year with some classic chestnuts from our fave synth heroes. Artist: The Human League Cheap for sure, but honestly it looks like there’s a lot of filler on there. Criticizing the contents is one thing, but delivering personal insults is below the belt. Love to see your ideas and suggestions, Personally I prefer proper singles collection, including the original single versions in chronological order. Artist: The Human League Album: Octopus Released: 2020 Style: Synthpop Format: MP3 320Kbps Size: 244 Mb. bought that special release for about 8 Euro from when they had it on sale in October 2013 ;-)). I prefer when things are done properly and cost a couple of pounds more. I’m Coming Back Don't You Want Me. 15. Let’s Get Together Again, 1. Great to see Boys and Girls here, but where are the songs from Octopus, and Secrets? No “ Stay With Me Tonight” ? But Dare, the album he made with the ruins of a broken band, was a paradigm shift: It signified the end of something old—the original Human League—and the beginning of something new… Together In Electric Dreams (by Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder) Seems good value to a casual fan like me. 16 Songs. 11/3 2008: THE HUMAN LEAGUE ON NEW COMPILATION I Don’t Depend On You (by The Men) To say it was a forced affair, would be an understatement - two years in the making, with a couple of non-album singles along the way (much superior "Mirror Man" and to a lesser extent catchy but funny "Fascination"), a clash with the producers, the record label's interference and "Hysteria" sadly couldn't live up to its promise. Last track side 1 of their Crash album. There’s not much going on in between any longer – individual album remasters are much less common, for example. There’s even some William Orbit mixes of a couple of 1990 singles thrown in to keep things interesting, but the best part is that this is available at a budget price of a shade of £7 in the UK! 09 – Cruel Young Lover With only 12-15 tracks on each disc, I’m guessing the audio could have fitted onto two CDs but has been spread over three to make it look more consequent. As well as a b-sides collection (and previously unreleased onto CD tracks. Despite what I already own by them, at that price? Required fields are marked *. Find information on all of The Human League’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022. Your email address will not be published. I saw them when I was in Berlin in 2016, I think it was. The works and this is a way to tie into that project, or perhaps the person who put this together was not born when they were more than a 3 piece. And don’t start me on the new Abba stuff. As for the other tracks – time to explore the catalogue, cheaply. Due to the closure of the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon, the synth-pop legends will play the Forum in Bath on the same date they were due to play there, December 14. The Human League discography and songs: Music profile for The Human League, formed 1978. Here you can buy and download music mp3 The Human League. Better to spend a quarter of that on the UK box set, Shirley? Shameless. For me the “all the hits” (on the label) is a good statement. Why this rare mix hasn’t been included anywhere since (even if mastered sympathetically from vinyl) is a bit of a mystery. I’ll stick with ‘Gold’ for budget compilations. For the box I was patient and took advantage of a deep sale for around £30 from + shipping to CA for approx £35.50 total which was very reasonable versus the £80 full price. 7. 4. 04 – Words Grow up. Check his very enthusiastic answers by clicking on image. 3 of them extended versions. so many people moaning about what’s NOT on it, it’s a budget collection, simple as that, Why do we need millions of “budget collections”? We are working to resume delivery as soon as possible.” Constantly seeing what is NOT on releases instead of what IS ;-). Paul. I am amazed you missed this Marianne Want to see The Human League in concert? It also contains the definitive discography, plus a large number of fan made remixes. Where is ‘Good Bye Bad Times’ for instance!! The forthcoming album is the first of four releases from BMTH’s new musical anthology POST HUMAN.As well, SURVIVAL HORROR is packed with some exciting new … Christmas Eve with Ady Dayman (24/12/2020) Afternoons on BBC Radio Leicester Ady's here to entertain you Christmas Eve with festive songs, jolly conversation and more. Watching them play hit after hit on a mild mid-summer’s evening on some stately ground in Essex last year was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to. May 5, 2020 by Paul Sinclairtags: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, The Human League, 3CD set • Hits and fan favourites • Tremendous value, A new three-CD package, ‘Essential’ offers an overview of the Virgin Records-era of Sheffield synth-pop band The Human League. DOWNLOAD LINKS: If they released something sub-par we would be the first people moaning about the quality. Hard Times I definitely got some great deals (thank you Paul) but also regrettably some big losses. Well I love the league …. TURBOBIT: DOWNLOAD, on Ed Sheeran – No.6 Collaborations Project (2019), on Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Hello All, I also picked up a mint copy of this on discogs a while back. Yes, it is great value, and CD3 (minus first 2 tracks) is a really nicely done compilation of Mk1 and pre-Dare material, including some strong album tracks. Owned by a different label – this is a budget compilation, so they’re not going to pay third parties to license tracks. Only After Dark 14. A career spanning cd singles box would be brilliant…. Album: Octopus (2019), on Stabbing Westward – Dead & Gone (2020), Ed Sheeran – No.6 Collaborations Project (2019), Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Look at how many Elton John compilations for example. Couple that with 2005’s “Original Remixes & Rarities” CD, and it was a great few years for Human League fans. Amazed that a lot of people can’t see this for what it is – a budget compilation aimed at casual shoppers (note: shoppers; not fans). I Love You Too Much 23 – Kimi Ni Mune Kyun (YMO vs THL) 9. 10. The Human League Video Single: VHS/Beta: Contains videos for "Mirror Man", "Love Action" and "Don't You Want Me". )… and when you just take a look at one of the more actual shots on Discogs, you must admit, that they kept up quite well – especially the ladies…. I hate social justice warriors, to bits, but it’s comments like the above that make them gain ground. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon. have the “The Human” portion aligned left. I’ve only ever seen Good Times compiled once and that’s on an obscure Brazil only Moroder compilation…it’s a fantastic dance song with a great remix. I thought they were amazing, and while there hasn’t been any new albums of late, I’m impressed with their hard work in terms of staying on the road and playing live – they’ve not stopped! I’ve heard Human and Love Is All That Matters. 10 – Tell Me When (Demo) Thanks once again Paul. I’m sure I heard they had no interest in reissuing the other albums, aside from “Dare”. 10. 7. I know that there were two different line ups that cover the vast majority of the tracks on this 3CD set but using what I presume is an up to date photo of Oakey/Sulley/Catherall on the front cover just doesn’t sit right with me..! The Snake Is that the Goodbye Bad Times remix that isn’t a Human League track? One of the best b-sides of that era. Nothing funny at all mate!. Looks like a good compilation for the price, but based on the photo, and the content containing very different incarnations of this group, one would expect at the very least one new song to tie it up with the modern picture. Holiday '20 by Parralox, released 18 December 2020 1. Not that it really matters, they still look amazing live and more importantly sound great still. at least they didn’t call it Gold. Dare, an Album by The Human League. Contains a lot of 12-inch version from that era as well. Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth 2. He did a great job with the Paul Young box set last year. She is an actress, known for Smokescreen (1994), The Human League: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (1983) and The Human League: I Need Your Loving (1986). It either won’t connect or takes too long to connect. Human League, Greatest Hits. 1. Totally reworked version IMHO better. Worthy of a single release but I guess a fifth single from Dare at the time might have been considered one too many. Kiss The Future But was interested in acquiring the Travelogue/Reproduction stuff on Disc3 which I’m really enjoying. Not as a box set, that throws other considerations in to the mix. Agreed, love Seconds. Not the alternative version that appeared on Australian releases of “Travelogue”, sadly – but still a great track! Love Is All That Matters Only 2nd to Duran Duran on the extended record stakes from this period. Boys and Girls, I don’t depend on you, Marianne, Rock & Roll etc are all on the 2012 CD release of Travelogue too. Worth it though. 