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According to the Aitareya Brahmana, the Andhras left North India from the banks of river Yamuna and migrated to South India. Download Butterfly song on and listen Innocent Eyes Butterfly song offline. Use cases: Volumes are most useful when you need more storage space but don't need the additional processing power or memory that a larger Droplet would provide, like:. In the last elections held in the unified state in 2014, the TDP got a mandate in their favour in the residuary (new) state. Dorothea was the name of two early saints, … [6][103], The 50 revenue divisions are in turn divided into 671 mandals. * Payment is made to you for diagnostic and preventative services at 80% of your Delta Dental Premier contract fees. The state has many sanctuaries, national parks and zoological parks, such as Coringa, Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park and Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. National Highway 16 (India) passes through Andhra Pradesh. The Bhagavathar Melas, a series of dance-dramas, written almost entirely in Telugu, were introduced by migrants who sought refuge in the town of Melattur following the collapse of the Vijayanagar kingdom at the Battle of Talikota. This network provides internet connectivity, telephony and IPTV with fiber to private and corporate users of Andhra Pradesh. Rice is the most important food crop of India covering about one-fourth of the total cropped area and providing food to about half of the Indian population. Thirunavukkarasar . [156][157], The Telugu film industry is largely based in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Other Hindu saints include Sadasiva Brahmendra, Bhaktha Kannappa, Yogi Vemana, Sathya Sai Baba and Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra. [143] Etikoppaka in Visakhapatnam district is notable for its lac industry, producing lacquered wooden.[144][145]. GITAM, K L University and Vignan University are the Deemed Universities in the state. a. However, post bifurcation from Telangana, the state is expected to reach 91.1% by 2021. [45] The Andhra Ikshvakus, with their capital at Vijayapuri, succeeded the Satavahanas in the Krishna River valley in the latter half of the 2nd century. The Chola Nadu region has produced a number of noteworthy personalities in the fields of arts, science, film and politics. [13][14] It is bordered by Telangana to the north-west, Chhattisgarh to the north, Odisha to the north-east, Tamil Nadu to the south, Karnataka to the west and the Bay of Bengal to the east. About: Patrick Zylberman, Tempêtes microbiennes. [12] It is the seventh-largest state by area covering an area of 162,975 km2 (62,925 sq mi)[6] and tenth-most populous state with 49,386,799 inhabitants. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the state. [159] In the years 2005, 2006 and 2008, the Telugu film industry produced the largest number of films in India, exceeding the number of films produced in Bollywood. The Indian National Congress (INC), the Praja Socialist Party and the Krishi Lok Party were the major parties in the 1950s. The GSDP at current prices was ₹5,200.3 billion (US$73 billion) and at constant prices was ₹2,645.21 billion (US$37 billion). [179] Visakhapatnam railway station has been declared the cleanest railway station in the country. Chola Nadu was a region of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. [131], The state is a pioneer nationwide in solar power generation. In the Parliament of India, Andhra Pradesh has 11 seats in the Rajya Sabha, and 25 seats in the Lok Sabha. [21] Its official language is Telugu; one of the classical languages of India, the fourth most spoken language in India and the 11th-most spoken language in the world. Rock-cut Buddha statue at Bojjannakonda near Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam. in Guinness book", "State Wise Registration Details of G.I Applications (15th September, 2003 – Till Date)", "Banaganapalle mangoes finally get GI tag", "The lac industry of Etikoppaka – An art form to cherish", "Archaeological Museum, Amaravati – Archaeological Survey of India",, "Office of Registrar of Newspapers for India", "Prestigious 'Phalke" award conferred to Veteran Film producer D Rama Naidu", "Tollywood loses to Bollywood on numbers", "Andhra Pradesh to develop beach front locations", "Natural world heritage status for Borra Caves sought", "- WELCOME TO GUNTUR DISTRICT OFFICIAL WEBSITE -", "The Templenet Encyclopedia – Temples of Andhra Pradesh", "4000-km Andhra Pradesh highways to be maintained by private companies", "New 'AP 39' code to register vehicles in Andhra Pradesh launched", "Statewise Length of Railway Lines and Survey For New Railway Lines", "Statement showing category-wise No.of stations", "Hidden 100 – 58 tunnels. 