There’s an intersection – Which way?

intersect1 Uncertainty… That’s what best describes the upcoming auto racing season. The Detroit auto makers are scrambling and in doing so they are also examining, while the bureaucracy of Washington looks on, their spending and investments. How much goes to support of the racing teams? How much goes to support the infrastructure that maintains the facilities, the shows and the fan support? What is the sideshow of the “carnival midway” next to the track on race day without the Chevrolet display or any other auto show display? Nevermind that this money is some of the best they ever spend in respect to return on investment. What else will they do with it…? Give it to some Union retiree who hasn’t lifted a finger to build a car in 20 years? …read more…

Face it. Detroit may be building cars with four tires, but three of them are flat before they roll out of the plant doors. One is deflated by pensions, one by medical coverage, another by salaries and the fourth is leaking badly as inflated management try to suck away the remaining cash flow to feed poor business practices. On the one hand, the workers have done their jobs and they have earned it. On the other, however, at what cost in the end? The Unions have, over the years, used the power of numbers to increase the numbers to the point the companies employing them are constantly pulling an anchor against progress. How can you concentrate on building cars when your largest concern is maintaining the benefit package for the people you employ to build the cars that you only sell to maintain the benefit package? On top of that, you still expect the CEO and upper management to live like kings…? What exit did you miss?
Maybe the one where the imports starting coming in and showing you up at every turn.

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