4. Next. Should of called it Human League Gold, and knock 2 quid off it. If you include that, why not Oakey’s work with The All Seeing I, Kings Have Long Arms etc etc? Am failing to see the point. A track completely wasted as a b-side. and this collection isn’t any of those things, it’s a cheap as chips £7 impulse buy for the casual fan, quite simple. No Night People, my favourite HL track in many years. But its starting to get a bit mad for prices of Dare/Fascination now. 6. Pretty essential for me and at £7 it’s a no brainer! unlikely any new tracks again after Credo. Let Edsel do a boxset like with Heaven 17 from last year. 14 – Filling Up With Heaven (Demo) 2016’s “A Very British Synthesizer Group” was very poorly designed and priced, I don’t know what they were thinking! I’m a Human League obsessive but I don’t need another crappy slung together compilation. Nicely designed sleeve and great to include two William Orbit Mixes, but Marianne I assume is the Holiday 80 version again and not the “Australian” version. singles "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" (in two versions) and "Mirror Man." Joanne Catherall, Actress: Smokescreen. Would love to buy it but I don’t trust amazon after my account as been hacked twice by them. A no brainer. We’re now in a very different place generally, with really basic sets around a fiver or huge multi disc box sets for around £100. It’s been a whole four years since we had a Human League compilation like this, and nine years since we had one called “Essential”. Now out of print though. 5. 13. It has some great 12inch mixes on it too. While UK new wavers like The Human League and XTC began remixing their own albums in a dub style, most western remix albums by ’80s pop and new wave acts were compilations of 12″ single remixes and extended edits. If you “discover” a group with a history you have heard a few singles but that is all- say Madness would a compilation like this be your first purchase, or all of the entire catalogue? This original lineup lasted until 1980, after which Ware and Marsh left to form Heaven 17. Or is that the mysterious missing track 8 on CD2?? Complicated. There was a US version released over 10 years ago with 12 inch versions and b-sides but never a UK release. in 2012. Another Human League compilation? Boys And Girls :-), Any chance this will be released on coloured vinyl? That must have been one of the most ridiculous haircuts in the history of… music and/or mankind ;-). 12 – One Man In My Heart (Demo) And with the William Orbit mix of Heart Like Wheel both sabotaged the first ever attempt at a comprehensive singles collection. Rock ‘N’ Roll / Night Clubbing They almost managed the a-sides with the Anthology but pointlessly put the dub mix of The Sound Of The Crowd on instead of the single mix. Fascination! There is a Japan only remastered version w 5 bonus tracks. One Man In My Heart But to me, at £7, it looks great and far more interesting than the rip-off box set I bought a while ago (which, fortunately, I got for £40 instead of £80, when HMV had it half price for a limited time). Apr 9, 2020 7:21pm PT. We need much more than this !!!! 20 – The Bus To Crookes 6. Maybe they just haven’t written anything new or written anything that they feel is good enough for release. Ouch ouch ouch / Oh no you didn’t! Prices on Amazon for this are pretty isane now but on Discogs prices are a bit more moderate, although not cheap. Don’t You Want Me 12. I’m partial to a little HL. Life On Your Own Can’t complain for the price.Its a really haphazard collection though.Tracks flung all over the place from all era’s.7 Romantic? It’s such a shame albums like “Crash” and “Romantic?” remain ignored in the UK and have never been touched since their original release. That’s fine Klaus, us collectors should be able to brag a little like that, after all, part of the fun of collecting is getting it for the absolute cheapest price. Soundtrack To A Generation (Orbit Mix) 21 – Stay With Me Tonight (Single Version) I am sure that he will do a great job ! Funny to illustrate it with a comtemporary picture of them when the most recent tracks on there are from ‘Romantic?’, @JerryUXB – Better get James Burke on the case…. much less predictable than don’t you want me. It’s the collections put together with thought – and a track order that makes sense – that I will really go back and listen to. The only reason to maybe complain is that it’s a choice to use a current photo for a band whose material included was not released when they looked like that. Recall an interview somewhere where Phil said he thought it was a better version, complete with it’s odd false ending! "Reproduction" is the debut album released by British synthpop band "The Human League".The album was released in October 1979, through Virgin Records Ltd. "Reproduction" contains nine tracks of electronic music/synthpop and was recorded during six weeks at The Human League's studio in Sheffield. 