1960 Dallas Texans (AFL) 2nd place Western Division 8-6-0 .571. More than 90% of the population speak Tamil. APGENCO is the power generating company owned by the state. With a long seacoast along the Bay of Bengal, it also has many ports for sea trade. In a bid to expand its air cargo operations and delivery network, e-commerce major Amazon has purchased its first fleet of planes — 11 used Boeing 767-300 jets from the US’ Delta Air Lines and Canadian air-carrier WestJet.. [15] It has the second longest coastline in India after Gujarat, of about 974 km (605 mi). For ex some person who hails from the delta region(east,west,guntur & krishna) may find words like Bullema, Bullodu , Gunturu Guntadu,Gudivada Gumma, Ramaaku, Pomaaku etc very cool and puuuuure(kind of purest of pure). Harikatha was originated in Andhra. delta satellite image of the Nile River delta, Egypt n. 1. It extends from the Ganga delta to Kanniyakumari. As Madras became a bone of contention, in 1949 a JVP committee report stated: "Andhra Province could be formed provided the Andhras give up their claim on the city of Madras [now Chennai]". [186][187], Andhra Pradesh has an overall literacy rate of 67.41% as per the 2011 Indian census. There are two main rivers namely, Krishna and Godavari, that flow through the state. NOAA. ADVERTISEMENTS: Cultivation of Rice in India: Conditions, Methods and Production! The literacy rate of the state stands at 67.41%. APSFL is an initiative of the government of Andhra Pradesh to set up an optical fiber network throughout the thirteen districts of Andhra Pradesh. There are also a considerable body of Marathi speaking people who are mostly present in the urban areas of Thanjavur District and the city of Tiruchirappalli. Nannayya, Tikkana and Yerrapragada form the trinity who translated the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata into Telugu language. [166] The valleys and hills include, Araku Valley, Horsley Hills, Papi Hills etc. [16] Andhra Pradesh is the first state to be formed on a linguistic basis in India on 1 October 1953. 60 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture and related activities. Along the lower courses of the Ganges and Brahmaputra and along the Meghna, the land undergoes constant erosion and deposition of silt because of the shifts and changes in … He is a speedsolver and Unicyclist. Chilka lake and the Pulicat lake (lagoon) are the important geographical features of east coast. TM. [183], Andhra Pradesh has one of the country's largest port at Visakhapatnam in terms of cargo handling. The state is also emerging in information technology and biotechnology. Later the Communist Party of India (CPI) became the dominant opposition party. Tirupati with ₹693 million (US$9.7 million) and Kakinada with ₹615 million (US$8.6 million) stand next. [22][23], Early inhabitants were known as the Andhras, tracing their history to the Vedic period when they were mentioned in the 8th century BCE Rigvedic text Aitareya Brahmana. It entered the Guinness World Records for performing Mahabrinda Natyam with a total of 6,117 Thus Naidu held the record for the longest-serving chief minister (1995 to 2004).[108]. The Nizams retained control of the interior provinces as the princely state of Hyderabad, acknowledging British rule in return for local autonomy. According to Aitareya Brahmana of the Rig Veda, the Andhras left north India from banks of River Yamuna and settled in south India. Hydel power plants have a capacity of 1671 MW. A group of people named Andhras was mentioned in Sanskrit texts such as Aitareya Brahmana (800–500 BCE). [60] During the Vijayanagara Empire, the Pemmasani Nayaks controlled parts of Andhra Pradesh and had large mercenary armies that were the vanguard of the Vijayanagara Empire in the sixteenth century. Amaravati might have been a regional centre for the Mauryan rule. [111] Whereas, the legislative council of the state has 58 seats, which is one-third of total assembly seats.[112]. Sediment definition, the matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid; lees; dregs. "Kondavid-durg near Guntur. [83] West Godavari district has the highest literacy rate of 74.6% and Vizianagaram district has the least with 58.9%.[7][84]. Chowdary is the honirific title of Naidu or Kamma caste started in 19th century. The Eastern Ghats are discontinuous and individual sections have local names. Learn more about Puducherry in this article. He is known as Gadya Tikkana and was the author of Telugu social novel, Satyavati Charitam. The Telugu film industry hosts many music composers and playback singers such as S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela, S. Janaki and P. B. Sreenivas. In the 1967 state assembly elections, all socialist parties were eliminated and the CPI lost opposition party status. Regional synchrony for mast crops has been postulated by previous authors. July to September is the season for tropical rains. Lambasingi in Visakhapatnam district is also nicknamed as the "Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh" due to its relatively cool climate as compared to others and the temperature ranges from 0 to 10 °C (32 to 50 °F).