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Enjoy my recipes! The red liquid is actually myoglobin, a protein that’s only found in muscle tissue. Copyright: Unless otherwise noted, all photography and content on this site is the intellectual property of Sue Pressey of My Korean Kitchen. I’ve been searching for a good one for ages and this is perfect. Thanks for the feedback! Im making your recipe tomorrow…do you recommend using red pepper powder in the marinade or gochujang paste for dipping to spice up the dish? Its pretty good as it is. The Bibigio Bulgogi Beef Mandu come frozen and require pan frying to cook them. While I’m familiar with some Japanese and Chinese dishes, I’ve only been able to enjoy Korean food for the brief time we lived near a Korean restaurant. New to your site, but looking forward to becoming a regular here. So, I’d have to agree with Sue, excluding Statistical anomalies. It is in the regridgerator now and I don’t know how it will turn out but next time I will use your recipe exclusively. So the decision is up to you. This gives a slightly salty, mildly sweet and nutty savory flavor. Everyone loved it and it was not overwhelming for me even though I know very little about Korean cuisine. I came across your bulgogi beef taco bar post and thought it’d be a good idea to serve my guests this weekend! It’s quite easy! And the smoky effect gets diminished. re: Costco beef bulgogi Posted by Alan Garner on 9/19/17 at 9:29 pm to Janky if you wanna get real korean about it: white bread, toasted, little butter cooked bulgogi w/ sauteed onions in with the beef mayo and sambal (same company as sriracha, more of a pepper paste) I thought this was only done in my fam but i've seen it in a ton of other korean fams. Im from alabama as well. When you marinate the meat with the sauce, most of the sauce gets absorbed by the meat. Used your recipe but with short ribs, BOMB! This is what I do sometimes. Thanks for your feedback! I tried and failed at making ojingeo bokkeum, but that is on my redo list as well. ^_^ The sugar (I used turbinado sugar in the raw, maybe I should try a different one? I thought of using gochujang in the marinade since I am using skirt steak and will be grilling it. Usually the meat I buy is already cut thin like a paper. Thank you! Hi That’s fascinating! I recognised your email address that just came through. It is a tad more expensive than other popular steak cuts, but not as expensive as eye fillet (known as beef tenderloin in the US). I love it so much. I substituted a Bosc pear for the Asian pear and it seemed to work well. Let me know how you go! Don't forget to read my best cooking tips from above! Great cut of meat! I can not wait for him to join our family. It’s difficult to get them to an even crispiness and golden brown color all over. Wrap each fillet individually with cling wrap. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my recipe! Glad to hear that Reese! Place the wrapped meat on to a metal baking tray. Serve the bulgogi with steamed rice and other Korean side dishes. Your recipe is fantastic! again, thanks. Bulgogi I have never seen served that way, nor have I ever seen it grilled. And no I am not Korean, just a white guy who loves to honor such amazing food. I have to admit, I did a quick search solely based on ratings and came across your page. water 1 Tbsp = 15 ml) is pretty accurate but not so much for the rest of ingredients. We added a little more ginger (since we’re fans) and skipped the green onion since we were using Vidalias, and love the taste of them, we upped the amount of regular onion and skipped the green onion. Online I’ve seen it said many times, but most of them appear to be kyopos, but in real life never have I seen it. Filet mignon does sound fancier! Like this one. Thanks for your feedback. Thank you. Nice, sweet and pungent with the ginger and garlic with just enough liquid in the bottom. It sounds like a lot of sauce to me. Thank you for this fantastic recipe! Hello, are you saying that you used the double amount of marinade for 800g of beef? I know this post is old, but just wanted to add that miyeok-guk really is good for after giving birth, as well as many other cases. Yes it was very delicious! Also, lots of restaurants who sell chargrilled Bulgogi serve it with lettuce / perilla leaves too. In my mind, bulgogi sauce is the whole reason why this dish is so addictively delicious. Just watch out for the label “bulgogi meat” in the fridge / freezer section. Thanks again, Right now, I’m very jealous that you have two Asian pear trees in your garden!!! Your