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Find ACTuallyKNITting on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Her design process takes on some of the new and some of the old. She adores knitting and the community she has met through the love of fibers and creativity. What We Love: If you love yarn and all things knit and crochet, the shop in London would be amazing to visit! What We Love: The designs created by Ally are lovely and she is very entertaining to watch. Find Dakotah Knits on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest. Self confessed fervent fiber nerd and frequent baker living in Montreal. Their podcast features their designs, yarns and knitting tutorials. This post contains affiliate links. A lot of great blogs. What We Love: This Is Knit Blog features spotlights on the knitting products they stock and helpful guides and articles on patterns to try out. What We Love: Nice and Knit creates different designs every season for their glorious hand dyed yarns. Welcome to the wonderful knitting community Belinda! What We Love: The Knitting Doctor shares her life stories and wonderful knitting projects. Be sure to look through the archives, there is so much inspiration to be found there. Gorgeous. We already explained in an earlier post how easy it is to. Find Knitter’s Review on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest, Check out the best interchangeable knitting needles. About: GOODKNITS // a knitting & crochet blog. About: The Wool NestLynne Rowe is a crafter and knitter who wears many hats. What We Love: Ysolda loves bringing out new projects and her designs are unique. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. He enjoys Knitalongs and sharing the work of his designer friends. Definitely gets your creative juices going. A special favourite of mine: zigozago, and on facebook, zigozago artisan wool. What We Love: Mama in a Stitch shares gorgeous, simple patterns, DIY ideas and tutorials. What We Love: Blazing Needles knitters have led many charitable campaigns, from blanket knitting, to collecting yarn and needles for women and has come together to support the homeless youth in their community. View items. . What We Love: As well as putting the spotlight on talented creators in the yarn and knitting industry, they have plenty of other content. What We Love: Julia Farwell Clay designs pattern that are fun to knit, and fun to wear. Before posting another list such as this, do a better job of making sure everyone from all races are included. That’s right, friends, I said gift knitting. Lee is a great designer who is also running Leethal Knits. I have found lots of new knitting bloggers to follow! The Craft Sessions aims to bring together people who craft for joy. So worthy of the list!!!! Clever name ideas (Knitting blog) Blogs > Dacendoran: Post a Reply. I wonder how many others have also been inspired by Joji’s work? His tagline says it all about his desire for his creations. What We Love: Elizabeth provides pattern support for all of her designs. The stitch work is incredible. What We Love: Phil from the The Twisted Yarn writes really interesting posts about her knitting projects with family life stories interwoven. This dynamic knitting duo shares clearly written patterns and heartfelt stories as they inspire other knitters in the most charming ways. Leslie’s photography is inspiring. What We Love: Charlotte is not actively blogging but don’t let that stop you from sifting through her posts. I respect your privacy and hate spam mail too. The video podcast features their latest WIPs and other handmade sewn items. They stock gorgeous knitting, crochet + embroidery supplies from all over the world. Her ultimate dream is to live a simple, self-sufficient-ish life. In recent years she has been working on a new book that features the designs of her students inspired by her own patterns. They love to interview other passionate designers, dyers, knitters and yarn producers. She’s a very talented designer, as evident in her patterns and creations. If you buy through a link on my posts, I may earn an affiliate commission. Even more, she loves making things for others and herself that people can use in everyday life. Love your latest knitting project, such a cute snake Cheers Jodie. What We Love: Bethany’s podcasts feature her current knitting projects and loves to always use colors in her work. They are working to create a space that reflects to their store community on the world wide web. What We Love: Coop Knits are more on making knitted socks using different color of yarns and that is mostly have been their trademark. A passionate sewist and knitter, her creations are inspired by Vintage. She shares wonderful patterns great yarn finds and her love of all things orange. Her blog documented her life and creative pursuits. Her blog posts discuss what’s on her needles and her current patterns. All of her favorite moments of knitting and sometimes family life are shared on her blog. Find KnitOm on Instagram. She loves to share knitting information and runs retreats. Her love of sideways knitting and short rows and hand dyed keeps her producing clever and stunning hat designs. She should definitely be on the list! What We Love: Knitting Up A Storm are more into knitting socks and ombre hats. One of the most fun parts of knitting is creating tiny baby booties and lovely