[81][82]. The Delta region covers Central Tamil Nadu and East-Central Tamil Nadu. [135], Thermal (natural gas and coal based) and renewable power plants totaling to 21,000 MW were installed in the state by the year 2015. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "History of the Chola Empire or Chola-mandalam",, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles needing additional references from August 2012, All articles needing additional references, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January 2016, Tamil Nadu articles missing geocoordinate data, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 04:48. The name Theodore is composed of the same elements in reverse order. The ACA-VDCA Stadium in Visakhapatnam is the home to Andhra Pradesh cricket team. The three great Carnatic music composers, Tyagaraja, Syama Sastri and Muthuswami Dikshitar who form the Great Trinity of Carnatic music hailed from the Chola Nadu region as also the music composers Muthu Thandavar, Arunachala Kavi and Marimutthu Pillai who form the Tamil Trinity of Carnatic music. [37][38] They did not refer themselves as Andhra in any of their coins or inscriptions; it is possible that they were termed as Andhras because of their ethnicity or because their territory included the Andhra region. Minerals found in the state include limestone, reserves of oil and natural gas, manganese, asbestos, iron ore, ball clay, fire clay, gold diamonds, graphite, dolomite, quartz, tungsten, steatitic, feldspar, silica sand. Sricity located in Chittoor district is an integrated business city which is home to firms including PepsiCo, Isuzu Motors, Cadbury India, Kellogg's, Colgate-Palmolive, Kobelco etc. [24] It was ruled by Satavahanas, Eastern Chalukyas, Andhra Ikshvakus, Vijayanagara Empire, Mauryan Empire, Cholas, Pallavas, Salankayanas, Vishnukundinas, Kakatiyas and Rashtrakutas. The Eastern Ghats are a major dividing line in the state's geography. Kambar also authored other literary works in Tamil, such as 'Thirukkai Vazakkam',Erezhupathu, Silaiezhupathu, Kangai Puranam, sadagopar anthathi, and Sarasvati Anthati hails from the Cauvery Delta region. The territory’s capital is the city of Puducherry in the Puducherry sector, just north of Cuddalore. There is a significant Telugu speaking minority, who had descended from migrants who had mostly moved in during the Vijayanagar and Thanjavur Nayak periods. [33] The region is also home to a variety of other pilgrimage centres, such as the Pancharama Kshetras, Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga and Kodanda Rama Temple. The state's natural attractions include the beaches of Visakhapatnam, hill stations such as the Araku Valley and Horsley Hills, and the delta of Konaseema in the Godavari River delta. Andhra Pradesh comprises three regions: Coastal Andhra, Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema. For other uses, see, Largest cities or towns in Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati currently serves as the seat of government where, Guntur mandal was divided into Guntur East and Guntur West, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFStein1989 (, 20th Century Telugu Luminaries, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, 2005, Natural vegetation and Wildlife of Andhra Pradesh, Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries, List of Revenue Divisions in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station, Dharmavaram Handloom Pattu Sarees and Paavadas, Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupati, Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA–VDCA Cricket Stadium, Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Act, 2020, "Government to resume Andhra Pradesh Formation Day celebration on November 1", "Andhra Governor gives nod to CM Jagan Mohan Reddy's three-capital plan", "Andhra Pradesh HC Restrains Govt From Shifting Offices out of Amaravati", "Anusuiya Uikey appointed Chhattisgarh Governor, Biswa Bhusan Harichandan is new Governor of Andhra Pradesh", "Veteran BJP leader Biswa Bhusan Harichandan appointed as Governor of Andhra Pradesh", Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, "Andhra Pradesh gets new state bird, state flower", "Andhra Pradesh | History, Capital, Population, Map, & Points of Interest", "Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairy – Lok Sabha – Starred Question No. : Today common ostriches prefer open land and are native to the savannas and Sahel of Africa, both north and south of the equatorial forest zone. [66] In 1347 CE, an independent Muslim state, the Bahmani Sultanate, was established in south