recipe and pictures looks like you get the texture right on the Bulgogi vs other recipes I’ve seen. Because I still need to cut the precut meat I buy from a Korean grocery store when I cook at home. Your comprehensive guide to making the most delicious bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef) at home! (refer above for more tips). Our Best Pizza Ever-Chicken and Artichoke Hearts w... Costco In Warehouse Hot Buys for 6/13 to 6/20. Could I freeze this raw and then defrost it overnight in the fridge before cooking? May i ask if it’s dark soy sauce or light soy sauce that I should use? . Usually spicy ones are made with pork. Can I substitute beef using ground beef. Any uncooked portion of the bulgogi (just marinated) can be stored in the fridge for 3 to 4 days or in the freezer for a few weeks. Hi Kita, There are lots of options. I have made this a few times now, it’s always fantastic. Yes, with Korean grilled meats (BBQ is a method of slow cooking, grilling is using a grill… many people confuse the two) Ssam is nearly a requirement. We had a blast. I have a few questions. Thanks for including your vegan version too! How long should the meat marinate for before cooking? & Bulgogi sandwich sounds delicious too. It's free! I’m going to try this recipe since I really love beef and really looks amazing! Preheat a skillet / bbq grill on medium high heat until well heated. Before cooking, my wife cut it up a bit and then put it in our red Tramontina skillet we got from … Thanks so much, Hi Lisa, It’s not common to use pork for this Bulgogi recipe. Apparently, there are a lot of Gwangyang Bulgogi restaurants in Seoul, so you can check it out. Greetings Sue and thanks for posting this recipe. Gave it another try with this recipe and it might have been the best dish I have ever made. I served with white rice, kimchi, pickled garlic, & Gochujang – the complex, spicy Gochujang was a delicious way to add some spice to the dish and seemed to compliment it really well. (Wearing a food prep glove is very handy here! Hello! I had made beef bulgogi before – pretty unsuccessful I must admit. Add the meat (and vegetables) and cook it on medium high to high heat for 3 to 5 mins (until the meat and vegetables cook to your desired … I’m from Australia, and over here, like you said Scotch fillet and Rib eye are essentially the same cut except that Rib eye is with the rib bone still attached whereas scotch fillet is without the bone. Poured it back to the bowl then I moved to the next bowl to blend. . However, to narrow our focus down, we will be talking about the most common way of making beef bulgogi in modern times. Hi Peter The bulgogi bake isn't great but it's good and it's served hot and fresh and the price is right. That’s right, same amount of beef, twice the marinade. Korean Bulgogi BBQ Beef Dinner From Costco. I’m absolutely certain about the 800g of beef but perhaps my tablespoon was on the small side hehe. Happy to hear you enjoyed it, Lars! There will be more liquid in the pan in the first case. . I don’t cook with the residual marinade. Great to hear, Billy! I have made this recipe a few times now and tried to “improve” on it….I couldn’t. Hi Sue, This dish was an absolute hit!! your recipe was wonderful. As I briefly mentioned above, the tender parts of beef are ideal to use in bulgogi. I also wish to thank you for all the sides on your site. I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve never tried Gochujang in my bulgogi recipe, so I do not know whether it will still taste good or not. Question on slicing the sirloin, do you slice horizontally or vertically? Thanks Judy! Thank you I didn’t know that apple & pear isn’t Keto friendly. Bulgogi – The Costco Way | Beef bulgogi recipe, Bulgogi recipe, … Unsubscribe at any time. Just brown it in a skillet & you’re good to go. Thank you! Hi Jonathan, I cut my partly frozen bulgogi meat against the grain. Thanks for the information. Add the cooking oil and spread it well. I would make this again and again! While the most commonly used fruit in bulgogi marinating process is Korean pear / Asian pear / Nashi pear, it is not an easy fruit to get to if you don’t live in Korea. Hi Sara, I’m so happy to hear that! With this, you can make mildly sweet, savory, smoky, juicy and tender delicious bulgogi. If I can’t that’s okay. I was going to say maybe it’s the spice… I have no idea why it’s red/orange. . Literally speaking, bulgogi (불고기) means “fire meat”. I’m sure frozen & defrosted pear puree will work, but why not make the marinade by blending all marinade ingredients together? It should. I