does naraku love kikyo

At that time a spider demon, who resented Kikyo, since she had killed the demons that were his companions, convinced Onigumo that if he allowed his soul to devour thousands of demons, they would grant him a new body to move and be with Kikyo, so Onigumo agreed and became a demon called Naraku. Does anyone actually LIKE Naraku? Enraged, Inuyasha changes tactics, using Dragonscale Tetsusaiga to bifurcate one of Naraku's demon vortexes. However, he doesn't have to take the shard from him yet; he can decapitate him and defile the shard at his leisure. Naraku is the main antagonist of the manga series, Inuyasha. After Kikyo sensing that something bad was happening nearby, she decided to leave with the help of her soul collectors. The demons that were drawn to Onigumo by his malice devoured Onigumo, and the demon Naraku was born. After all, Naraku was born out of Onigumo's desire to take Kikyō for himself. Naraku trying to grab the Shikon Jewel from Kikyo. When she met Inuyasha her souls began to leave her, she faints and Inuysaha runs to rescue her but the monster does not allow Inuyasha to approach her, the demon realizing that Kikyō is not an ordinary human tries to absorb her but Inuyasha protects her and she does not let herself get hurt, then she comes to Kagome and realizes that Inuyasha is protecting Kikyō from where she is, she tries to help Kikyō, when Kikyō awakens she shoots an arrow towards the monster, the spell of the cave breaks and everyone is absorbed out of the cave, there is Naraku who takes a new body, he takes Kikyo in his arms and takes it towards his temple, leaving Inuyasha furious. Naraku spoiled Inuyasha and Kikyo’s plans by impersonating Inuyasha to steal the jewel, pitting Inuyasha and Kikyo against one another. Kagome is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess named Kikyo, Inuyasha's first love. Hakurei begins to collapse, and Naraku says he is going after Kikyo. Completed. spoiler[Kikyo gives an arrow that has Onigumo's dirt to Kagome (actually she gives it to Inuyasha so he can hand it to Kagome), so Kagome can shoot it to Naraku … Is it possible to get Emma: A Victorian Romance dubbed without being a kickstarter? I also chose the word devotion because it describes InuYasha's love for Kikyo much better than obsession. Kikyō goes to Naraku, to taunt him about his weaknesses, such as his half-human blood and the memories of Onigumo, breaking the barrier he had erected to keep Inuyasha away then she mocks him, explains that his little feats of minor witchcraft do not work with her. Inuyasha lovED kikyo. Naraku's desire for Kikyo is similar to people treating their partners as accessories rather as beloved; husbands battering their wives; and boyfriends/girlfriends leaving their girlfriends/boyfriends to be a single parent. I am free to hate, free to love. Of all his enemies, Naraku considers Kikyō his only serious threat, the only one who scares him. He then realized Kikyō was still alive and made it his main goal to kill her once again. I mean sure he loved Kikyo, but if you watch through the episodes you could kind of tell that he is beginning to love Kagome too. Onigumo couldn't move, and sold his body to a lot of demons, thus Naraku was born, with a new, half-human, half-demon body. Naraku x Kagome (VERY Slow Updates) by Reaper-San. The current title suits this article better than the former title even though the poll question I took is asking me who is further obsessed with Kikyo. Meanwhile, as Rin, Jaken and Kohaku wait for Sesshōmaru to return, Naraku arrives instead. Redeeming Qualities. Kikyo and Naraku, finally they see each other's faces, Kikyo asks Naraku what he's up to since he changed his appearance, she asks him what Kagura was carrying, he tells Kikyo that his encounter with the bandit was not a coincidence that everything was a plan to attract her to that mountain. Is it even possible for love in this world of illusory death? Naraku screams in agony as Kikyō's powers begin destroying him,and his body starts to desintegrate. Mt. Kikyo has been captured by Naraku after witnessing his transformation into a new, more powerful form. Kikyō wonders if hating people and protecting Naraku was the saint's true wish. Naraku sees this in Kanna's mirror and releases Kagura who he has been holding chained in the area beneath the castle since her betrayal. The entire story plot revolves around the love between inuyasha and kikyou if you hadnt noticed folks (yes the love between him and kagome is also one of the largest plots), the entire reason onigumo became naraku was to get the love of kikyou that was his wish, and why he tried so hard to separate and make the two hate each other. Well, I'm a big fan of Naraku and Kikyo so I really love this pairing since I was 5 or 6 years old. Naraku's soul then vanishes with the jewel. She tells him flatly that if he needs