Son Of Oak Tree – VIR

The planting of a tree is not usually a fan fair event. However, at Virginia International Raceway, a fortunate bit of history has been replaced. The famous Oak Tree, lending the name to the tavern on site and the racing turn that made it’s way around it, fell during a storm and wet weather in 2013.

It had been there for 200 years…

An employee of the track had planted some of the acorns around 10 years ago and the seedlings took root.  The Allen family and the folks at VIR were in touch and “Son Of Oak Tree” was moved to the new location just outside of the fencing of the original turn. This way, the fans of VIR will be able to enjoy the shade when it is branching out.

Let’s hope racing at Virginia International Raceway will still be as exciting in 200 years! For now, or just a few years from now, the shade of an oak tree will once again be on the course at VIR!