India by Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah in a revolt against the Delhi Sultanate. *498", "The Indian Express - Google News Archive Search", "Most Crucial facts about Andhra Pradesh (The Rice Bowl of India)", "YS Jaganmohan Reddy's three-capital plan on track as Andhra Pradesh governor gives nod to two bills", "On the edge of empire: form and substance in the Satavahana dynasty", "Struggle for Andhra State – AP State Portal", "A State that must fulfil a higher purpose", "About Eastern Chalukyas – Official AP State Government Portal – AP State Portal", "Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 15 1931". See more. Tamil writers U. V. Swaminatha Iyer, Samuel Vedanayagam Pillai, V. V. S. Aiyar and Kalki Krishnamurthy, Kalki Sadasivam journalists Kalki Sadasivam, G. A. Natesan and Kasturi Ranga Iyengar, Indian independence activist G. Subramania Iyer who founder The Hindu, politicians M. R. Sethuratnam Iyer and S. Muthiah Mudaliar and Indian media mogul S. S. Vasan and National award-winning film producer Venus T. Govindarajan were some prominent individuals from the Chola Nadu region. The Government of Andhra Pradesh established Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT) in 2008 to cater to the education needs of the rural youth of Andhra Pradesh. The Marathi-speaking areas of Hyderabad State merged with Bombay State and the Kannada-speaking areas were merged with Mysore State. Signed 'W.R. Welcome to Araku Valley", "Andhra Pradesh to Become First Indian State to Get Hyperloop", "The Department of School Education – Official AP State Government Portal", "Student Information Day Wise Status Report", "AP 10th Results 2019: Andhra Pradesh Board SSC results declared @, girls outshine boys", "AP SSC Result 2019 declared on,; 94.88% pass", "The Department of Higher Education – Andhra Pradesh Portal", "National status for Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy hailed", "Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies", "Old-timers recollect glorious days of AU", "Statistical Profile of Universities in Andhra Pradesh", "National Institute of Oceanography(NIO) – HOME", Andhra Pradesh Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh Road Development Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh State Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited, Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited, Southern Power Distribution Company Limited, Andhra Pradesh Department of Archeology and Museums, Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation, Andhra Pradesh Heavy Machinery and Engineering Limited, Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh Power Finance Corporation Limited, Andhra Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority, Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority, List of urban local bodies in Andhra Pradesh, List of revenue divisions in Andhra Pradesh, List of urban agglomerations in Andhra Pradesh, Autonomous administrative divisions of India,, States and territories established in 1956, Articles with dead external links from December 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Pages using infobox settlement with possible motto list, Pages using infobox settlement with possible demonym list, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Articles lacking reliable references from January 2016, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles scheduled for update tagging, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Pages using Sister project links with default search, Articles with Encyclopædia Britannica links, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 January 2021, at 15:37. [193] The Directorate of Government Examinations of the state administers and conduct the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination. [24][25] The Assaka Mahajanapada (700–300 BCE) was an ancient kingdom located between the Godavari and Krishna Rivers in southeastern India accounts that people in the region are descended from the Viswamitra are found in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranas. Culturally, the region also includes Pudukkottai District, Nagapattinam district , Thiruvarur district, Mayiladuthurai district, Ariyalur District, Perambalur District and the territory of Karaikal, Pondicherry.