get bulgogi from a small korean restaurant ,When its served it always has a very red /orange color Do you know what that would be? Will let you know how it turns out , Absolutely gorgeous! Serve the bulgogi with some steamed Korean rice and with other Korean side dishes. Thanks Sandy. During my research though, I discovered that different countries have different naming conventions for these cuts, which made me rather confused! That is so helpful! Love the flavors! So delicious, with complex sweet flavours and incredibly tender meat. In the meantime I will let you know how it turns out tomorrow when I throw it on the grill. Thanks for your recipes. It’s good to be back. Thank you, Sue! Preheat a skillet / bbq grill on medium high heat until well heated. Sadly I moved away and was never able to thank her, but her philosophy is ingrained in me to this day. And commonly used ones are top sirloin and beef tenderloin. You should be able to freeze it for up to a few months as well. Cover the bowl with cling wrap (or move the marinated meat into a glass container with a lid) and marinate the meat for at least 4 hours in the fridge. Add the meat (and vegetables) and cook it on medium high to high heat for 3 to 5 mins (until the meat and vegetables cook to your desired doneness). Cover the bowl with cling wrap (or move the marinated meat into a glass container with a lid) and marinate the meat for at least 4 hours in the fridge. We also eat it on sesame leaves like she learned in Korea. This bulgogi is cooked over a grill not in a solid pan. It also has a good amount of marbling, so cooking it over a grill or pan frying is quite suitable for this cut. On the other hand, char-grilled bulgogi (on a bbq) won’t build any juice as it will drip into the grill plate, but the extra flavor of slightly burnt charcoal, juice and the fat gives an irresistibly pleasant Korean bbq experience! Rate this recipe with a comment below and tag me on Instagram,,,,,,,,,, 800 g / 1.76 pounds rib eye or top sirloin (or any tender prime beef cut), thinly sliced, 2mm to 3mm (1/8 inch) thickness, 1 onion (130 g / 4.6 ounces), optional, peeled & thinly sliced, 2 stalks green onion (55 g / 2 ounces), optional, thinly sliced, 1/2 carrot (55 g / 2 ounces), optional, peeled & thinly sliced, 1 asian pear or red apple (155 g / 5.5 ounces). I lived in Korean for 2 years and this brought my straight back to Seoul! My hubby loves me a little more tonight I think . Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. I’m not sure how much more out I can get, I have lived all over the country, from small towns to Seoul (collectively more than half in Seoul). You can use this recipe ( to make the sauce at home. 1) This question is a bit confusing. Thanks, Thalia! However, in general terms, unless specified, bulgogi is made with beef. Thanks. Pan fried bulgogi (with vegetables) will naturally release some juice, which you can use to mix with a bowl of steamed rice. My Question: I bought a bottle of Bulgogi Marinade at Kroger this afternoon. I add some spinach too and it’s good! Thanks. Seems any not-overly acidic fruit juice will work, doesn’t have too much effect on the overall flavour. I can not imagine how hard being away from his family and loved ones must be. , I also want to recommend this Korean brown seaweed soup. Then I blended whole bowl of ingredients in the blender. thank you sue. Hi Heeyoung, You may only use a single picture from each post or page from My Korean Kitchen and link back to that particular recipe post. If possible I am looking for a great vegan bulgogi recipe. I made bulgogi with dipping sauce, along with a spicy cucumber and potato salad side dish (all from your website) for my parents (I’m 17) and I was so pleased with how it turned out! If you don’t have access to a charcoal grill, I think the cast iron pan works, but it’s a bugger to clean. Lovely! . amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products"; I used soy curls for a great vegan version. If you can’t find doenjang, I’d say go with Japanese miso. I am excited to try more of your recipes! This soup is supposedly good for a mum who just delivered a baby. Hi, , So happy I found this – I’m definitely going to try it! I normally wouldnt post something like this, but this new beef Bulgogi meat dish at Costco is absolutely freaking delicious. Miyeok-guk is high in iron, which is beneficial after giving birth, as well as for people with certain diseases like anemia. What I found at ... is a series that tests and vets intriguing store-bought foodie finds. I will make sure not to copy & paste anything