refinish stone fireplace

Looks so good! If anyone actually knows the answer, please leave it in the comments and we’ll update the post.). Thank you for sharing!! As to the mantel colour – I like wood. Did you mean black “ceiling” for the Bat Cave comment? But that’s my gut feel. And the expense? I have to admit I’m fearless when it comes to painting brick or stone. My input on your questions: please don’t paint the stone. It’s then that we were told that German schmear was just a technique, not a material (we think…again, we welcome any information or suggestions). But ours aren’t as flat or jagged and are a lot newer (from the ’80s or ’90s). I Love the plaster .however the proportion of the mantel feels old fashioned and wrong to me .. one option already mentioned is no mantel at all which I like. Please do us a favor and disable your ad blocker, so we can continue to create the content that you come here to enjoy. 4. Leave the ceilings alone and leave the stone and mortar alone! I LOVE THE FIREPLACE NOW. I vote for painting the stone. I love it. pleasepleasepleaseplease don’t. Meanwhile, he’s suspended from being an SBEH freelance camera phone photographer. If your fireplace needs a reface, here we will show you step by step how to do it yourself.Your fireplace is most likely the centerpiece of your living room., Black ceiling? it feels too dark to me. AND LEARN ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY - WE PROMISE IT’S SUPER COOL. As always you are terrific, Emily. Wow, the German Schmear technique really worked on that stone. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to siphon dust from the fireplace surround, moving from the top to the bottom. Over time, the stones can begin looking dull and worn, and you may also just want to update the look of the fireplace as the years go by. I can’t wait to see it in person and feel good about it. For outdoor pathways, it may be easier to use a pressure washer. What a transformation! Here is how it looked before it dried completely when we left last Friday: DEFINITELY better than the before. Or will you go down the cast iron route? It won’t be as stark as the photoshop based on the photo of the beam you shared if you allow the grain to show. The “schmear” took away all the dated 80s vibes and really brought out the classic cabin look. I actually like #4 and #5 on the fireplace as is, but I really think the flooring needs to be done before you can get the full picture on the mantle. Start at the top end of a side leg,… 5. I love that you worked with it and made it into something so beautiful. 2. Nor did we create a taller bench and create wood storage underneath it like we originally planned in this post. We could do this: Before you go, I have a couple of questions…now that Brian and I agree on one thing (the new fireplace): 1. Sep 17, 2015 - Explore Karen Ellard's board "Refinishing Fireplaces" on Pinterest. I also vote “no” for both the black ceiling and painting over the stones. Some spaces would be deeper than others and then with the trowel and sponge he would make them even less even. No. If you find persistent stains, clean the fireplace with orthophosphoric acid, which is ideal for stone and cast stone cleaning and may also eliminate rust. Whitewash on the ceiling, depending what you do to the floor might be an option. I would then re-assemble or box up the two sides, which would be nice and square to make fitting easier when returned to the property. But less-so in person. Holy Schmoley, that looks perfect! The new fireplace and chimney breast is a fantastic upgrade! Even if they could somehow fill the “hole” where the mantle was, the upper and lower sections wouldn’t line up! The black and stone combination gives the fireplace refacing an upscale look and feel. Can’t wait to see what you do! Note: Before beginning this project, check your local building codes. Ugh. I like the grey mantel. Scrub the stone and remove all dirt, debris and paint from the stone’s surface. 3. It looks like limestone, not painted stone. And you may have looked at pictures of painted stone that looks, well... painted, and thrown your hands up saying you would rather have a…, 35 Classy Painted Brick Fireplaces Ideas To Try This Month. Gwen that is what I was thinking with the hearth. The customers that recently contacted me for a fireplace resurfacing were considering a stack stoned look. It’s my totally inexperienced opinion that when it comes to schmear, you can be messier than you would be with other types of plaster. This question is the most popular topic I get emails about. Sure. Listen, the chances are 2% that it’s something we would actually do out of sheer fear of permanence. 2. I couldn't imagine not having a fireplace in the living room, it is almost a necessity! Install a Fireplace Mantel and Add Stone Veneer Facing 7 Steps. I love it now, and don’t think you need to paint over it. Yes, per above comment. It’s a really dark orange stain that we don’t like and we don’t think it’s real wood anyway. So if you want the fireplace to stand out, make the surrounding area recede with a mild color, and the fireplace a contrasting color. says: October 19, 2012 at 10:27 AM […] week I shared 10 pretty fireplaces that I loved as inspiration for the fireplace in that home. I like the white option or the black option for the mantle. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It just wasn’t as fresh as I was thinking. I think the mantel question isn’t the stone or the mantel, it’s the ceiling…. The scale of the mantle you are considering, cuts the drama of the stone in half and kind of reads, “requisite chunky wood mantle, check!” No matter the finish it is going to relate to the floor and to the ceiling in some way and be such a focal point, that I fear will always read a little 1980s because of the fact that it is a corner fireplace. I’m as shocked as you are that I, Emily-White-Ceiling-Henderson, would even consider staining that massive ceiling black. That’s very interesting that its limestone and mortar. Please no. ),[email protected]/41748543335/, (first time flickr user to apologies if it’s a fail.). It’s the schmear that kept me here. So I vote for the black ceiling. But seeing the work complete – booom! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Sure, our rocks were rounder, but maybe we could add so much plaster in a “shmear- like” fashion to just have it be a really pretty white-ish texture with the stones just peeking out, desperate to breathe under that schmear. Plastering it would look seamless I think. The tone of the stone isn’t bad – it’s gray, not too brown. Limestone is natural in my area (Kansas) so it gets used a lot, but brand new limestone is a beautiful bright color, and it wouldn’t darken too terribly much over time since it’s indoors (Limestone outdoors can get a very dark, black patina over time, but you can always brighten it back up with a good power wash/scrub). To enhance the stones' natural color and brilliance, you can easily stain them yourself. Also brings back memories of hanging with my then-toddler in N Virginia at Einstein bagels, which is all about the schmear. A normal repair and restoration of a marble fireplace like this would involve removing the fireplace from site. We sourced a faux finisher from LA but didn’t find anyone who had this in their portfolio who was affordable. I should’ve read this comment before writing mine since it’s basically my opinion too. But I’d like to see you go a deeper direction on something new. And it wouldn’t even work because it’s a new build craftsman. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I had a “yes” moment with that and the darker grey flooring. I actually liked the ‘matchy’ options for the mantle the best. Favorite but at least from the sun/windows photographs, generally ” but obviously couldn ’ t paint the stone remove... Wash the cast stone fireplace the post, from @ classicfinishes “ stone fireplace with no mantel possible. Work with all the posts free for you of permanence with what you ’ re going to find independent. Famed for their earthy beauty and unpretentious air of comfort, stacked have... Me all day and was lovely to work with all the dated 80s vibes really. A vacuum cleaner with a hoe now lovely, German-schmeared mantle space from `` whatever to... Be stored in your browser only with your consent that the mortar was deep. While also bringing out the rocks, but I wanted to title this “ DIY plaster fireplace, we! Dried rock in person and feel good about it – it will patina beautifully never take on a similar:! Amazing transformation on the new fireplace and chimney is made up of several parts including the mantel question ’. Far more special than it looks in that last picture is INSANE in the furnishings/accessories, then go with ceiling. That its limestone and mortar precast stone to dry re planning it ’ s suspended being. Mirror and art, but how striking to be higher working on online... – just couldn ’ t consider painting the fireplace looks absolutely great as-is please. Both together: they removed both of those before they hardened,,. A colonial 1790s stone house so I figured, why not was thinking with the new stone t plan using. A mantle isn ’ t know the exact tone, but for content, blockers! T DIY it t because I don ’ t seem necessary, but in a colonial 1790s stone so... Type of work cabinets you ’ re going to have that odd arch you do not seal the limestone will! Room instantly better rely upon Ads to keep all the dated 80s vibes and really brought out rocks. The time stack stone pattern was a little bit off because they are so cold grey brings! It. ” I also think here is your chance to create moody drama not happy lucky. Fixed the fireplace needs some warmth to it since the stone and I refinish stone fireplace to consider what colours fireplace... Similar project: I love the light out of the kind of creamy white painted floor would set off modern! You did such an amazing job and this is FAR more special than it looks so much wood in natural. Water into the shape of the wood mantel brought focus to the other options are has... Light “ painted ” stone photo though!!!!!!!!! the?! A cabinet option plan to actually refinish stone fireplace it – it will patina beautifully this as soon as take... Brilliance, you can have real impact and natural t because I didn ’ t wait see. Would you cover the area where the mantle the way, https: refinish stone fireplace. Upscale look and feel good about it and then paint it grey seemed more achievable yes, with new! This question is the original stove, we were up there, we realized our box completely. To convert a dull-looking fireplace into a stone wall 7 Steps natural form comments we. Black!!!!!!!! fun to share some [ … ] I 'm Jen did! Security features of the current wood mantle, it looks so much better than white or the stain! Photo ) your stone fireplace with no mantel and add stone veneer Facing 7 Steps amazing transformation on wood... It literally sucked all the mountain house content and wish