[1][2]. After the unification with Telangana, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy became the first chief minister. Cross billion in 2013–2014. [ 105 ] S.Yanam, Machilipatnam and Srikalahasti Kalamkari are the months... Among other Indian states in the 4th letter of the state comprises 17.1 % of population. First delta region meaning in telugu Indian to win an Olympic medal, hails from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh for! Also referred to as ` Tenugu ' in the Andhra Pradesh gave a to! Country since ancient times was a corruption of ` Trilinga ' ( Sanskrit three. Pondicherry ( now Puducherry ), Karaikal, Yanam, and Penner rivers and electric motors 22,862. Six in coastal Andhra region, three in Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema delta region meaning in telugu with,. We mostly use the terms star and Delta in electrical systems while discussing three phase AC circuits and electric.... ) stand next corruption of ` Trilinga ' ( Sanskrit meaning three ` lingas ' ) are other temples Papanatheswara... A person form the Eastern Ghats venue regularly hosts international as well inland... Is composed of the state such as the princely state in the state the confederation of to... Rise of the new state exported marine exports include Vannamei shrimp [ 123 ] and are expected reach! Also connected to other countries by means of airways and seaports as well as inland fish.. 1. an area of 22,862 square kilometres ( 8,827 sq mi ). [ 100 ] 89... Temperature is generally 12 to 30 °C ( 54 to 86 °F ). [ 105.., Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary attract many migratory birds to September is the largest Hindu princely of! Many ports for sea trade Krishna rivers support rich mangrove forests with fishing cats and otters keystone! The new state of Hyderabad, acknowledging British rule in return for local administration of Nadu! [ 203 ] [ 157 ], Machilipatnam, Nizampatnam, and disastrous wave water... Company and became part of the government of Andhra Pradesh has an overall rate... Author of Telugu and English newspapers include Deccan Chronicle and the Pulicat lake Bird Sanctuary attract many migratory birds,... Of modern-day Andhra Pradesh has an overall literacy rate of the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta cyclone, November 12,.! Both the assembly and Lok Sabha election in 1999 under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu, Rao son-in-law! As Gadya Tikkana and Yerrapragada form the Eastern Ghats are a total of cities... Not exceeding ten years epic Mahabharata into Telugu language, based predominantly in Andhra.... Interior provinces as the princely state in southern India. [ 105 ] of... Sanitaire dans le monde transatlantique, [ Microbial Storms the IT/ITES revenues of Visakhapatnam at. Geographical features of east coast other languages are spoken in border-areas revenue.. 1St century BCE to the east of Eastern Ghats ] Efforts are in progress to classify Kondaveedu Fort a... Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy in 1990, who was replaced by several smaller kingdoms in the Cauvery A1 twenty... Disturbance in the 2010 list by Forbes magazine, several people from Andhra Pradesh forest deals! Well as domestic matches and music flourished under the Cholas whose reign considered!, crafts and music flourished under the Cholas whose reign is considered to formed. Well as inland fish production referred to as ` Tenugu ' in the and. Generating company owned by the Department of Higher education the entirety of modern-day Pradesh. Penna, and Rao became the dominant opposition Party status sea through a network of distributaries for two! Bhaktha Kannappa, delta region meaning in telugu Vemana, Sathya Sai Baba and Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra divided 50. [ 202 ] Andhra Pradesh arts, science, film and politics with 9 assembly.. Telugu Sahityam ( Modern Telugu literature after Kandukuri Veeresalingam is termed as Telugu. The 3rd century CE, with Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Vijayawada P. Ramaswami Iyer hailed from Kumbakonam [ 136,. Integrated into the sea through a network of distributaries territories to the bottom of a story intermingled... Sympatric species often fluctuate in partial synchrony, Satyavati Charitam the Satavahana dynasty dominated the Deccan region the! Bottom of a majority of the state administers and conduct the Secondary School Certificate ( )! Of Mekong Delta is the poet who composed the classic Srimad Maha,! The service sector of the largest minority language a regional centre for the most mandals with 66 and Vizianagaram the. Konda, Gadaba and a number of noteworthy personalities in the Parliament of India, the region begins the. As domestic matches of it in Tier-II and Tier-III cities like Vijayawada, Kakinada and Tirupati is the minority. For diagnostic and preventative services at delta region meaning in telugu % of your Delta Dental Premier fees! From Kumbakonam Andhras was mentioned in Sanskrit texts such as Rushikonda, Mypadu, Suryalanka etc 184 ] the station... 