from your articles! Thank You! I will try your seaweed recipe! This recipe is fantastic, thank you for sharing! Thanks for your feedback. Mix them well together while gently massaging the meat with your hands. Thanks Rich for sharing your information! Korean BBQ marinades are really easy to make and I’m happy that you get to make Bulgogi at home now. To me, adding some heat with green chiles was just a no-brainer. Fresh onions, carrots, and the traditional Korean bulgogi recipe offer a delightful flavor. If the alcohol isn’t the issue, then I would throw some crisp white wine instead. . Koz. But I don’t quite understand your second question. Refer “Ssam sauce”. My parents and brother all enjoyed it very much and they can be a tough crowd to please. That’s what I do sometimes. I won’t hold you long. FYI, the mirin I use has an alcohol content of 14%. I did replace the apple with Asian pear and its soooo good. Preheat your grill to 400°, and lay your meat slices flat on the grill grates as quickly as you can, as to … I can’t wait to try this, but I have to go out and buy beef first o_0. Remove the meat from the freezer and remove the cling wrap. I’m going to link your website in mine so my teacher can see the recipe of yours! My friends and family often go out for kbbq but I had no idea I could achieve the same flavor at home. Do you suggest any other meals that I could make and surprise him with it. It is sold in the deli section in a good family sized portion and as soon as you open it, it looks good! I am Sue, the creator behind My Korean Kitchen (since 2006). I’m making a website about Korea for my school project. I'm Sue, the author/cook/photographer behind My Korean Kitchen. I notice you mentioned that you found understanding the different names for cuts of meat across different countries to be rather confusing, and I feel the same but I thought I could pass on a little tidbit on the subject. That’s the good ish. (I did mentioned that there are different types of Bulgogi in different parts of Korea. But I will answer based on my interpretation. I just spoon your sauce in when I quick stir fry the beef with shallot and scallions. If you thing this would work do you have any recommendations on how long? Thanks Sue! Yes, if I can get an asian pear easily I would use that instead of apple too. Just found Asian pears at of all places Wal-Mart in the Augusta Georgia area. Thanks again. I haven’t made the recipe yet, but I am going to. Thanks. Thanks for your feedback. when cooking the meat, do you toss the marinade, or do you cook the meat with the marinade? Thank you for sharing! Kangaroo is one of my favourite meats and, when cooked correctly, can be better than beef in dishes. Looks yummy and healthy! You mention the traditional way of eating it is as a wrap, but in 14 years of living in Korea (mostly Seoul) I have never seen it served that way. Kamsahamnida! I’m not Korean, but it has the stamp of approval of my Korean friends so I know it’s legit! Last time I used flank steak, this time sirloin – what a difference. I’m sure it will be useful for people who live near by. . My husband is actually going to cook it for us and we have a lot of meat. I can’t wait to try and eat my way through the rest of your recipes in your blog. (I prefer adding the sesame oil separately as opposed to mixing it in the marinade sauce. I chalk up my experience as being the same as getting the rotisserie chicken: it all depends on which store you purchase it from because some people know how to season meat and others don't. Thank you! Hi Kelly, this bulgogi recipe is definitely a good choice. Thanks for the inspiration! Is carne picada just ground meat? Hi Roey, That sounds like a wonderful combination! (I prefer adding the sesame oil separately as opposed to mixing it in the marinade sauce. I shall do the same with your recipe tomorrow when I double it and have some for dinner with rice and kimchi, and the next day in my Gimbap. . Hi! Just loving ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this recipe, wouldn’t go to Korean restaurants any more ???? Hi Taya, I’m glad that you found my blog too! Hi Jennifer, I just used regular soy sauce. Hi Amy, Glad to hear it turned out well even though you had to improvise a bit. lol) Not many Australians would eat Kangaroo meat unless they go to a special tourist destination too. Sorry! I’m glad that we’re not using that terminology commonly here. Would frozen pear puree work in this recipe? I came across your blog a couple of days ago and was surprised to know how easy it actually is to make the marinade. The only thing is that when cooking, I realised that for 800g of beef the marinade was nowhere near enough. I made this yesterday, it did not let me down and is as delicious as it reads on paper. I would add some MSG just because thats how my mom always makes it and I’m used to it but this was so delicious and easy to follow. Just curious, I knew a lady that fixed this in a jar. I just have one question, how would i mash the apple and onion for the marinade? Toss in the sesame seeds and stir them quickly. Probably the best take and bake meal I have ever run across in my life. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "mkkbelowpost-20"; Sure enough, it made great tacos. I love the meat BBQ’d, but having the leftovers from stir frying to use on rice is too valuable! May I use your pictures and link your website in my project, please? Cooks up quickly, we loved it!!! But i’m trying to find a way to make this Keto. Amazing and authentic! I cook every day using various ingredients, and I lived in Korea for 2 years. I have seen many big Japanese retailers (Livin, Seiyu, Aeon, etc) quality of fruits and veggies increase and prices lowered since Costco came on the scene. Will make again and again!! I will definitely be making this for my next dinner party. I read somewhere that the oil can prevent the other sauce getting absorbed effectively into the meat.). Thanks Sue for sharing this recipe! I know a huge number of people who eat it regularly as it is a lot leaner and sustainable than beef. I followed the recipe as written and was very happy with the results. This is very different from hers but still amazing. If all is good then cook it thoroughly. I am making a bunch of freezer meals for after my baby is born. We are lucky to live by korean stores so I picked up some thinly sliced rib eye and fancy Asian pears. I made this today and everyone at the table loved it! It’s not something people would do regularly anyway…. Do the pears create a vastly different flavor? I’ve seen / read many Koreans making “Ssam” with their Bulgogi in their home (in Korea). It is a tad more expensive than other popular steak cuts, but not as expensive as eye fillet (known as beef tenderloin in the US).”, Just for your information, at least in the US South you’ll more commonly find beef tenderloin marked “Filet Mignon” – apparently they can charge more if they use the French term for it to make it sound fancier. How long does the sauce itself keep in the fridge? Hi Tanya, Thanks so much for your feedback! (If you have more time, you can also marinate it overnight to deepen the flavour even more). I enjoy making a variety of different ribs at BBQ parties, so this will definitely get added to the rotation (once we start having BBQ parties again). Love, Then it can last even longer! But have you ever taken the time to really look at the stuff? Authentic Wagyu Japanese A5 Chuck Roll Bulgogi Style Slices, 3 … Some people call this pork bulgogi or Jeyuk bokkeum. Can I use Mirin or sake cooking wine instead of Korean Cheong ju wine in any Korean cooking? If you marinate the meat for too long with these, the colour and the texture of the meat can change substantially in an undesirable way. Thank you! 4. I don’t know restaurants in Seoul very well, so I can’t recommend any particular restaurants to you. I’ve made pork Bulgogi with this recipe and my family simply loved it! Should I be worried about that? My whole family loves this. Get the latest recipes from My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. . Hi! Thank you for this site! No I haven’t. i dont have that thing you used to mash it. So happy to hear you and your family enjoyed my bulgogi recipe! Yes there are many styles of bulgogi in Korea just as there are many type of BBQ in the United States. This make me want to fly to Korea now. Great to hear you enjoyed my recipe! Let me know what you thought of it. I plan to make this recipe for my book club ( reading Pachinko) would it be okay to make Bulgogi in advance and keep it warm. I sometimes use crisp dry white wine too (if I run out of mirin). Tasty – really enjoyed this for dinner and then put them in a roll the next day for lunch. Love your recipe. Crush 1 Oreo cookie and sprinkle over the top of the cake. Thank you in advance. You have been teaching me how to cook food that reminds me of home. My family is Korean, and I’ve never seen it eaten this way. I love korean bbq beef. I visited Korea (Seoul) for 2 weeks in 2008 and was served Bulgogi 3 times out of 4 WITH lettuce for eating. But I won’t call it bulgogi if I add gochujang in it as it will taste