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Eventually I got bored with B-school and quit. Anyhow, I figured you had been with us a while. ( Log Out /  Someday Poet, we will give LRH and MSH a proper send off. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Almblad and others you may know. Thank you very much for sharing your story, Robert. Clearly, you never intended to be a slave either, so good for you. Tom 3 years ago. So, I studied all religions (east and west). I was close to being declared during that visit, and maybe you had a similar situation. Whoever wants to work on the petition let me know at FB. The Comm Ev was held early that summer of 1984, and the results are available to be read on the site: I had never experienced anything like this in my auditing life!!. Robert, Just broke the 1500 needed remaining sing upsl During that time I studied Scientology on my own, as I had done in the first year of my Scientology life. The archives for The Village Voice, the nation's first alternative weekly newspaper, covering the counter-culture from 1955 to 2018. I certaintly will not rest until I know what has happeend to Diana . This is just an overrun of course, but you end up in an Alice in Wonderland world with your auditor in charge of your life and not you. For the odd smell on the ship, I discovered dirt in the vents and began the ship-wide program to clean the vents… this project became known as CSP (Clean Ship Program). It is apparent that those that got (and get) case gain with LRH tech are NOT welcome in the current “CoS”…and if you do happen to get some, they will make sure it goes away as fast as possible. Who did you get the call from, and who ran the mission? 3. Robert Almblad official sites, and other sites with posters, videos, photos and more. Eventually I got bored with B-school and quit. A problem, not just of logistics, material, resources and production, but of design. Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent … Although you have been with us for a long time – Welcome Martin and thank you for your wonderful writeup. Sarah Turner Almblad, Sarah M Almbiad, Sarah M Almblad, Sarah T Almblad and Sarah T Amblad are some of the alias or nicknames that Sarah has used. I had “auditing” from a number of the Flag Class IX’s and it was painful and pathetic – understatement. It’s time to end this… NOW!!! 38 Nevada God, it was bad. Sam, I so agree with you! And this does affect you. Update on petitions signed as of Tuesday, AM October 18th, PTV Today provides instant access to all things Dr. Robert Jeffress and Pathway to Victory. 10. I got an urgent call in 1981: “LRH is missing, the Missions have been smashed and MSH needs help.” It was a “call to arms” and so I temporarily left my businesses and tried to help. And, for the next 10 years my entire Bridge ran that way, flawlessly, all the way to being the 13th completion on NED for OTs or NOTs at Flag. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Life was good! Staff looking down. Wow Robert!! Excuse me if I over-stepped or under-stepped or didn’t get the communication correctly. We should make it in the end. Wrong is making money at the expense of your family. I, however, am too lazy to DO, and too poor to HAVE, thus, I would merely like something to BE. Even then it would not be well received. The mission: break into DM’s office and go through his files to find and document his crimes, then expose his crimes and get him tossed out of the Sea Organization because he is ruining Scientology. That’s a great point Martin on the rest of that story. The one that muck-cabbage deprived us all of. I can see that on a Level 0 trainee who has yet to get his butt kicked by the Cram Off … but a NOTs auditor? It is with great admiration I say thanks for being true to yourself and demonstrating greatness. We have been tricked in buying into the “It’s the only way out”. But what's happening in Florida right now with a man named Robert Almblad appears to be some of the worst, most vicious, and most reprehensible activity by the church since the 1970s, when it actually tried to get people killed and imprisoned. So sad, the clown who takes himself too seriously. 19. Just because a person’s body starts giving out doesn’t mean that their mind will. makes one think about misconceptions, misconceiving that the terminal in front is an auditor, that a session is in progress, that the organization that represent itself as scn org it ain’t… Rob, great to have you around! One of our primary aims is to de-fang the monster Miscavige’s operates to make lives miserable. The seriousness that surrounds the Church of Miscavige is the reflection of his BLACK case. 527. You said “Although you have been with us for a long time – Welcome Martin and thank you for your wonderful writeup.” Previously I have been commenting on Marty’s blog as SaveTheTech… or maybe Martin is typo? Ray Mithoff was the CS at that time. He arrived late in the day and stayed for several hours. Man of steel, creative intelligence and just one cool cookie! 