Missed Gear began as a place to compile automotive news and commentary and as a host for the racing images from track and race events. Yes, the name was a play off the popular British automotive show “Top Gear”. Just as that program has gone through changes (Don’t start…) the economy of “Missed Gear” has changed over time and those changes are pushing the limits of the original idea.

With that, we introduce “RoVA DRIVE“. The intent is to showcase the automotive culture in, and around, Roanoke, Virginia. (Get it…? “RoVA” for Roanoke and “DRIVE” for the cars…)

We’ll highlight the local folks we’ve met over the years, what they do and how their love of cars and racing is a big part of who they are.

We’ll still go racing and try to find the fun bits with photos and observation and relay information as best we can.

Thank you for visiting Missed Gear and RoVA DRIVE and enjoy your car!