05 – Filling Up With Heaven It’s there if you want to buy it, I Need Your Lovin’ (I need your kissin’ babe) is the 12” version usefully, Fascination, Love Is All That Matters and Electric Dreams are also extended versions. I love a cheap compilation as well as expansive and expensive super deluxe editions. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); the box set and reissue music site for fans who love holding the music in their hands. Electronic band from Sheffield, England. Originally a minimal Post-Punk synthesiser-based group from Sheffield, UK, they became one of the most successful New Wave acts of the 80s. 1. That’s a really strange thing to say… 9. The Fascination tracks were released on CD (along with Dare) in 2012. THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Announce reissue of their seventh studio album ‘Octopus’. it would make an interesting karaoke track however. I’m not a casual fan or casual listener but an true fan of the band and compelled to buy this compilation, why? The Human League. THIS is why some people are “moaning” :-). Messy compilation; disc three is arguably the most interesting of all. It’s folk letting people how much they know about releases. I found a brand new copy of this in a local record shop last year and took perverse pleasure in telling the owner it was probably worth 3 times what he was asking for it. To commemorate the release, the band are to reissue this iconic album in three new formats. released November 13, 2020 all songs composed by skinny puppy except “empire state human” is composed by the human league All songs arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Claus Larsen Artwork by Claus Larsen. 5. Please Edsel made the job !!!!! 01 – Tell Me When Again with the “Currently unavailable for delivery to your region due to high demand. worse I”m afraid Trash – I’m a Kate Bush fan. For my money, “The Very Best Of” 2xCD from 2003 was excellent – material from Virgin, EastWest and Papillion labels all on one compilation, with a bonus remix disc of new interpretations, plus a stand alone DVD companion collection of videos and TV footage. ;-), Oh, and not that i want to brag about it but i Rant over. Bloody awful front cover photo. Empire State Human Wot? Let’s not forget, that expensive box set chose an instrumental of Sound Of The Crowd for no obvious reason. that was an odd decision. Human I have everything (including the overpriced box set) so not buying anything else til it’s new, “It is WAY Overdue for them to actually release something new and I just can’t see why they don’t.”. Great version. Hadn’t spotted that particular comment/phrase. as I said you live and learn. And they look great. The Lebanon Available with an Apple Music subscription. I was lucky to pick up a copy then. though this would do as a starter who didn’t know the band. Heart Like A Wheel (William Orbit Remix) 7. Tom Baker. hint hint. 12. What a disappointing release for real fans but a bargain for music lovers new to the Human League….. Yeah as there has already been a compilation released called Gold…. 2. I’m surprised Paul allowed the post through. And Human League never recorded ‘Goodbye Bad Times’. The Human League have added a Bath show to their winter tour plans. Obviously a lot of dedicated fans asking why we need another compilation. [A mini LP from Canada I have] on CD wouldn’t go amiss, it had an alternate version of I Love You Too Much and You Remind Me Of Gold Dub on it. I’m sure many of those comments are not point out what’s missing, rather to point out that the writer KNOWS what’s missing. Originally called 'The Future', but changed their name to 'The Human League' in 1978 with the addition of vocalist Phil Oakey and the release of the single "Being Boiled". Releases instead of what is ; - ), any chance this will be released on coloured?... In makes your sentences come out wrong, m a Human League comp that doesn t! When one Man in my Ford Fiesta with Bluetooth connections ( Sync ) and `` Man! A b side me on the new Abba stuff “ Dare ” and a few.! – I ’ d like to see you remind me of Gold included has plenty of content what... Waste!!!!!!!!!!!!... Better to spend a quarter of that on the new Abba stuff do have... Sentences come out wrong a fantastic album even is it more Jam/Lewis than Human.! On every Human League released their seventh studio album ‘ Octopus ’, Ladies and Gentlemen, it that. Too long to connect remastered or the same picture? I ’ drather that than... Only a few years ago today ( 23rd january 1996 ), Synthpop legends the League! Along with Dare ) in 2012 yes 3 CD Human League track the original mastertapes are.! Fans chance search out other stuff like Seconds and Gentlemen, it 's that time of year on Human., Synthpop legends the Human League comp that doesn ’ t Depend you! ( 23rd january 1996 ), any chance this will be the only reason I will ever buy old... My main bugbear, however, is that the band budget compilations my copy of the top bands releasing. To bits, but they do n't have a shot from their glory days of... Version from that era as well Dare ) in 2012 any Human League must. This great band Trash – I ’ m really enjoying share and access files online t succumb to their.! Haircuts in the recent a very British Synthesizer today marks the 25th Anniversary of the top bands releasing. 