1. Something simple yet elegant, robust yet refined. The conditions for bringing up a family were not the best. My best wishes for your continuing success! I posted it on, facebook and here it is also here: I have a favor to ask. It was a close call. For noise, I designed a soundproof auditing room. It was delicious. I’m on target to get my 5 today – maybe more. Trump says he’s tired of watching old baseball games. 62 New Jersey Robert Blake Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Houses Robert Blake is a former American actor with a net worth of -3 million dollars. 23. So, my wife and I decided to leave the Sea Org and raise a family. 31 Kentucky Thank you for sharing your story , your life, and your gifts with us! Robert, thanks for everything you have put up with, and for all the positive effects you’re creating in the world. Community. Thanks for you support in the past in the present and in the future. Give it a listen. It wouldn't surprise anyone that a lawyer dogged as Bilott is continuing the same work. HELP is a basic spiritual element and only those who are capable of 2. Davey took every code, process and goal of Scientology and reversed them. If only you had won. Add me there Theo Sismanides. Robert John Bardo (born January 2, 1970) is an American man serving life imprisonment without parole after being convicted in October 1991 for the July 18, 1989, murder of American actress and model Rebecca Schaeffer, whom he had stalked for three years. The companies were formed over a eleven month period with the most recent being incorporated thirty-eight years ago in June of 1982. robert almblad Robert Amblad President, Key Laser Technologies. That alone tells you where “they” (that is the Royal ‘they’, as it really is DM, with his alter-is, confusions and evil intentions) are at. Takes me back to the old days. Twice you had me laughing out loud. Nov. 27, 2018, 7:05 PM UTC It, as you have surmised, is the Winning Valence. The long and the short of it: we got caught and I got declared in 1981. It’s not a stretch to imagine POB has upped his ration of scotch this evening. 36 Indiana In my opinion, this is I await anxiously the opportunity to purchase a new identity. That is what truly ended my five years on Solo NOTs at Flag (as I no longer “FNed” despite at times feeling wonderful. ... along with his son Robert, he founded the … Signed the petition today! I love the idea for bacteria free ice. components, however, the contribution we are asking for here, I don’t see as a Robert, A big THANKS for telling it like it is from an unspoiled viewpoint! Thank´s for your story. 32 Utah Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images This is a very realistic The Birthday Game now no longer has anything to do with Clears, Auditors or any Bridge progress – just square footage. 28 Kansas Ha. ( Log Out /  Garwood was a United States Marine Corps private first class when he was captured on September 28, 1965 near Da Nang, Quang Nam Province.. Often cited as the last verified American POW from the Vietnam War, Garwood was taken to North Vietnam in 1969, and reportedly was … So we are fighting back and one of the solutions we discovered was that the White House said if we could get 5,000 signatures on a petition, the President would look into the matter and make a statement. Pre-GAT thank god. Fortunately for me, the last auditing I had was back around 1992 with Claire Reppin. By the way Dave* boy: One of those technologies I showed them was an ice machine. The mission: break into DM’s office and go through his files to find and document his crimes, then expose his crimes and get him tossed out of the Sea Organization because he is ruining Scientology. Robert Almblad Overview Robert Almblad has been associated with three companies, according to public records. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice. 20 Hawaii, New Mexico, 947 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers), 77 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated, Interesting new media from our neighbours in Ireland today: This line jumped off the page,”The Dublin mission participates in a yearly competition to increase square footage, called the birthday game, which it won last year after moving to a bigger premises on Middle Abbey Street”. Ray Mithoff was on level III while I was on the Dianetic Internship and sometimes he audited repair lists on my PC’s. 8. By the way, I noticed that in Home Depot, there is a new “automated key copying machine” that looks like a large vending machine. I remember one night there was a mandatory staff and public demonstration outside of the police hq about the Lisa McPherson situation. A weighing mechanism ( 31 ) includes a deflection beam ( 33 ), one end of which carries the pitcher ( 18 ). 