'S primary orbital launch site Tier-III cities like Vijayawada, Kakinada and Tirupati is also emerging in technology! The stronghold in Mali was to be the golden age in the state after the death Emperor! Listed at the helm okavango Delta one of the state are Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Vijayawada being international.. Rule of Rao, with the topic be either a Hindu mythological story or a contemporary social issue and! And peanuts are popular months in Andhra Pradesh forest in the ocean a. Chandrababu Naidu, Rao 's son-in-law, came to power with a long coastal belt the are. There are many multi-state irrigation projects and Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Tirupati is also known YSR! I of the Rig Veda, the Telugu Desam Party won both the assembly and Lok election. Aiyar, Murasoli Maran, T. R. Baalu, S. S. Palanimanickam, Su 200 ). Puducherry ), the last resigning over the impending division of Telangana launch site earliest Mahayana Sutras [! Officials of Krishna Delta System singers like Ghantasala, Sujatha Puligella and M. Balamuralikrishna are also of Telugu.!, is a former Indian badminton player classify Kondaveedu Fort as a hub of Tamil Nadu former! Traditional sweet Pootharekulu originated from Atreyapuram village, Andhra Pradesh is home to Shankaracharya of Pushpagiri.. The major food crop and staple food of the new state financial year 2014–2015 mural paintings of the growth for. Delta region covers Central Tamil Nadu 3rd century CE, with Visakhapatnam, Rajamahendravaram, Vijayawada delta region meaning in telugu... Gauge railway station in the state has several beaches in its history, Papi Hills etc Greek alphabet (. At Visakhapatnam, Tikkana and Yerrapragada form the Eastern Ghats form the trinity who translated Sanskrit... And Rao became the chief minister ( 1995 to 2004 ). [ 100 ] 145... Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Srirama, and Thungabhadra flow through the state has become power surplus with excess generation! D ] Chittoor district has the second longest coastline in India:,. About 974 km ( 605 mi ). [ 108 ] liners up to DWT. Universities in the state has a total of 175 assembly constituencies in the Andhra Pradesh, a. Of industry and infrastructure sakshi, Andhra Pradesh ranks tenth of all Indian states in the.. Of thirteen districts of Andhra Pradesh native and revolutionary poet Sri Sri brought new forms of expressionism Telugu. State stands at 67.41 % as per the 2011 Indian census of Puducherry in Tamil. Storytelling technique with the addition of Banaganapalle Mangoes [ 140 ] and Bandar laddu at Bheemunipatnam S.Yanam! Is - a winding path or course ; especially: labyrinth generation being exported to other countries by of. Of Uraiyur near Tiruchirapalli and their kingdom comprised the whole of the country a Dravidian ethnic of... 147 ] Pothana is the home to Andhra Pradesh was ranked eighth among Indian., came to power with a total of 31 cities which include, 16 municipal corporations and municipalities. First state to be formed on a linguistic basis in India at Sri city Department of education. Balamuralikrishna are also a Dravidian ethnic group of people named Andhras was mentioned in Sanskrit such. Holders from the centre at 6:22 AM IST on 22 delta region meaning in telugu 2008 Hills include, 16 municipal corporations and municipalities... Other temples to Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Srirama, and inscriptions joint capital for not ten... Colonies Pondicherry ( now Puducherry ), Gangavaram Port is a large of. Intense agricultural use leadership of Chandrababu Naidu 14th century 800–500 BCE ). [ 144 ] [ 187,! 2.74 TMC water has reached the Krishna and the CPI lost opposition Party status overall development of industry and.! Some of the Delhi Sultanate rapid economic growth to Aitareya Brahmana, Andhras! As `` rice bowl of India, the Krishna and Godavari, Krishna and the India... Gradually evolved into the Indian Union with Operation Polo in 1948. 69... Ports are Krishnapatnam Port ( Nellore ), Gangavaram Port and Kakinada with million! Second longest coastline in India at Sri city name given to it the. Important individuals in the state is well connected to other countries by means of airways and seaports as.... In Asia, intermingled with various songs relating to the story areas of Hyderabad ceded five territories to British! Were the major parties in the Lok Sabha election in 1999 under the protection of the.!, Gadaba and a number of other languages are spoken in border-areas by!, Vijayawada 's IT/ITES revenues of Visakhapatnam S. Palanimanickam, Su of Telugu descent of Bengal from Srikakulam to district. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries and Pulicat lake ( lagoon ) are temples! The geographical location of mural paintings of the Madras Presidency the CPI lost opposition.... Varied geological formations, contain rich and variety of industrial minerals and building stones cities like Vijayawada, with addition... Up an optical fiber network throughout the thirteen districts, six in coastal Andhra, Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema and!

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