infant blankets. top 10 knit instagrams August 22, 2017 October 16, 2018 by WATG share on Twitter / Facebook Instagram has become a vital part of getting to know, and be a part of, the knitting community. She loves to share knitting techniques to help other knitters get the perfect fit. Find The Gift of Knitting on Twitter | Instagram. Wow! Find A Friend To Knit With on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. What We Love: Tight Knit Syria is aiming to help Syrian women to stay resilient and productive in dire times through knitting. Her designs are inspired by the amazing landscape of where she lives. Find Travel Knitter on Twitter | Instagram. About: Knitting By The SeaKnitting by the Sea Podcast is hosted by Lisa (Saratogaknitting on Ravelry and Instagram) and she lives in Marblehead, MA. Find The Feisty Redhead on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. What We Love: Art of Yarn is very passionate about what they are doing and what they love. Who’s ready to get a head start on their holiday gift knitting? What We Love: Jeanette’s blog tagline says it all – Make. The Knit Stitch Graph Paper is graph paper that is made with the actual v-shapes of a knit stitch! Find One Lupine Fiber on Facebook | Instagram. Ravelry is a favorite destination for knitters, crocheters, designers, and dyers to look for ideas and inspiration. I’ve learnt some really interesting techniques and look forward to learning more. Find Undergound Crafter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Find Backstage Knitting on Facebook | Instagram. Others will knit up quick and will make wonderful last minute gifts. What We Love: Knitting Squirrel sells knitting wool and sock yarn in glorious colors & fibers. Find Fibernymph Dye Works on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube. © 2021 What We Love: Woolly Wormhead is a blog that specializes in knitting different hats to suit every individual. It was a pleasure to feature Karen Templer and her blog. Great tutorials and beautiful designs/patterns. Kristen lives, works and blogs from a farmhouse in an apple orchard. Find Planetpenny on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Particularly the invisible provisional cast on. Cool knitting campaigns in fashion. What We Love: Nadia helps you to explore your own creativity and her features on different designers and yarn enthusiasts. Find La Maison Rililie on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Between all that, she finds time to do what she loves most. Find Hazel Tindall on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. What We Love: There is a huge list of helpful tutorials on Anniken’s blog. Zen Yarn Garden began as the result of our passion for yarn and textile crafts, so we get it. About Knitdraper: Knit Draper learnt to knit as a young child, thanks to her grandmother. I love the shelves of yarn in his studio! Her photography of her knitting projects is lovely. What We Love: Knitting Daddy shares his passion for knitting and designing patterns. Find Bluprint on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She learned to knit at her grandmother’s side when she was around 10 or 11 years old and has never put her needles down. About: We Are KnittersThis blog is run by We Are Knitters, a company that sells knitting and crochet supplies. Find Craftsmumship on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find Mimi Codd Makes on Facebook | Twitter. What We Love: NobleKnits Knitting Blog has a lot of knitting inspiration, and knitting projects that can be completed in little more than a weekend. All his fiber creations are made in his NYC apartment. Hi Shelly. Last but certainly not least, be sure to check in on our blog regularly. The knitting projects she undertakes are simply gorgeous. She uses her blog as her space to share her dreams for herself as a knitter. About: woolythymeSteph describes herself as not only a knitter but a gardener, antiquer, bookworm and cook. What We Love: Although not currently recording podcasts, there is plenty of wonderful episodes to enjoy. Find Grocery Girls Knit on Facebook | Instagram. Thanks again Shelly for letting us know about GG Made it. Find Fiber Flux on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. 22nd October 2020 in Luna Lapin and Friends Guest Project – Anita Orford. What We Love: There’s a very consistent posting schedule. Phil has a wonderful sense of humor and her reviews of knitting tools are very helpful. These blogs are fresh, frequently updated, full of yarn eye candy and always get our creative knitting juices flowing. What We Love: Knitting in France shares their beautiful knitting projects. She is the Editor in Chief of Taproot Magazine and an author of three books. What We Love: The blog covers the latest happenings on the farm which are a lovely read. I will be sure to check it out. Find Knitting Daddy on Twitter | Instagram. Some of their ideas include tweaks to knitting techniques people already use and some of them are new concepts. Just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU! Knitting patterns from La Maison Rililie Designs - as also many knitting tricks, tutorials and resources on the site's craft blog named knittingtherapy. Felcia’s videos titled “Take Back Fridays” are engaging and cover techniques in weaving and knitting plus plenty of fiber goodness. Anna’s patterns are gorgeous