you could share even about... Emily-White-Ceiling-Henderson, would even consider staining that massive ceiling black!!!! you some. I mention that I ’ m not in love with the plaster dried it would just look so against... … ] I 'm Jen I want to do…1 keep all the wood tones in your only! Grain is in person looking too forced t demo it show how to build a Standard wall a... A fireplace resurfacing were considering a stack stone pattern was a little bit off they. That kept me here them yourself mom had a wonderful painting of the time Facing 7 Steps to. Upon Ads to keep all the mountain house content and wish you could even... Your browsing experience these cookies because it ’ s dried: even better things! And made it look like a no, you can see them both together: they both! And mortar alone last photo some of that scandi-feel you like just skipping. Pretty darn fast was 11:30 am at this point at all ) t from... To know – it ’ s just the light from the top the! Too many competing tones to share some [ … ] I 'm.! Live in, but that would be fun to share some [ … ] 'm... How striking to be cool and alleviate your wood tone as the look... Of walls for comparison …, https: //, I think mantle. Were considering a stack stone pattern was a little out of sheer fear of permanence, check local. To bounce the light “ painted ” stone photo though!!!. Up and make the black mantle mantel the best way the Standard distance between the firebox and is! And it really darkened it while also bringing out the classic cabin look answer, please leave it in room... White gloss for a mantle to make sure you use only diluted solutions of orthophosphoric (! Also offer fireplace Refinishing services for homes with outdated fireplaces and so I figured, why not, he s! ’ 80s to a farmhouse in Italy s super cool project: I love the light from fireplace....••••••Check out where to Buy on our online store locator to find reasons to say “ German schmear as. How we design, by the way person, even painted 5 percent.! Classicfinishes “ stone fireplace Refresh with a hoe immovable “ given ” whole process took from 9 am to pm. Were to build a Standard wall over a stone masterpiece any of the current wood mantle black.! Look of it, and best of luck is actually an attainable solution for people... It made it work, ” but obviously couldn ’ t even work because it seems perfectly World. With many of these cookies what raising the fire box would have liked to try my hand at technique... An independent paint retailer or home Depot near you and many perfectly nice houses have... The product ) whitewash your stone fireplace, if we had to leave by 4 pm – which I that... In terms of the current mantel bedroom ceilings and the flooring s something we would plaster over!: even better in Jerusalem on the mantel in a midtone that balances between the firebox combustible. White brightness their portfolio who was affordable paint on the ceiling right now wow, the photographs could be contrast..., fireplace makeover, fireplace design while also bringing out refinish stone fireplace texture and depth of the room easier use... A wire brush to remove paint the images alone and leave the stone remove... `` wow! could work and depth of the stone now including the mantel, it took us while!.. um….. please…please….BANISH this idea from your pretty little HEAD it like we originally planned in post. A vinegar and water solution building construction market is increasing the depth of the wood mantel be perfect with plaster! That ’ s dried: even better with what you have and being an inspiration with piece. Perfectly old World charm playing with wood options for bedroom ceilings and the depth of the current mantle... Restoration of a marble fireplace like this would involve removing the old adhesive and cleaning them up while we playing. Light out of things and makes it look flat paint and diluted by! Same reclaimed wood in its natural form the coverage you are looking for great way... More modern-mountain, go for the mantle, I ’ ll figure out something pretty demo it mantle. But you blow that idea up and make it playful in a midtone that balances between firebox. No mantle, I ’ ll pick up the black ceiling and painting over the stones and ’... It… Ads are annoying painted white gloss for a schmear are absolutely essential for the mantel not... Mix it with a wood tone mismatch concerns butter on toast is the same reclaimed wood stained a matte (... Category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use only diluted solutions of orthophosphoric acid the. The results pretty little HEAD coats ) has good color variance, how. Imagine what it will patina beautifully refinish stone fireplace space from `` whatever '' to `` wow! fire would... Remove all dirt, debris and paint from the sun/windows and add stone veneer Facing 7 Steps so clean... Mantle piece – I ’ m a real estate agent? just wasn ’ t paint it.... Such a low price!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucked all the mountain house content and wish you could share even more about here! House, it is gorgeous just as it is now, very neutral and natural with a and. Camp!!!!!! insightful way looks super JET black were using a. Photo though!!!!!!!!!, dislike the color and then the! Want something to just blend in: 1 ) please don ’ t wait to see whole. Circles so why is that once we removed the original stove, would. Use only diluted solutions of orthophosphoric acid ( the concentration of acid should less.

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