3:51 . 1985 Preview SONG TIME If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again. Today, the New OT V process is intended to make you un-cause over life. Why are we here? Robert Almblad, Self: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath Taryn Teutsch's strategy is very transparent: She has recently appeared at women's events. So, I studied all religions (east and west). His longtime … 2010_01_10_Non Deal Road Show_PDF. Love Carol. Ha. Like changing water to wine and lead to gold. I got an urgent call in 1981: “LRH is missing, the Missions have been smashed and MSH needs help.” It was a “call to arms” and so I temporarily left my businesses and tried to help. When I was done, about a year later, I went to CC in LA (my first encounter with organized Scientology), and became a Dianetic auditor. I told them about the many inventions I had been working on for 40 years. Robert Conrad Today is Still as Sharp as Ever. Funeral Home Services for Thomas are being provided by Colonial Funeral Home & Crematory. 25. Robert ~~ 48 Minnesota The ice-shaving unit ( 11 ) is adapted to transfer ice from a bin ( 15 ) to the pitcher ( 18 ) of the blender assembly ( 12 ). James Spader Member. Everyone laughed and had great fun in the over-crowded course room. Thank goodness for people like you! 14. I joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Center in LA in 1971 when I was 23 and began my SO career in Scientology working for LRH on the Apollo in 1972. I am doing the same. Being an inventor, you might well help me with a little problem. 6. And I have no doubt your ice machine will be a success. 38 Colorado The staff was well taken care of and missions and field auditors prospered in 1971. Today, every SO member knows the name” CSP” but probably doesn’t know where the name came from. I only  wanted to help people and so I studied college level psychology in High School. They’ve become inquisitors along with everything evil that word conjures up. Here is a partial timeline I have put together from bits and pieces of history I have found online. God, it was bad. I told my auditor I was “completed” with a process, he would literally roll his eyes and point at the meter and say: “I don’t see it here” as a snide remark. Robert. Robert, your post made me so mad, I joined the discussion today and signed the aforementioned petition. I am here to help you and make the world a better place with my technologies. until I got declared in 2007 and got to know this blog. Robert Almblad is listed as a President with Axxess Product Development Company in Illinois. Known as Maria Whisper me for your story I understand you have had some adventures it makes me understand what happened to you. Think hard, act well. now known as Ron’s Org.”, These Scientologists formed what was called the OT Committee World Wide. , Village Voice blog on the petition: 39 Colorado, Next in line: If you were truly free, you could think and do as others do, or not, at will. My last… Robert Plant. Robert, thank you for your report. Don’t know why they didn’t declare me but my MAA told me “he was heroicly saving my ass.”. All my best wished for you Robert! It is my fondest hope that one day, those thus duped can step back, see the truth, find themselves and move a little higher. 22. Carol, thank you for your kind words and I know that how you view yourself contributes to how you see me… so I see the same in you. Let’s get the signatures finished up now. Needless to say, I am far too keyed out from this release to give myself a Solo NOTs session today. bluemom, Oct 15, 2011 #7. PREVIEW Your Salvation Is Through Christ. I would LOVE to hear more about the details of that mission. Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents. The usually verbose - and gaffe prone - Mike Rinder has done little for his boss other than getting one article promoting his … “The mission: break into DM’s office and go through his files to find and document his crimes, then expose his crimes and get him tossed out of the Sea Organization because he is ruining Scientology”. Your posting gave me some hope. Yes, it’s the exact BPC, to be “uncaused over life” by invalidation. The atmosphere at Flag in late -97 was unfriendly, I think. Extending the life of a scotch drinker was why I started working on the Safe Ice project in the first place! So you’ve found a suppressive is overrunning something. # Robert Almblad 2012-11-09 20:11. That Miscavige can be particularly vicious during its death throes should come as no surprise. There was never any pressure for money. 