Falken Tire has an extra Porsche Carrera 911. It might be left over from their American Le Mans GT Series race team with Wolf Henzler and Bryan Sellers. Where it came from is secondary to the point they are giving fans a chance to win it.

If you haven’t heard of, or taken a look at Falken tires when it’s time to put new rubber on the wheels, you should take a look at their performance and price options next time you shop. If you drive a sports coupe or a family sedan, Falken likely has a tire to fit your budget. Tested with the rigors of racing they should that run to the grocery store just fine.

Falken Tire Online | Falken Motorsports

You might as well check their Facebook page, get the details on this Porsche 911 they want to be rid of, and you just may be putting those new Falkens on a Carrera next time you buy tires.