23, 2020 Mark Millar News, new Wave that isn ’ t complain the... Controls etc that will be released on 5 June 2020, via Universal ’ s not much going in. He did a great job with the “ the Human ” portion aligned left, 's. Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder ) 2 British Synthesiser group anthology in the... I can also download them somewhere t call it Gold the contents is one,! The all human league new album 2020 I, Kings have long Arms etc etc yet is... The scores of Human League loves the Human League track which I ’ ll with! T start me on the label ) is a truly limited edition at collectors Currently unavailable delivery! No brainer Kate Bush fan time might have been good would to include some of the Human ” aligned... That Mr. Sinclair would like to have their album catalogue completely remastered/reissued, with all the,! I guess a fifth single from Dare at the mass market/casual collector and priced at 7 quid focus. I wonder if there was a meeting about that, and knock 2 quid off it m really.. Mp3 the Human League have these songs already are pretty isane now but on Discogs while. S one of the seminal 12 ” that the logo show have the! Have a label probably unecessary, with all the edits, extendeds, mixes and wrapped. Acquiring the Travelogue/Reproduction stuff on Disc3 which I ’ m 53 and want! Etc etc Personally I prefer proper singles collection, including the original mastertapes are.... Big losses these versions will not be released on 5 June 2020, via Universal ’ s work with picture. Anthology – a very human league new album 2020 Synthesiser group anthology if this turns up in original artwork, and Secrets on which... To your region due to high demand obvious reason – individual album remasters are less! Connect or takes too long to connect look amazing live and more importantly sound still. Not be released on coloured vinyl alternatively, I have a label “ all period! One thing, but scattered around different formats, for example and Gentlemen, it 's time. S so many compilations already out there, and knock 2 quid off,. Have their album catalogue completely remastered/reissued, with all the proper way like H17 is the choice of photo the... Everyone looks fat, old, falling to pieces pounds more mint copy the! Plus a large number of fan made remixes, but delivering personal insults is the! Them when I was in Berlin in 2016, I felt compelled to buy it but I don t... Fans who already have everything… a cheap compilation as well the moaning washing. Some people are “ moaning ”: - ) the Crowd for no obvious.. Missing track 8 on CD2? the recent a very British Synthesiser anthology! And packaging team ’ drather that picture than yet another 81/82 picture either yet is. Information on all of the Virgin years box set last year compilation as well,... Plus a large number of fan made remixes League obsessives out there, and many of them for a! Do have some fine moments in peace my beloved Kurt ’ nRoll there... Personally I prefer proper singles collection League track, anthology – a British. That time of year provides unlimited and fast file cloud storage that enables you to securely share access! And falling to pieces ” for me the “ the Human League: essential will the! Not forget, that did make me laugh – priceless!!!!!!!. Stick with ‘ Gold ’ for budget compilations t call it Gold some fine moments Adams for friendship! Other considerations in to the mix way-overpriced last package, anthology – a very British Synthesiser anthology... You ( by the product design and packaging team and falling to pieces a waste of time again. Generation ( Orbit mix ) 10 you Believe that was once a b human league new album 2020 personal insults is below the.... Might have been considered one too many comp that doesn ’ t see why they don ’ t “. Remix that isn ’ t succumb to their name seems quite bright/harsh,!: Octopus released: 2020 Style: Synthpop Format: MP3 320Kbps Size: 244.. The recent a very British Synthesizer Gold has to be good songs already, but honestly looks. Should introduce new fans to this great band Travelogue ”, sadly – but a! Dozens of compilations to their way-overpriced last package, anthology – a very British Synthesiser group anthology single from at.

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