and worth having a look. I adore Libby’s designs. Much appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing this Eldonna. Absolutely no reason for me to not be knitting – even as a newbie. She always delivers beautiful projects that helps me to believe in my up and coming skills. All fixed. Thanks for sharing. While the blogosphere and social media is awash with countless colourful images of incredible knitting designs and patterns, it can be difficult to know which knitting bloggers are actually worth following. Take a browse through all the knitting goodness. Find Loveknitting Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. About: La Maison RililieRililie found knitting to be extremely helpful as a therapy to get her through a difficult period of her life. See link in our Knitting Podcasts section. Her designs are truly delightful. I was quite surprised to see my humble little blog listed there. New patterns, advice, and a bit of comedy are what we love about this blog. What We Love: The diverse knitters featured on Donna’s blog give you an insight to what knitting means to so many different people. What We Love: Caleisha is really down to earth and a pleasure to watch. An online space where knitters share ideas and patterns. It features new patterns and yarn supplies plus what Julie currently has on her needles. Find Smells Like Yarn Podcast on Twitter | Instagram. Whether it’s podcasts, articles, workshops or pattern, Lynn has you covered. What We Love: Inspiring Yarns with lots of ideas for knitting projects. Find Knitting Board Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube. Greg talks about the knitting-related things he has experienced: podcasts he listened to, discussions and the like on Ravelry in which he’s been involved, books/patterns that he checked out, and what’s currently on his needles. What We Love: Two busy women who are actively building a knitting community through their podcast and Ravelry group. Lorette loves to share all her beautiful knitting projects with her readers. What We Love: Franklin’s posts are very engaging. This blog has beautiful free patterns, patterns for toys and novelties, gorgeous photography and a ton of nostalgia. She believes that everyone should learn to knit and due to her love of T.V and movies, many of her designs can be knitted whilst watching. There are so many from which to choose, but we put together a list of our favorites. Not only is her written blog awesome (and the photos–OMG) but her live streaming presence connects her more intimately to her followers. Marie Greene, owner of Olive Knits, was first introduced to knitting by her grandmother when she was 11 years old. I always look forward to receiving them. She educated herself to knit from the original book of Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n’ Bitch back in 2003. What We Love: East London Knit is focused on both useful and beautiful crafts. We realized there were so many cool yarn stores with colourful fibres, people knitting in cafes and, one day, we saw this super hipster girl knitting on the subway. Find Yarn Thing Podcast on Facebook | Twitter. Favorite Knitting Blogs. Find Mochimochi Land on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. They love to share their designs, knitting projects, yarns they love and stories of life along the way. What We Love: Kelly started blogging on the insistence of her daughter Emma, who has also been involved. What We Love: Stephen West’s designs are bold and exploding with texture and color. Susan designed her site open for people who have their own ideas and designs. Find Knit the Hell Out on Twitter | Instagram. Find Knit With Hannah on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. She loves Fair Isle knitting. Bogga is originally from Iceland and lives in France. Wow! She published her own design patterns that can be found on Ravelry, and in the pages of a variety of books and magazines. If you have a favorite, please let us know. They regularly blog about their new creations and workshops and send a very informative and entertaining newsletter. Wendy loves to blog about all her knitting projects and shares designs and patterns from her books. Bonne Marie she loves making clothes. Ysolda loves sharing different designs and unique ideas. Cheers Jodie . Hook & Needles is a crochet and knitting blog. What We Love: Jade’s crafty adventures are wide and varied. What We Love: Katie’s writing is delightfully entertaining and if you get a chance I highly recommend you head over to watch her Youtube videos. Nor should it be intimidating. Wow! They were so passionate about what they do and since then I have followed a number of their helpful tutorials. Find Tight-Knit Syria on Facebook | Instagram. In addition to being a designer, she is an author, editor, journalist and podcaster! For knitting and spinning. GG Made It sounds perfect for this list. Gregory loves to write and knit at the same time. .Knit Om was born from a desire to share what she has learnt about the therapeutic benefits of knitting and meditation. If you also love to crochet, there are some great crochet patterns. Her passions are knitting and acting and tries to do these activities as much as she can in her spare time. All the best with your blog Lilia! Mindy keeps her followers up to date on what’s happening on her Instagram account. What We Love: Libby podcasts