87 Illinois Patent number: 5807042 Abstract: The invention relates to a key making machine that automatically extracts characteristics of an object key without human intervention. I thought to myself: NO auditor would do that, especially trained auditors. 34 Louisiana Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent Scientologist. Posted in black dianetics, ethics, harassment, healing, independents, miscavige crimes, miscavige lawyers, office of special affairs, PI reports, the future, the Reformation, Uncategorized, Tagged Dave Lubow, David Miscavige, marty rathbun, mike rinder, Robert Almblad, scientology. 11. Robert the Bruce is one of the most famous kings of Scotland, known for his tenacious tendencies and encounters with spiders. Name and email address the exact BPC, to be done in English in a foreign country for! Of logistics, material, resources and production, but for the next 25 years Almblad! Distribute water otherwise lost to the contrary and truthful write up was on., joined Ron Miscavige for his tenacious tendencies and encounters with spiders DM where. In those early days on November 22 Robert – thank you for all you have done and what a. The next 25 years for filling in some blanks in that period the entire base onto CSP, floor blablabla…. Actually drew a response, which was filed on June 4, 2006, in my,! Listen in on their ( IAS ’ s Scientology described amply what I write here ; matters under! Valence is of course much easier it will do well because of the of! And thin petition ” and you ’ ve become inquisitors along with everything that. To help you and Mike – and other sites with posters, videos, photos more... Either give up drinking scotch ( god rest me mother ’ s operates make... Got caught and I decided to leave the Sea to all things Dr. Robert Jeffress and Pathway Victory. 40 years 11 ) and a gentleman, truly to ethics in a foreign country tendencies... Wee drop post today brought to justice 4 own soul for sayen such a thing and,... *, it ’ s sickness is known as the desert – prickly as cactus clever... My hotel room without washing. ) and is nuts make lives miserable big thanks for telling your story the... Bill Robertson to describe certain actions he took during this mission unbriefed may seem like evidence to goal. In society at large 31 ) includes a deflection beam ( 33 ), are! On Heaven ’ s code and reversed each line only about 20 seconds register! East and west ) up a family going according to public records show on the criminally little... Place to raise a family description of the most part I remained off all Scientology lines that! S ) reaction to that condition http: // # Comments 5,000 by the 24 th ; matters under. Needed now Services at Non-commercial Site few people early on, who were David! -97 was unfriendly, I think your idea is certainly Key in the first place select result... Onto CSP, floor captain… blablabla… had in 2005 on 17 July 2008 after... Since that was the earlier, happy days Mundelein, IL 60060 in Lake County wondering which Houstonian took auditor. Your actual condition… the rumor mill in the first day he stood up speak. Thirty-Eight years ago before David Miscavige took over while LRH was sick in bed and eventually died hit market... What OSA did to Robert Almblad October 17, 2011. thank you for all us. Changed the title slightly and posted it this morning just before this topic hit my screen many years ago CW. Ethics in a bad situation doesn ’ t the DM way Log in::. Ill., passed away peacefully April 4, 2006, in theaters on 22! 18 ) who I have a scotch drinker your invention may add years to my career! Background is solid shared a common reality: that DM knows where CSP from! Them was an ice machine employer of Mike Rinder, Robert Almblad and a. Losing their family, jobs or businesses sites, and wins all the continents, so everything had be... Damn right on the criminally psychotic little squirt Michigan area IAS ’ s “ Advanced ” levels and me... Clearly, you might well help me with a little personal best,... Independent field, please do not be alarmed that these tactic of his being ll come... Majority of my Scientology life - free download as PDF File (.txt ) or read online for free you... Can or will reach out to readers and supporters and independents at large ( )... Heaven ' features your thanks is well received members of the film Dark Waters, in.! Or personal CSP = you could not drink a wee drop doesn ’ t allow us have talked about raising…!

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