very different to the traditional bulgogi recipe. This recipe is for beef. Can i use this recipe for pork? So I decided to cut the meat myself with my choice of meat (scotch fillet / rib eye fillet as I mentioned above) and this is what I do with it. amzn_assoc_linkid = "22a386261565cd5ec1378d42ec1cbe2f"; 3. This recipe looks great! Love getting tips and ideas from the commenters so thank you for your recipe or knowledge or maybe a fellow viewer also has a suggestion, thanks in advance! It’s easy to make and delicious! This is absolutely the best recipe! How much? If we make a double batch (or more) could we cook it in a crock pot? Sadly, there always seems to be some that believe their style is “right” and everyone else is “wrong.”. (I just figured this way he could cook it all at once with out as much work:-) You’re not allowed to copy & paste my articles and full recipe(s) in any way. I’m glad to have come across your Bulgogi recipe. Sorry for using the word traditional there, you’re right that you did not use that word (many other recipes do though), you said typical (which btw, means the normal way not just a common way). I plan to do it that way. I’m a high school student living in Florida. You don’t need to add “marinade” separately when cooking it. I love weber BBQ! Thanks for the reminder. Timings vary and you have to watch it, but basically lay the meat out on a shallow pan of some sort, and then grill on full until you start to get some of the pieces slightly closer to the element just start to catch. Cooked bulgogi can be stored in the fridge for a few days. Great receipe, easy to make and lovely flavors. Hi Sue! Slice the meat thinly across the grain. Since I am a “lazy” person, I just osterize all the ingredients used for marinating. Will get around to it soooon :). No, no heat. Never had a problem with marination. I just fed 6 of us for 20% of the normal cost. I am from Thailand. Thank you very much for your recipe Sue! Hi Sue! Thanks for posting this recipe! 1. Thanks! It’s a bit of manual work, but it works! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; I was a little reluctant to go the ingredients when I read something about “Kangaroo”. Family loved it. so those in the states may want to check a out the wal-marts especially if you are near a military base. It just needs to be cut into bite size pieces. I omitted the pears because I didn’t have any and had some really thin sliced shabu shabu beef. Great!! On a side note, I don’t normally eat Kangaroo meat. Loved this recipe, my mom always made bulgogi because it was my favorite dinner. I am going to try this recipe with ground (minced) beef instead. . I would cook with some vegetables (as mentioned above) and retain all the liquid that comes out from the cooking so that it’s not too dry when defrosted & reheated. Sue, Thank you! Toss in the sesame seeds and stir them quickly. Disclosure: My Korean Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I don’t have it yet, but it’s on my to do list! It's free! Hi Sue, Add the meat (and vegetables) and cook it on medium high to high heat for 3 to 5 mins (until the meat and vegetables cook to your desired doneness). They marinate fine. Hi Lara, So happy to hear you enjoyed my recipe! Don’t want to pay the extra based on the name! Sign In. I have an alternative method that I use for any homogeneous meat dish, which works really well for Bulgogi. (Not just for this recipe but for others too, based on my experience.). I've always got a box or bag of something along those lines in my freezer. If so which one? This is the authentic version of (beef) Bulgogi recipe. If you find the sauce too sweet for you, I would reduce the sugar. I just made the bulgogi sauce and it’s amazing!! Thanks Sue, this is the BEST bulgogi recipe I’ve found so far! Glad to hear you enjoyed my bulgogi recipe, yani! ), Add the sesame oil and mix it into the meat. The nutrition information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. , Some of it was red and some brown I think from the marinade, it smelled ok. We cooked it and it seems to taste okay. 3. I just made the marinade but I’m worried about adding the sesame oil. I’ve never seen Beef bulgogi in that colour. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this dish. I made a batch last week that I tenderised with guava juice, which seems similar to pear. I might try thin slicing my own beef next time to save some money and have slightly thicker pieces, but it was great the way it was. This is my first time to cook a Korean food.

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