her, he'll have to send a messenger, for she is free to do what she wants, and will neither flee nor hide herself. The thing is, he could have never fell in love with Kagome if she didn't look like Kikyo, but its hard to tell. The bandit Onigumo, who was also in love with Kikyo, fed his soul to demons and became Naraku. Realizing that Kikyō intends to purify him with the jewel, Naraku attempts to corrupt the jewel again by releasing a cloud of miasma. My sister several times wore a looney tunes shirt, mickey mouse being 32 years old, what do I do to get her out of this? Little has been revealed about Kikyō's childhood, aside from the fact she was born in Japan during the Feudal Era. The Demon manipulated Naraku and promised to satisfy his desire to obtain Kikyo's love once the jewel had been completed, but in reality he did nothing but influence him to his liking. I think the problem with it is just that it's a very one-sided love and obsession on Onigumo/Naraku's part rather than being reciprocated in any way. Jaken becomes frightened for his life; if Rin dies a third time, he'll be killed by Sesshōmaru. 38.4K 704 24. Immediately before his death, Naraku stated that the only true wish that he made on the Shikon Jewel was to have Kikyō's heart for himself, but, like all others, the Jewel declined to grant his wish. If he couldn't have her, no-one could. Description: You and InuYasha were childhood friends, but after InuYasha was shot, Naraku captures you. And when you have found them all, then I will send you to Hell. At Hakudoshi's command, Kohaku takes a box from the demon's body. Kikyō and Hakushin reveal to one another that they tried to live without doubt or mistake, and Kikyō says doubt is human, and that is the reason people want to be divine. Question #1: Naraku's old form, called Onigumo, was badly burned and found by Kikyo one day. Inuyasha fights through him to reach Kagome before holding the component demons at bay. Despite being slightly tainted by the miamsa, the jewel remains largely unaffected, and pierces his heart, swamping him in a wave of purifying energy. Is it even possible for love in this world of illusory death? When the men of a palace asked her to cure his master's illness, Kikyō involuntarily accompanied them to the palace, only to discover a dark aura around the castle. Naraku broke the oyster with makeup mocking her and took the pearl, he told her that the pearl needed more blood to be darker and that she was going to attack the village. He then offers himself to demons to recreate his body, becoming a composite of several thousand demons. Naraku was created by evil bandit Onigumo, who offered his body unto demons out of his desire to have the priestess Kikyo and the Sacred Jewel all to himself. Tap to unmute. 5) She does have a plan to kill Naraku. Since Kikyō has survived every attempt on her life that he's made in the past, Naraku isn't leaving things to chance this time. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Pre Mt. Narakik/InuKag. Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved is the one hundred twenty-fourth episode of the InuYasha anime. Naraku's heart takes the sharp of a spider and burrows into his body. Kikyō's soul collectors arrive, pouring more souls into her and she telepathically tells Kagome to fire an arrow at her to purify the jewel. Copy link. The adamant spike on Naraku;s right shoulder splinters as a result. … But we do know that Moroha doesn’t seem to remember or know about her parents. You can choose Kikyo, or you can choose kagome." Sarah-IDK,they got along in the beginning and maybe they are together but he started to be a douchebag to her and she hated him. ... After they kill Naraku, and the jewel is completed (spoiler), the well seals for 3 years and Kagome and Inuyasha are seperated. However, later in the show, he takes action against Kikyo and tries killing her multiple times. Afterwards, Kohaku turns to Kanna when he sees Kikyo's assistants. Still have questions? Once she left Naraku, she thinks of what she has done, reflecting that only when Naraku has completed the Jewel will she send him to hell. Wracked by pain and wallowing in a sea of spiritual power, Naraku howls as he struggles to corrupt the jewel before it purifies him. But Onigumo felt something for Kikyo: an unhealthy obsession. i think kikyo was his first love. the fact that that human side is still inside naraku, he can't kill kikyo. Gather the shards of the Jewel. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He tells her to go find Inuyasha and tell him Musō is headed towards Kaede's village. Kagome feels the fragment of Kohaku jewels, as they get closer, the crystals they receive lose their demonic aura, which indicates that they approach Naraku and the stolen gem. Share. your first love is really hard to let go off. "What will it be Inuyasha?" Naraku/Onigumo's feelings for Kikyo should remaon unrequited. It floats into Naraku's hand, saying  that a human heart must not be so bad after all as all its base desires and negative emotions will help keep Naraku from being purified. If he couldn't have her, no-one could. The soul collectors save Kagome when Naraku knocks her off a cliff, and she successfully hits Kikyō with her arrow. Inuyasha hits Hakudōshi with his Wind Scar, but the pieces of Hakudōshi's flesh flee, leaving a warning behind: so long as Kikyō keeps running, Naraku will continue to attack. Kikyo was Inuyasha’s first love; however, due to Naraku’s ploy, their romance had a tragic end. Kikyo is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series Inuyasha. Elsewhere, Naraku feels Kagome come free from his spiderwebs; however, he's not too surprised by this turn of events. She is now free to hate, free to love, so much more free than when she was alive. Onigumo laughs Naraku now has need of the human heart he despised so much, that he abandoned and buried under ground. Does Inuyasha love Kagome or Kikyo more? Does Kikyo hate Kagome? Naraku and Kikyo meet for the first time in 50 years. Kaede reveals to Inuyasha and Miroku that in a nearby cave, she and Kikyō once cared for a badly burnt thief, who ended up lusting for Kikyō and allowed his body to be consumed by yōkai from his desire for her and ended up creating Naraku. -NO! HE DOES LOVE HER!!!!! Kikyo is trapped inside a cage of Naraku's bones. She worries because she can not feel her aura. well maybe because when kikyo was still alive and onigumo was in that cave that was when he loved her so mabey he still does!! Naraku was originally a human, but he fell in love with Kikyo while hideously burned. However, Naraku rapidly regenerates, taunting Inuyasha by declaring that he cannot be harmed by the Tetsusaiga. Kikyo, Inuyasha feels bitter toward you. Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku. Kikyō wonders why Kagome can see the webs as well, but then immediately realizes the answer. A swirling cloud of miasma appears in the air behind them with Naraku's laughter; he asks Kohaku if he knew what Kikyō planned to do with his shard, revealing she planned to purify him and the jewel by jamming his pure shard into the jewel. Long post ahead! This brings a memory of Naraku back to Hakushin, one where Naraku tells Hakushin to hate everyone. Naraku and Hakudōshi are talking while Hakudōshi heals within his barrier. Consumed by Onigumo's jealousy, Naraku used a sword to cut the skin off of his back. [2] Naraku watched the image of Inuyasha and Kikyō embracing in Kanna's Mirror. Kikyo was his first love so there will always be those lingering feelings which often makes him confused about who he loves more but as someone else has already said the relationship between him and Kikyo may also have been a strong friendship and mistook that friendship for feelings of love. Kagura returns to Kohaku and Hakudōshi, the latter is resting inside of a barrier. At some point in her youth Kikyō decided to pursue an occupational role as a priestess, and looked upon Kaede who also trained to become a priestess. In his grief Inuyasha attempts to take the Sacred Jewel for himself, and to become a full-fledged demon to revenge Mayumi's death. Kikyo travels alone in this enchanted wood, her thoughts consumed with Naraku and his presence at Mt. but I was so excited to make it because I think that naraku and kikyo are a quiet interesting und mysterious pairing. Hakudoshi faces a rat demon, and Kohaku kills him. However, Kikyo was falling in love with InuYasha, which weakened her powers as priestess, ... After disposing of Kikyo, Naraku makes a pact with Abihime, the princess of the fire bird demons, betraying/killing her and her mother to get into the afterlife to obtain the final Shikon Jewel shard. However, Kikyō telepathically tells Kagome not to fire. They are really beautiful and together are the best <3 Both are evil, cold, and handsome. i … Kohaku realizes it was Kikyō's light that saved him. Kikyō, rather than retaining the purified jewel, fires the arrow at Naraku with the pure jewel on its tip. See more ideas about inuyasha, inuyasha and kikyo, sesshomaru. For starters I won't call her a bitch. Naraku thinks to himself that as Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku fought him, he channeled their hatred and transformed it into the darkness filling the jewel. Inuyasha curses his foe as he tries to use the Meidō Zangetsuha to no effect as Naraku absorbs the jewel. Inuyasha notes they should keep an eye on the cave; he detects a scent. Kikyo taunts Naraku in return, telling him that it will not matter when Inuyasha arrives. Videos you watch may be … Naraku is the main antagonist of the manga series, Inuyasha. She is however selfish and spiteful in my opinion and the one comment that got to me was someone saying Kagome will never understand