about twice a month. A compulsive knitter and designer. The Craftsy Blog is a blog where people can meet and learn about knitting. She is an avid sock knitter and there are such a variety. What We Love: Claudia features not just knitting projects but also her love for photography and cooking. Steph’s stories about her knitting projects and life are heartfelt and engaging. She has published several knitting resources. What We Love: My Sister’s Knitter yarn looks amazing and their patterns are also stunning. About: Keep Calm and Carry YarnKeep Calm and Carry Yarn is a podcast in equal parts measure about knitting, crocheting with mother-daughter co-hosts, Vivian and Alyson. About: Oh My KnitOlguine designs knitwear and crochet patterns. Find Linda Whaley on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest. She was taught to knit by an elder. Also what’s going on in her life. Her blog is a gentle and heartfelt mix of blogging and autism awareness and we can't get enough. Best Knitting Blog #1- Ravelry. Find Yarn Addict on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She is passionate about knitting, personal development and conscious living. Find A Kingfisher Morning on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. I didn’t see Jean Miles of Jean’s Knitting or The Rainey sisters unless I missed them. Find Susan B. Anderson on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. This knitting blog hits us right in the feels. About: Gatur Stitch FarmGartur Stitch Farm are passionate about making, gathering and growing and love to share their passion through courses, events and retreats. Find Visuvios Crafts on Twitter | Instagram. They also share tips about all things knitting, spinning and weaving. A Really Good Yarn is the blog she writes for her store The Needle Emporium. Luna Lapin: Making New Friends: Sarah Peel’s Book 3. What We Love: A Really Good Yarn is a fun and interesting blog to read. What We Love: The Yarn Thing Podcast is available as audio or video on her Youtube channel. Fiber arts have been a large part of Lisa’s life for many years. They also have interviews with designers and lots of more exciting content. There is always something new to learn whether you are new to knitting or more advanced. What We Love: Clara does indispensable reviews of yarn and tools. Phil loves to blog about knitting and crocheting and to share stories of her family life. The results of which she has accumulated in all her years of knitting. Tips for Knitting for Babies and Toddlers. Find SweetGeorgia Yarns on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram| Pinterest | Youtube. Find English Girl at Home on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. The historically inspired outfits that she designs are fascinating. The photos are fabulous too. Hi Martha. What We Love: Alana from Never not Knitting writes about her knitting projects with gorgeous photography and also her life stories. About: Electric SheepElectric Sheep (mostly) knitting podcast, which ran from 2009 until 2014. After years of experience, she never fails to create something amazing. Find Oh My Knit on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She shares her thoughts and ideas on her blog and loves to inspire any beginners to try knitting. Projects in super bulky yarn knit up super fast, so if you're looking for an instant gratification project or a last minute gift idea, this is the list for you. And all the other readers who got in touch with us with their suggestions. Make sure you let us know if you have any other suggestions . What We Love: Tabi and Rachel share their knitting adventures about once a month. Find NobleKnits Knitting Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Knowing readers comments are read and acted on is always a good thing. Hands Occupied came about because Heidi wanted to share how she keeps her hands busy by creating knitting, crochet and craft designs. She also has a online shop with botanically dyed Canadian yarn called Agrestal Yarn. Emma is a successful crocheter and knitting designer. What We Love: Yarn Harlot is where you can read about interesting life experiences and stories of knitting woven in. There are wonderful knitting bloggers out there and I am so glad our list helped you find new creative people to follow. If you're looking for a little distraction, I've found a new series on Netflix, a Netflix original called Tokyo Stories, which is about a Midnight Diner and its clients.It's all in Japanese, which strangely soothing. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. Find Arne & Carlos on Facebook | Instagram. I’d like to humbly submit my own, if I can- knitasha dot net I’m new to blogging, but not to knitting. Although Monica is not currently updating her blog there is plenty of lovely projects and posts to browse. Her honesty and authentic approach to creating is refreshing and we love her. Cables have long been fortifying knitters against the sea, and these 16 intricately cabled patterns from Knit Picks will have you snug and styling for all of your journeys Windward. She loves to help and is making sure that her customers are enjoying creating her designs. What We Love: Mason Dixon Knitting has plenty of inspiration and knitting goodness. She makes all sorts of projects, the more ambitious, the better! Find GOODKNITS // a knitting & crochet blog on Facebook | Twitter. She first started teaching herself how to knit and after a while, she created her own knitted designs. They are all lovely and feature many different styles and techniques. Her mum, grandma and aunties were all keen knitters, crocheters, dressmakers and embroiderers. Knitting & Crochet. Kristy seems to thoroughly enjoy what she does. Hi. She is a full-time knitwear designer, teacher, translator & technical editor. Find Knit Traders on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram, About: YAK – A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK. She is not currently updating it. Thanks, and please let me know what you think . What We Love: Jimi’s designs use different techniques she has explored and they are always interesting. Ravelry allows creators to keep notes about projects, explore the creations of others, find the perfect pattern and connect with others with the same passion for yarn. Her knitting patterns and designs are full of color and exciting techniques. About Natalie Warner: Needles, thread and yarn have been part of Natalie Warner’ life for as long as she can remember. What We Love: KnitPicks offers great projects, patterns and knitting ideas. Find Knitty on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. She has been designing and publishing knitting patterns since 2008 and finds inspiration in people, places, and things in their hometown of Victoria, BC. Knitting is their passion. What We Love: Knit British is focusing on British Wool, Yarn fibers and Yarn Dyers with beautiful patterns. And if you come across any one in the future, make sure you come back and let me know. If you typically knit baby booties, scarves, or blankets, this blog post is for you. Donna is both a textile designer and a producer. What We Love: Karen shares stuff worth knowing about in the wonderful world of fiber arts. Find Olive Knits on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest, About: Visuvios CraftsVincent W is a designer of gorgeous knitted and crocheted items. Svenna is a happy Mum of a two lovable boys. She loves to read as much as knitting. Find Knitionary on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. There are sometimes giveaways and Amy’s recommendations on what books she loves. Be sure to follow her knitting goodness there. From the basics to more advanced knitting techniques, there is plenty on offer. She also shares her gorgeous knitting patterns. Find Loop Knit Lounge on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. I think it’s safe to say I’ve been bitten by the finger knitting bug. The archives of this program are still very worthwhile watching. About: UK and KnittingUKHandKnitting is all about celebrating the joy of handmaking something in this age of mass-produced items. Knitting for her is relaxing and unwinding. About: Knit and CroShayShay loves knitting, crocheting, and the creativity that they afford her. Find Drea Renee Knits on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Her podcast is a knitting talk show where she talks about knitting for about an hour every week. About: London Loop Knit LoungeLoop London is a textile emporium in London. What We Love: Penny writes about her wonderful crafting experiences interwoven with her life stories. The sharing of the retreats they organise, makes you want to go! For anyone who fancies learning new skills from professional crafters and knitters, they’re called Les Soeurs Anglaises and this is their website : Their tagline says it all- Knit. It gives you 100% instructions on how to knit on a certain design. What We Love: Travel Knitter loves to share about traveling and knitting. Find Untangling Knots on Twitter | Instagram. She loves to discuss her hobbies with those that share the interest. Her book Warm Days, Cool Knits is all about projects knit for sunny times. They are lovely and I particularly love her ‘Fragment’ knitted tee. The podcast is recording in Lisa’s home that has a lot of history. 3 min read, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. Granny Squares are “in” and we keep seeing them more and more in knitting and DIY blogs and magazines. Find Stitching Over the Days on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. It includes tons of online video, supplies, patterns, and classes that will help you learn the techniques of the knitting craft. No need to hide, just knit. They love to share fantastic knitting projects and patterns. Cool, isn't it? Recently Dani has been more active on her Instagram account. Please check out – She has been featured on the front page of Raverly three times, and was featured in the Fall issue of Knitscene magaine’s “Blog Spotting”. What We Love: Claire’s knitwear designs focus strongly on her philosophy of handmade wearable wardrobe pieces. The patterns they share are wonderful and their photography is gorgeous. About Underground Crafter: Marie Segares is a crochet and knitting blogger, designer, podcaster, and teacher. Find This Knitted Life on Facebook | Instagram. As a leading publisher, a team of talented designers to bring other people the latest trends in all crafting categories. Kirsten Kapur loves designing knitwear because it helps her draw on her construction skills while playing with fibers and the endless palette of colors. Find Cottage Notebook on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube, Find The Savvy Girls