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Lewis Hamilton should be on TV selling tires. Because of Formula 1 licensing and sponsorships, they would likely have to be Pirelli tires. All they need for a 60 second spot are some video clips of the Canadian Grand Prix and a female voice-over.

Yes, a female. Practically any of the Pirelli girls from the starting grid will do. Men will watch a pretty girl talk about anything. Women will listen because they are tired of their husbands telling them anything.

Hamilton won in Canada after a pit on lap 50, coming out in 3rd and passing the leaders within the remaining 20 laps for the win. This was the seventh race of the season and makes Hamilton the seventh race winner. He also takes over the driver points lead… Just barely. Two points separate him from 2nd place overall held by Fernando Alonso.

All of that is detail and not necessary for the commercial. (more…)

It is likely getting a cell signal out of Daytona this afternoon was a bit “iffy”.  After all, how many phones lit up from the speedway area when NASCAR called the Daytona 500 until Monday at noon…? How many ticket holding NASCAR fans suddenly came down with dengue fever and just can’t make it in to work on Monday? How many hotel stays are being extended…? Airline tickets re-scheduled…? Pizzas being ordered…?

Important questions.

The other question you’ll hear pre-race on Monday is “How will this affect how you run today…?” (more…)

Danica Patrick is running with Stewart-Haas racing to run selected Sprint Cup races for 2012. In an interview from Daytona this week, she said she was taking on the 2012 season like a “honey badger”.

“… the honey badger, he doesn’t give a crap, he takes what he wants. And that’s how I’m going to be this year, like a honey badger.”

She made reference to a video she had seen about the animal in which the narrative is quite funny and the honey badger goes about wreaking mayhem on other creatures in a quite bloody fashion. The animal is quite a beastie and has, apparently, an “I don’t give a crap” attitude. (more…)

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