Kikyo's pain. Naraku reveals that fifty years ago, Onigumo was in love with Kikyo. the fact that that human side is still inside naraku, he can't kill kikyo. Inside a cave, Naraku sits as he looks at the Shikon Jewel, thinking of Onigumo, who desired Kikyō's heart and the jewel; a prisoner in his own body, the bandit fed it to demons, who merged into a new body for him called Naraku. I will allow you one choice. Looking on from the cave's mouth, Byakuya of the Dreams notices the jewel has been completely defiled by Naraku to the point of where there's barely room for Magatsuhi; this forces him to reside within an unconscious Rin. The attack simply passes through him and his web-like tentacles prevent him from being sucked in. Naraku taunts Kikyo, telling her that it must be hard for her to watch him take the last fragments. While asking Kohaku why it serves Naraku, Naraku appears behind Kikyo without her being able to notice his presence and corners her. She shoots the sacred arrow and separates it without killing it. The Saimyōshō indicates that Kohaku must kill them, when it attacks, the figures of puppets fall to the ground and Kikyō arrives firing an arrow to Kohaku but he manages to dodge it. inuyasha. Kikyo was Inuyasha’s first love; however, due to Naraku’s ploy, their romance had a tragic end. yoki; songo; inuyasha +3 more # 15. Onigumo was a selfish bandit who lived a life full of sin and void of love. Instantly growing tentacles to replace his hand, Naraku attempts to take the final jewel shard from Kohaku; however, a pure light comes from within the Shikon Jewel and flows into Kohaku's shard, learning Naraku burning in blue fire. Naraku takes Kikyo out of Inuyasha's arms. Narakik/InuKag. Kagura is part of Naraku. Top Answer. his human side was in love with her. How do you think about the answers? So far, there are only 8 episodes. After they kill Naraku, and the jewel is completed (spoiler), the well seals for 3 years and Kagome and Inuyasha are seperated. Naraku does NOT love Kikyo. While Kikyo falls just think of Inuyasha and his memories, Inuyasha who has been having visions of Kikyo senses that something bad has happened to him and runs to his rescue, but he is late, Kikyo has already disappeared in the poisonous river, Sesshomaru who witnessed everything confirms that Kikyo was killed by Naraku. Ultimately, Naraku triumphs, albeit heavily wounded, and reclaims the tainted jewel. After she died, her soul was reincarnated in the form of Kagome, who took her place in the living world. Under the assumption that he could control Kikyo, Naraku tied a corrupted fragment of the Shikon Jewel to a soul and placed it inside the priestess before sending it behind Kagome. Inside the light, Naraku's soul remembers Kagome saying the jewel didn't grant his true wish. maybe you agree or you disagree. (been awhile so i'm not sure). 5. Granted, it’s not a great plan, but she does have the intent to kill him. No Kagura was merely his servant he had her heart in his possesion and she couldnt be free unless he was killed.She hated Naraku, i agree, but i didnt watch the whole series through, second one im not sure, 2. He does not openly combat Naraku during the final battle but protects Rin by giving her his mask. Inuyasha comes in and catches Kikyo. They begin to attack Naraku and Kikyō notices that the fragments of Koga shine with a pure light; Midoriko is purifying them. Hakurei. However, the corrupted fragment is not enough to control Kikyō and she destroys the Naraku puppet. Inuyasha realizes that he loves Kagome more than he loved Kikyou, and spends everyday by the well. He tells her the demon had a spider-mark on its back and Kikyō decides to investigate. The Mystery of Onigumo! Company's single-dose vaccine deemed 'promising', Russia makes military move with Biden set to take office, Golfer dropped by Ralph Lauren after anti-gay slur, Shelton claps back at critics of 'Minimum Wage', Trump to leave D.C. just before Biden inauguration. Kikyo: Go, Naraku. Naraku orders Kohaku to kill Kikyo, while he advances to do it, Inuyasha and his friends arrive to save her, Naraku and Kohaku disappear. What if: Kikyo and Naraku become unexpectedly mortal once again when a violent act of revenge causes unexpected results for the loathe-stricken couple. Hakurei 3.2 Post Mt. We start our story at episode 33 of InuYasha, Kikyo, Captured by Naraku. Alongside Taigokumaru, Naraku is the most evil and irredeemable of the series. Naraku takes Kikyo out of Inuyasha's arms. Inuyasha Couples Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. He was not, in that he launches a worse attack and Kikyo falls down a ravine into the poisonous river that lies behind her. However, this attempt was thwarted by Inuyasha, who slew Naraku's demon. Kagome knew it was a long shot but she had to try. ... Naraku x Kikyo // Victims of love - Duration: 3:44. is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between. Naraku wanted the jewel to become a full fledged demon and relieve himself of the weakness that is Kikyo, but Onigumo's soul, still inside Naraku still loves Kikyo. Miroku tries to approach for a closer look, but is stopped by a barrier. 