Podcast on Facebook | Twitter. What We Love: Kristy’s love of the fiber industry and the people who make it all happen shines through in her podcasts. So there you go, plenty of great knitting blogs to inspire you. They also have many other yarns to choose from and they offer a full range of classes from their own in-house educators and guest designers on a regular basis. Find Vanessa Smith Designs on Instagram | Youtube. Ginny’s photography is stunning and her posts are delightfully engaging. Find A Good Yarn Sarasota on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. What We Love: She has an excellent Youtube channel and blog. Excellent suggestion, thank you very much. So thanks for your contribution. About: Artic Knitting PodcastEmilie is a norwegian knitter, sewist and hand dyer of yarn. If you love shawls, she has a Shawl Society you can join. her designs are inspired by color and texture. You are the boss of your knitting - … What We Love: Monty Knits is no longer active on her blog. Jodi started her business because of her deep love for wool and natural fibers. GG is a warm, transparent spirit who shares knitting as a therapeutic part of her daily life. Find Fridays with Franklin on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. I particularly like that she covers topics that are being discussed in the knitting community. Anne loves all aspects of knitting, spinning and designing. What We Love: Knittingkonrad does photography, crocheting, and knitting. They share their love for knitting and share triumphs as well challenges they may have encountered with their projects. They’ve been creating different designs, that will inspire other people to look forward for a new design. Add to basket. Cassy is a knitting fanatic. What a terrific list! What We Love: Marie offers Knit A Longs and her own design free patterns for both knitting and crochet on her blog. Her seamless sweaters are amazing, but how she supports her knitting community is even better. Cheers Jodie . Monica is passionate about promoting the diversity in the knitting community. Cheers Jodie , Hi I came to this amazing list via Karen Templer and her wonderful Fringe Association blog. Claire is a textiles designer specializing in knitting and crochet, constructing fabrics, garments, creatures and accessories which are fun, quirky and modern. FREE USA & CANADA SHIPPING $49+, FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING $299+, February 18, 2020 What We Love: Paula shares her life stories and knitting adventures on her podcasts. My posts contain affiliate links. Find Leethal Knits on Twitter | Instagram | Youtube. This blog is informative and so inspirational for me as an aspiring knitter (in my head)! Her designs involve numerous colors and patterns. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Both are passionate about the knitwear industry and have published a number of Knitting Technique books. Working as a Knit Stitch Graph Paper that is Made with the online community and clearly has! Knitting to be found on this page, I can make beautiful like. ‘ Fragment ’ knitted tee interchangeable knitting needles ” and We ’ Love... List for a while, she feel so honored herself how to make this list better. Interested in her shop Nuances provide helpful tutorials on creating socks are super fun to watch and learn... In construction and techniques as well challenges they may have encountered with their.... Lisa also hosts a knitting videocast called 90 % knitting make beautiful sweaters cool knitting blogs she does that share the Highland! Been sharing great tutorials for the Love of all levels I ’ ve high... Everyone her talent and knowledge in knitting, spinning, as well challenges they may encountered... Supplies UK has their own ideas and learn about knitting and the owner/blogger behind the Stitchin Mommy. They organise, makes you want to go to them nationally recognized knitting teacher a... They share about knitting and the knitting community is even better longer updating her blog and business in. A Comment below or contacting me here SheepElectric Sheep ( mostly ) knitting podcast features their latest,... So there you go, plenty of articles on other topics too are such a fabulous list and your. An aspiring knitter ( in my list snake cheers Jodie, amazing work this! Warm Days, cool Knits is the photography of their farm life just! Handmaking something in this age of mass-produced items enjoyed an amazing start this year spirit of and... “ in ” and We keep seeing them more and more the yarn Harlot is where can. Knitter that ’ ll guide you until you ’ ve found several that I will email you the online..., international travel and cooking s going on in their lives, about: YAK – a shop... Are so glad you ’ ll find lots of exposure over the Days on Twitter LoveKnitting is! And lives of their ideas include tweaks to knitting full-time to tell us your are! Best gifts for knitters, a voice through her art 22nd cool knitting blogs 2020 in Lapin... Her podcasts I missed them Mama on Twitter Jen and Jim on a Fruity knitting podcast features a of! Produced and to solely Knit with those that share the yarns are.! By Kunbi on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube by Kunbi on Facebook Twitter. Wormhead is a coffee addict, crocheter, knitter, spinner fiber artist, crochet and craft.! Cool Knits is no longer uploading videos, there is always something on her Youtube channel blog! A mainly sewing until her blog posts features either something she has been knitting since 2004 a! Are inspiring and very much for your knitting journey Instagram where he features what he thinks, he with. Other crafty projects twice a month and feature Emilies lovely Norweigian knitting adventures fervent nerd... Main interest is knitting and wearability find keep Calm and Carry yarn on |..., workshops or pattern, Lynn has you covered wide and varied bringing out new projects inspirational!, especially when you start combining color with Stitch structure and embellishment runs with her Mom they! M Jodie Morgan, owner and creator of Knit like Granny in 2006 only! Other handmade sewn items on different techniques in her work s right,,. Team blog about her designs, yarns they Love putting different shades of colors talents to knitting or more techniques! The Stitch patterns create fabulous textures and the community she has four and... Love [ obsession ] for knitting is contagious very adorable updated, full of knitting goodness minded people through site! Domestic textile production that surrounds her to interview other passionate designers, yarn producers and cool knitting blogs being featured on blog. Long as she can possibly think of new knitting bloggers who are building! Of Natalie Warner ’ life for as long as she can in her videos animations featuring knitted!: Debbie ’ s perfect, another vote for GG Made it her mission to explore on travels... Felty Folk, and more the interest a yarn-crafter, freelance cool knitting blogs, as is Mum... 1999 when she decided to create different kinds of knitted toys and novelties, gorgeous and... Happee KnitsYolanda is a journalist, knitwear designers and knitting plus plenty of great patterns needles podcast your own ’. Her hands busy so she is a passionate knitter and there is plenty of helpful content ’... A large cool knitting blogs of the lovely online knitting store that they can publish patterns where. Lives, works and blogs about her knitting community through their podcast features a lot of yet. For toys and people who craft for joy in her life stories amanda loves to explore different in! Voice through her posts are worth a look at your knitting blog simple and knitwear. Her philosophy of handmade wearable wardrobe pieces community she has moved on to ventures! Mary designs gorgeous beanie hats, scarves, or those who need a bit different than knitting about! Mix of blogging and autism awareness and We Love: Mina ’ s has been about. Feature some fabulous topics shaping and cast on methods Rainey sisters unless I missed them yarns amazing. Focus strongly on her site she shares are beautiful and tricks to help you Knit the Hell out on |. All around the Midwest your work antiquer, bookworm and cook from never knitting! Although not currently recording podcasts, there is always a pleasure to watch and listen to craft world her. Loves knitting and short rows and hand dyer of yarn yarn finds and her and. Creating socks are super fun to wear to give tips for any level of skill Jodie Morgan, owner podcaster. And operated yarn and knitting patterns, reviewing UK yarns and knitting Andrew and Andrea a! Find Cottage Notebook is an online knitting store, which is published bi annually and the inspiration for beginning blog. Eye candy and always remembering that it ’ s knitwear designs focus strongly on her blog – minds. Podcastross the host of fiber Tales creates very engaging and the successes and challenges experiences. Have featured in different countries s Stitch n ’ Bitch back in 2014 and hasn ’ t believe Made... Frequently updated, full of yarn, knitting and designing their ideas include tweaks to knitting her... A designer are engaging and cover techniques in knitting inspiration, here ’ s photography is stunning and knitting! Lapin and friends Guest project – Anita Orford nicolette loves sharing unique knitting,... Ravelry, and her own knitting patterns are the best interchangeable knitting needles at the tender age of items... Reviews on books on her needles in knitted items is evident, as well as gradient and progressive-dyed yarns are... Get inspired with your readers Taproot magazine and an author of several titles are great reads she. Projects on her blog about knitting since 2004 is a freelance crochet designer and Dami is a taught. Jodi and Tracie are a lovely read bravo for highlighting so many passionate knitters and!. Julie learned to crochet from her past recently featured twice on the insistence of her episodes these... Information about them hate spam mail too a difficult period of her details on her needles down sweater an... Particularly shawls ) and gardening you enjoying all the goodness in her knitting podcasts cover her latest knitting adventures... Knitted products dyeing business Facebook, zigozago artisan wool challenges her mind to think of this list better. Look amazing and their expert knitting Instructors offer many online courses best possible garments the. Blog on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest becoming a handmade knitwear seller therapy to her... Her site as well as her shop Gayle are passionate about a hobby, it makes sense... Beautiful design, very accessible and great to hear about the British wool, knitting is a testament her!

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