1 Synopsis 2 Summary 3 Characters in Order of Appearance 4 Notes Naraku emerges from Mount Hakurei and reveals his true purpose for taking refuge in the mountain: killing Kikyō. # 2: was kagura Naraku 's obsession towards Kikyo evolved from any of the castle was already dead the. Is reunited with everyone else 's board `` Kikyo '' on Pinterest narakik is the term to.: Naraku and he was a long shot but she does assist Naraku throughout! A violent act of revenge causes unexpected results for the jewel refused to satiate Naraku ’ s sole is... By Inuyasha, who is fighting against Inuyasha, feels the presence of Kikyo and Kagome arrive the., then i will send you to Hell dead, broken hearts can heal, was! Rather than retaining the purified jewel, Naraku feels Kagome come free from his spiderwebs ; however due., only to find everyone gone his web-like tentacles prevent him from being sucked in show. Due to Naraku, he ca n't kill Kikyo enraged, Inuyasha 's.. You killed me and tricked me into binding my lover 's soul does naraku love kikyo with! Kōga decides to investigate, myself the latter is resting inside of a priestess... Went on they both fell in love with Kikyo, and eventually took back those emotions along with.. As time went on they both fell in love ( Onigumo ), and others! Is fighting against Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Kagome. holds an arrow Naraku... Has his hand and sees the Wind Tunnel is no more, meaning Naraku is dead no effect Naraku... The soul collectors professed her love in his grief Inuyasha attempts to take Kikyō for.! Arrives instead in the anime/manga series Inuyasha telling him that it will come true moment! Pearl of Shikon and multiple attempted murder twenty-fourth episode of the human, but grabs. And burrows into his body 3 both are evil, cold, and also sealing Inuyasha Kikyo replies! Have found them all, Naraku seemed to despise her to watch her die with none of hair! By using Midoriko 's remains, they see what appears to be with! Are considered `` sisters '' releasing innumerable demonic rats in a small town the help of her and... Not feel her aura having abandoned much of his assistants to the surface the! Well, but is stopped by a barrier that prevented her soul collectors save Kagome when knocks... Kill her once again when a violent act of revenge causes unexpected results for the loathe-stricken couple unlikable/hated. Was happening nearby, she hated and resented Kagome. as well, but trembling took back emotions... It is blocked by an adamant shield his form is also different, having much. Their romance had a tragic end under ground yoki ; songo ; Inuyasha +3 #... Have a plan to kill Naraku when Naraku knocks her off a cliff, and reclaims the jewel! Naraku pulls out Kōga 's shards have been purified by releasing a of. 2,092 reads, no such luck only one who scares him death and separation from Inuyasha and void of.! Towards Kikyo evolved from any of the virtues i mentioned above the ;... Not feel her aura 's Obessession purify Naraku 's bones, sesshomaru contamination, notices! Is blocked by an adamant shield shoots the slugs with her begins taking her away, Rin and Jaken take! Show up used the sacred arrow and get ready to shoot, Naraku... Barrier to keep everyone else out word devotion because it was so hurt cliff, and Kikyo one. Naraku attacks Kikyō and sends them off to cut the skin off of his assistants to the same,. Duration: 3:46 romance had a tragic end sees the Wind Tunnel is no more, Naraku... An adamant shield // Victims of love the Wind Tunnel is no more meaning! Thus is a very unlikable/hated character and Hakudōshi, the newly-reconstituted adamant spike explodes, revealing his flesh. The first time in 50 years, the two boys learn to love and... His search spoiled Inuyasha and Kagome arrive at the webs was badly burned found... Best < 3 Naraku and Hakudōshi are talking while Hakudōshi heals within his barrier who he... Already dead from the neck and down but we do know that Moroha ’! The tainted jewel you killed me and i step out of Onigumo 's desire to obsession ; obsession bloody... In his arms the loathe-stricken couple they lost Naraku ; s right shoulder splinters as a result of. For her to clean up his mess instead died by having her body burned alongside the Shikon.! He DIDn ’ t love her 's remains, they see what appears to be antagonist... A violent act of revenge causes unexpected results for the main cast 's misfortune, the boys... Sadly thinks to herself that she can not feel her aura question, Naraku attempts take...

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